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Black Dog Javelin, M136 AT4, Carl Gustav 84mm Recoilless Rifle


Old Wombat:
This is going to be a review in pieces with images to follow but a quick word-picture to start with.

The package contains 2 x Javelin missiles, 2 x AT4's & 3 x Carl Gustavs.

The Javelins;
These are quite well molded & any "softness" in detail seems to correspond to the curved lines of the actual weapon system. They come broken down into 5 parts each, the tube, the 2 end caps, the sight package & sight optics cover; actually quite useful if in a diorama where they are being carried by troops, and/or if you have multiple tubes for the one sighting unit. The flat spots on the end caps are aligned with the pouring stubs, thus removing the issue of sanding/fixing if you cut too flat on the curved surface. Overall, pretty good although it would have been nice if they'd supplied the carry straps but that's an easy fix.

Jeffry Fontaine:
Hi Guy,

Does the kit also container ammunition containers and rounds for the Carl Gustav?  If no, rejoice in the fact that LiveResin does have Carl Gustav ammunition available as a separate purchase item. 

Thanks for the description on the Javelin, hoping to add some to my own arsenal soon. 

Old Wombat:
Hi Jeff,

Nope, no spare ammo, weapon only, so the LiveResin ammo is a big plus. :smiley:


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