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Some real world WWII German weapons (same scale approx)

Some studies for a figures project

Jeffry Fontaine:
G43 with a drum magazine might be an interesting combination.

What if a 12.70 mm version of MG-42


--- Quote from: ysi_maniac on February 08, 2016, 08:16:55 PM ---What if a 12.70 mm version of MG-42

--- End quote ---
I know the M2 .50 cal and M1919 .30 cal are very similar, are they scaled up/down versions of the same weapon? One suggestion. Perhaps trade the pistol grip and buttstock on the mg 42 for spade grips and a butterfly trigger like on the .50? That would be a lot of force transferring to the shoulder of the shooter, even with a tripod.

The modified MP40 with the rifle stock reminded me of the French MAS38 prewar SMG


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