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Aero-space / Re: Aircraft Restoration
« Last post by Kerick on Today at 07:29:42 AM »
He looked pretty surprised and happy today when I gave it to him. Success!
Land / Re: Merkava Tank Ideas and Inspiration
« Last post by raafif on Today at 06:52:56 AM »
The next Merkava ?  from a youtube video.
Land / Re: A few 1/35 IFV's and AFV's
« Last post by raafif on Today at 06:42:31 AM »
At least the grease washed off - I had a kit from Meng that despite many washes was still sticky.

Nice to see that Blobby Hoss put the holes in those idler rims :smiley:  Must get that kit myself  --  (I've only got 4 Merks in my IDF menagerie so far).
Aero-space / Re: BI-1 Missile
« Last post by Robomog on Today at 06:42:02 AM »
Thanks mate  ;)

Onwards and upwards and after much deliberation I have come up with a solution for the main roof.

Essentially I'm going to bevel it in a little to hold a flat roof then set into the roof an observation turret.

Here's a rough mockup.

The turret has only been placed in position I will sit a lot lower than shown.

The cab roof will be flat with a shallow storage cage above. I'm currently sourcing some Jerry cans, tools, box's and tarpaulins to detail it with.

I have just noticed that there has been a classic reaction between the flexible tracks and the wheels (this truck has been in the loft a looooong time). I'll try and tidy it up as best i can, but I hope you'll forgive me a bit of  rough construction.

The missile is nearly finished, it has its top and bottom coat on.

I'll probably put some camouflage stripes on as well, once that is done all I need to do is attach the boosters to finish off.

It will carry no markings.

More when it happens..........

Events / Re: "Tag der Bundeswehr" Germany 2024
« Last post by Marderman on Today at 04:30:15 AM »
Thanks, I'm glad you like my pictures

There was a Scorpion/Scimitar-style vehicle developed on the Stormer platform, called the Stormer 30. It had a low hull, a two-man turret, a 30mm chain gun and two TOWs. I don't think they sold any.

Here's some images of Stormer 30

I've always thought that the Scorpion turret and the Fox turret look interchangeable......

The Fox turret was smaller and it caused much complaining
Simple kit-bashes.
These are variations of the BPU-1 turret as seen on the BDRM-2. Most seem to have the 12.7mm NSV/Kord fitted instead of the 14.5mm KPV-T
Land / Re: A few 1/35 IFV's and AFV's
« Last post by Ramba on Today at 03:09:50 AM »
This morning I was prepping the Hobby Boss Merkava Mk.4 Trophy parts to be primed. One of the idler wheels had some black oil/grease all over it. It was still sealed in the factory bags with the oil/grease on it. Only one of the two idler wheels had it though. No idea what it was and why only one wheel had it. Anyway, I washed it off with soapy water. No photos yet of the kit primed as it is in the garage drying.
Land / Re: A few 1/35 IFV's and AFV's
« Last post by Ramba on Today at 03:07:00 AM »
From "Deep Space 9" a ripoff similar SF show to Babylon 5. Some Ferengi had something similar to the chain mail:

Thanks for the info. I never saw either of those shows so had no clue about them.
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