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Hi all some people have said they thought my engines looked very realistic (I think it helps in that most of my life I've been around or worked on either motorcycle or car engines) so I thought if anyone wants to know how I do any aspect of weathering an engine they could just ask or if it would help maybe I could try and post a video (pretty rubbish at social media) 

Here is a random sample of the hundreds of engines I must have modeled over the years 

Excellent and amazing stuff!

--- Quote from: kpnuts on August 15, 2021, 12:31:59 AM ---... or if it would help maybe I could try and post a video...

--- End quote ---

That would probably cover a lot of the anticipated questions. A 'how to' video on engine finishes would be a great idea  :smiley:

Hi all so the first installment, I'm basically the laziest modeler ever and if there's a short cut or an easy way to do something I'm there.

So heres the first bit of aging an engine, since I'm working on an engine atm I decided to use that as the first example.

First requirement talcum powder.

Here's our nice clean engine

I use enamels so in this case I dip the brush in white spirit before picking up some talc(you can use water but you would have to matt the engine first as the water will just bead otherwise) I then dab the loaded brush on the engine (really load it all up with the white spirit and talc)once that's done flood with white spirit till it looks how you want.

I used gun metal from ABT

To highlight the bolt heads.

I then dust it all with Uschi powders

Then buff that with a soft brush

My ref pic

This is going to end up being a very long post as I have lots of stuff to add to it (assuming you want it)

Please! More - this is great stuff.

It is indeed! Please continue  :smiley:

Meanwhile, a summary of 'Part 1' might be ...

1) Paint 'clean' engine;
2) Dab brush loaded with white spirit [1] dipped in talc;
3) Flood with white spirit until desired look is acheived;
4) Overpaint with pigment powder (eg: ABT gun metal [2]);
5) Highlight (bolt heads, etc.);
6) Dust with Uschi powders [3];
7) Buff with a soft brush.


[1] aka mineral turpentine or mineral spirits
[2] Abteilung 502 ABT P231 weathering pigment
[3] Uschi Van Der Rosten metallic powders


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