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Other / Tomcat & giraffe, yellow Re: hybrid aircraft/animals and others
« Last post by ericr on Yesterday at 03:05:03 PM »
the other side of the Tomcat,

with a giraffe head and neck

that was in my parts box from an earlier project :

Congratulations on another outstanding build!  Nice little what-if you put together from a vintage kit. 
Second Korean War GB / Re: Second Korean War GB - Completed Physical Builds
« Last post by mundster on Yesterday at 01:15:10 PM »

Fantastic on all counts, especially in the conception.

But ... the paint job is especially nice, as it looks freehand, and flawless.

And great décalcomanies, as they say in Quebec.

all best
Aero-space / Re: AV-22 and E-22 Tilt Rotors
« Last post by elmayerle on Yesterday at 10:29:58 AM »
I had originally thought of using one of those, the problem with it is the chin turret I have under the nose. I don't want any interference between the two guns so the GAU-8 has to be positioned higher than the bottom of the fuselage. I want the chin turret to be operational when the GAU-8 is in use.

The drawing you've attached though, gives a good idea how long the barrels and breach actually is, about 3 meters or 9'-10"

I would use the GEPOD but fair it into the front of the sponson.  This would put the muzzle pretty much in the same position as the rockets that were trailed a little while back:

Note that a production version of this would have pylons for gunpods (small), rocket pods, or missiles on both sides though there are dimensional limits; for ex. you could only have a double rack of Hellfires, adding a second pair below them isn't possible without hitting the ground when on the gear.
Other / Re: Yuri Gagarin
« Last post by Camthalion on Yesterday at 10:17:53 AM »
Possibly.  I've got a few figures from this seller and they are definitely on the larger side.   Though he still markets them as 1/32.
Other / Re: Yuri Gagarin
« Last post by Frank3k on Yesterday at 10:08:07 AM »
Both figures look really good! But the size ratio looks a lot greater than 1/35 to 1/32; there should be about 6mm or 1/4" difference between the two. Maybe it's the picture angle?
Profiles and Pixels / Re: BlastWave's Pixel Works
« Last post by BlastWave on Yesterday at 09:56:17 AM »
Just posting this again since it was deleted with several other posts with the recent forum updates. :icon_sueno:

Other / Re: Yuri Gagarin
« Last post by Brian da Basher on Yesterday at 09:20:33 AM »
Those are great and a further testament to your enviable talent and skill!

It looks like they stepped right out of some period photos or film.

Brian da Basher
Other / Re: Mermaid.
« Last post by Brian da Basher on Yesterday at 09:19:34 AM »
You've got an enviable talent for figures!

I really like your paint work. Captures the look and feel of this mythical creature to a T.

Brian da Basher
Second Korean War GB / Re: McDonnell Douglas AV-8X Harrier III
« Last post by mundster on Yesterday at 09:17:38 AM »
Dear sweet baby Jesus wearing a Leafs' jersey ....

Was I reading Clancy's "Maple Leaf Rising" or Larry Bond's "Poutine Phoenix"?

Take one part Atwood and add a dash of Stephen Leacock, Farley Mowat, Don Cherry and Rick Mercer.

I am not worthy, eh!

Carl, a masterpiece ...

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