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And there's that too, there's photos I've seen of a Manchester being catapult launched in a cradle --- float plane version wouldn't be too far stretched ----
I will meet you halfway:  what about an Avro Manchester floatplane? ;)
Thanks   :-[

But I really want to do a Lancaster float plane. I remember someone posting a link for a 1/32 Spitfire float plane conversion, which I think would be better to use than the 1/24 ones I used on the Nottingham. I can't remember the outfit that made it though.
Ah, one of the all time classic whiffs! :-*
I have the 1/72 Flightpath conversion.

Or I could do another one of these,  :smiley:   I conjured up for it some RR 24 cylinder Eagle engines for power units
I have two Paragon Designs 1/48 Avro Lincoln Conversions in the stash...I'm thinking one might get an engine swap:

The P-47 bit was more that the USAAF were pushing for Australia to adopt the P-47 at the time which may have also boosted R-2800 production/variants selected. The rest is my speculation
I don't believe they were talking about turbocharged R-2800s in this proposal....

...mind you, in the whiff verse, such could be an interesting development...

You were saying that they were talking about using the P-47 engines as something common, all the P-47 used was the turbo-charged variants of the R-2800's.
I figured out that a good portion of the turbo-charger equipment could be install in the rear of the Shackleton nacelle, I would go with the leading edge radiator housing for all the coolers though. I'm thinking all the nacelles would have the sticky out bit at the rear end. With a lot of weight in the rear end there, I can go back to doing a Lancaster and save my Lincoln conversion for a RW build. I might though use the extended outer wings the Lincoln had though, I like the idea of twenty five 1000blers  >:D  The longer wings would help as I'm planning on using 14'-0" diameter props, inner nacelles can stay where they are, it's the outer ones that would have to be re-positioned.
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