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SmugMug paid image hosting test ...


In light of the PB 'ransom' issue and that Imgur states in their Terms of Use that hot-linking is a no-no, I've decided to
trial SmuMug, free for 14 days, Basic plan is $3.99 month billed annually so, $47.88 a year.

Dr. YoKai:
Greatly delayed response, but it looks pretty good from here.

Looks good.  Might move that way myself...just dreading the task of moving everything from PB and then resetting links.... :-\

I downloaded my PB albums one at a time, and then uploaded them to SmugMug, which was far
faster and smoother than any PB bulk upload I ever did. My old PB paid account will work until the
end of January, 2018 so I've been leaving most posts as they are, I've only been updating them
when a new post appears in an existing thread.
Too much work otherwise.  ;D ;) :icon_fsm:


--- Quote from: jcf on October 19, 2017, 03:31:41 AM ---
Too much work otherwise.

--- End quote ---

Ain't that the truth! :(


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