Author Topic: 1/87th (HO scale) JagdTiger  (Read 467 times)

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1/87th (HO scale) JagdTiger
« on: December 07, 2021, 02:03:25 AM »
Quick and Dirty finish for my buddy's Marklin HO scale layout, as another flatcar load - probably representing battlefield salvage headed to the smelters or perhaps a museum piece being shuffled around. [This build went to the same recipient ]

Found a NOS model that'd make an ideal stocking stuffer his wife can give him.

For those unfamiliar with the ROCO MINITANK series, they're dated and are more highly-detailed-toys than models requiring assembly. Don't think Scalemates has done the JagdTiger but this gives you the jist of the series.

Pretty obvious how they manufactured the derivative.

I wanted a late-war look, but rusted.
Gave it a rattle can base coat of primer, then a gentle wafting of rattle can 'tan' with some flat grey dry-brushed over the roadwheels and tracks with a finger. Finally, a sprinkling of brown/green flecking.

I don't *do* Nazi tanks and had none of their markings in my pile of transfers (certainly not in that small a scale), so a trio of American stars (from a Hasegawa M3 Honey tank) went on to indicate it's captured status.

The funnest part was replacing it in it's original box, using the original copper staples. The folks at Langley would be so proud.

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Re: 1/87th (HO scale) JagdTiger
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2021, 02:57:14 AM »
Those ROCO minitanks were so nice! I had the M16 and the jeep that I liberated from "my" train layout; it was supposed to be mine, but since it was at my Dad's place, he ended up building it up and adding vehicles and running the train (to make sure the tracks didn't rust).

I remember that they were far better detailed than similar 1/76 or 1/72 armor from that time (Airfix and Hasegawa, I think)

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Re: 1/87th (HO scale) JagdTiger
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2021, 03:10:38 AM »
All of us share fond memories of a seaside resort town that still maintains it's Norman Rockwell charm in these Mad Max times.

Fifty years ago, there was a hobby store on it's boardwalk that had a WW2 diorama in it's bay window chock full of Minitanks and AHC "Houses Under Construction" that was as historically accurate as the BATTLE OF THE BULGE movie.

Good times, good times.