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Please post your ideas/suggestions for new GBs/Themed Builds here.  I want to kick these off in the New Year...which is disturbingly close!

I already have a idea for the inaugural one, but many more ideas are welcomed.



A Profile build - Either a physical model based on an existing profile, or a new profile based on an existing profile
A Scaleorama build.

Empty Handed:
Balkanised Group Build? A country that splits up or is never unified in the first place. A non-united China is a shoe-in for this. Or maybe a secessionist state of Texas? Transvaal etc. instead of South Africa?

Brian da Basher:
Great ideas so far. Scale-o-rama is always fun and so are "new" nations.

The profiles idea has me thinking...maybe one for plastic where the model is inspired by a profile and maybe one for the profiles where their work is inspired by a 3D model? The "One Hand Feeds the Other" GB?

Now if we could get Greg to share his idea...

Brian da Basher

Maybe "Swap the role": big bomber scale-o-ramed into fighter, fighter into strategic bomber, civilian into military, military into civilian etc.


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