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The Rat:
...Why didn't I think of this before? 

Nose weight can be a pain to hold in, as we all know. I tried putty once; melted a significant amount of fuselage which took more putty to correct. White glue takes time to dry properly, and sometimes comes loose, and usually after the fuselage is closed up. So in doing this F9F Panther, it finally dawned on me: don't glue the weight. The nose cone holds just the right amount, as determined by a taped-together model with fingers at the main gear placement. After squashing some split-shot fishing weights, they were dropped into place and secured with a couple of pieces of sprue, bonded with liquid cement. Other aircraft configurations may make this difficult, but I'll certainly be doing this whenever possible.

F9F weight by Dave Bailey, on Flickr

sealing the weight behind a plastic "bulkhead" is a good idea. If the area is inconveniently placed or oddly shaped, I use modeling clay, like the stuff used when making molds. I found some lead shot that works great. I also have larger steel bearings that work just as well.

Iíve done that before, it worked well.

The Big Gimper:
I bought a bottle of these from a local everything store (Princess Auto).


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