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Posting Images using imgur


Imgur is a simple to use online image storage site.

Go to
You'll see two options:

1- Upload an image from your computer by dragging and dropping an image from your computer onto the imgur web page (or by clicking on the Computer Icon/button to select the image)

2- Upload an image from the web. You'll be asked to provide the full URL to the image.

Once the upload is complete, just copy the URL to the image (embedded in imgur):
or click on the image and copy that URL:

Which can then be inserted into a post:

You can also register for a free account that lets you delete images and make galleries. All free.


Thanks Frank - I've made this a sticky.  Great contribution.



Any image link you want to display between the img tags must end with a .jpg

You want to post this:
--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

which produces:

not this
--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

which gives nothing.

You can wrap the above with
--- Code: --- [url] [/url]
--- End code ---
tags and it would work. Comme ša:

--- Code: ---[url=]This picture[/url]
--- End code ---

This picture

In your account on imgur, you should be able to view all the images you've uploaded (if you don't have an account, create one). This gives you full control over how the images are displayed.

For example, on this image:

You get several link options on the right; if you pick Direct Link, you can copy the direct link to the image
--- Code: ---
--- End code ---
and paste it between the img tags.
Or you can pick BBCode and just past the clipboard right into the message. it should give you
--- Code: ---[img][/img]
--- End code ---

The Linked BBCode option displays the image and a link back to imgur
--- Code: ---[url=][img][/img][/url]
--- End code ---

Another way of getting the right posting code:

If you click on what you posted, you should get some options at the upper right of the image, like this:

Click on "Get share links" and you get a similar set of links to post:

You want the BBCode option. Copy and paste in your message.


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