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Posting Images using Photobucket

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Main page, click: "Upload now" (The green button)

Then select: "Customize your upload options"
Visual Photobucket guide courtesy of HeuHen from

Then you can choosing "Photo storage sizes" you want. (I have chosen: "Best possible quality (while staying 1mb or less)")

Now you can:
Red Arrow "Select photos and Videos" If you just want to upload photos or Videos.
Blue Arrow: Here you can choosing where to upload the picture or video from.
Pink Arrow: Which albums on your Photobucket, will you upload your photo or video to.
Green Arrow: "Create new album" Here can you create a new album.

In light of the introduction of the new Photobucket site, does anyone know how to disable the feature where they automatically create a low-res "web copy" for uploading larger pictures?

I hate it when the new site shrinks my Shipbucket contraptions, and I can't seem to find any instruction to disable that feature.

Thanks in advance.

Cliffy B:
So it seems Photobucket has changed its entire layout AGAIN!  NOW, I can't even upload anything or they took away the links that would be to the right of the picture when you clicked on it.  You click upload settings and all there is frickin MOBILE settings!  I don't want nor do I have the ability to upload via a mobile device.  WTF???!!!  Why do they constantly have to break everything?!

EDIT:  So....I logged out out of frustration and for some reason looked at the very bottom of the main page and found a link that said "Full Site".  Clicked on that and everything came up normally.  So where the frack was I earlier?  I really hope that's not where the site is going...

ummm ... you were on the 'mobile' site?   ;D

Note if there is an 'm.' in a site URL, yer on the mobile version.  ;D

Were you going to PB via a saved link or via a web search? If the latter, well, search results
on most search engines are based on the frequency of clicking on results and as many people
currently use the mobile version of many sites the search engine results become skewed towards
the mobile sites. Solution?, always read what a search result actually leads to.  ;D

Cliffy B:

I clicked on my Photobucket bookmark....the same one I've clicked on for that last 5 years....  WTF?  :-X


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