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Scratch building a M108 Howitzer barrel from a WW2 M4A3 Sherman



I'm looking to make the howitzer barrel off the M108 SPG (M103 gun) but the only barrel I could source was the M2A1 barrel off the old M4A3 Sherman.

Now, it's actually the same gun (sorta). I'm prepared to live with the different profile but I'm kind of stumped as to how to make the muzzle brake and the bore evacuator.

Here's an image of the part and the weapon.

Old Wombat:
Welcome aboard, Chalkline! :smiley:

You know AFV Club make one, right? ???

Yep, but as I'm doing a speculative vehicle I only need the barrel.

It's speculative Spanish M41 Walker Bulldog with one of their old M108's guns (it'd fit, I checked).

Old Wombat:
Ah! Gotcha! :smiley:

Styrene tube of the appropriate diameter & Aves Apoxy Sculpt might do the trick for the evacuator & brake.


I'd build it up using concentric plastic tubing until the desired outside diameter is reached and
then file/sand to shape.


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