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Inspired/distracted by the F-16 inspiration thread.  First up, what if Jimmy Carter just sold the PRC plain F-16As in hope of further guaranteeing cooperations against the Soviet Union............

The first camouflage is standard F-16A colours although using red serial number as per past usual PLAAF practice.  I wanted to put white borders around the number to help it stand out against the background, but the result looked strange, so I decided against it.  Armed with AIM-9P-3 missiles.

The second camouflage is inspired by an old computer game called "Jane's ATF: Advanced Tactical Fighters", using colours on PLAAF J-7E and MiG-29 in the game (Jane's back in 1996 believed that the PRC would buy the MiG-29) and pattern based on Israeli F-16A- "Falcon ACE" is indeed a reference to the upgrade project from Israel, with the assumption being that the PRC is able to replace the elements subject to US export restrictions with indigenous or reverse-engineered counterparts.  Armed with PL-5E missiles on wingtips and under outboard wing pylons and LT-2 guided bombs under midwing pylons.

Now the intended results on my end from the F-16 thread:

Inspired by both Geoff and this picture.  I find the picture offensive to my sensitivity...... like someone took the F-16/79 and went woke with it, if it makes any sense to anyone other than myself, so Geoff's suggestion basically provides a solution here  ;D

Now, a Spey-powered F-16 might be superior to the F-16/79...... well, it'll be just like F-86 v.s. MiG-17 once again, and the combination of AIM-120C7 and AIM-9X should more than make up for the performance differences even when the Spey-powered F-16 is armed with PL-12 and PL-8......

With that "Evil F-16" thing out of the way, back to finishing the Yan'An *BANGING HEAD*

I found myself unable to resist the temptation of playing around with FD scale planes *BANGING HEAD*

How does Europe 1 look on an F-104......


The 055 class guided missile destroyer had its beginning in February 1968 in an effort to create a fleet air defense vessel capable of operations on the high seas.  Originally calling for a 7800-ton ship with gas turbine and diesel engines as well as a full range of new-development guided weapons, technological limitations led to constant reduction of its specifications while growing in size.  The project was also threatened by the Type 051S (a Luda class destroyer armed with Sea Dart missile from the UK, cancelled due to cost and PLA & state defense industry corporations' internal politics) and the Type 052-II (a Luhu class destroyer armed with vertically-launched HQ-65 anti-aircraft missiles, cancelled after further importation of LM-2500 gas turbine proved impossible after Tiananmen Square Incident) destroyer projects.  By the time of the Type 052-II's cancellation, the 055 project had long since dabbed into cruiser category- although everyone involved was forced to call it a "large destroyer" so as not be accused of defeatism and purged- with steam turbine powerplants and a much-limited set of weapons.  The twin 100mm automatic guns and HY-1A anti-ship missiles were salvaged from the Type 052-II project, as the range of the YJ-8A anti-ship missile used on the Type 052 destroyers is considered unsatisfactory, and a navalized HQ-2 missile was considered the only domestic area defense missile that could be readied for the near future; the guided anti-submarine weapon requirement ended up being deleted altogether, with the standard triple lightweight torpedo launchers given as little more than an afterthought.

Only one 055 class destroyer, D-114 Yan'an, was built due to re-normalization of relationship with Russia after Tiananmen Square Incident and the resulting possibility of importing matured area air defense systems.  Despite having the size and displacement of a cruiser, the ship only has 20 area defense anti-aircraft missiles; based on the HQ-2A missile, the HHQ-2 is barely-serviceable against aircraft and useless against the increasing threat of air-launched sea-skimming cruise missiles.  Although the plan is to upgrade the HHQ-2 system later on, the Shtil-1 missile complex from Russia rendered the exercise pointless by the time the technologies are in place.

Yan'an was deemed unsuccessful and never considered for modernization- its H/PJ33A twin 100mm guns received a low-observable cupola, but unlike other PLAN ships with the weapons, the gun mount was not upgraded to the H/PJ33B standard- finally being decommissioned with the introduction of the Type 052C destroyers due to poor material conditions.  Its Type 055 designation is eventually continued with the Renhai class destroyers, and since the two different generations of Type 055 destroyers do not end up serving together, no effort was made to differentiate between them in official documents although popularly people call them "Old 055" and "New 055".


This is a project that I did not know I hated until it's way too late.  **Banging Head**

I just couldn't find a way to satisfactorily address the incorporation of the sort of radars that the PLAN has access to during the late stage of the Cold War, and also this ended up being what I botched my Naval GB participation twice with.

At least there are a couple of elements of it that can be salvaged for future use.


Also, how dare I professing to do a Flying Tigers aircraft without the shark mouth!

The Alt.-PLAAF's answer to the new Flying Tigers during the Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis, trying to co-opt the romanticism associated with the old International Brigades from the Spanish Civil War and to frame the war as internationally popular & their oppositions as evil.  Usually sortie with some armed with PL-8 missiles and others carrying Derby BVRAAMs.


The J-7L apparently actually exists in real life as a small number of J-7Es upgraded with radar, derived from the EL/M-2032, and datalink equipment from the J-7G.  This makes the J-7L all-weather-capable.


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