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Some questions related to the way we do Group Builds in order to better satisfy people's needs.  Please feel free to add comments below to either better explain your thinking, preferences or otherwise.

Kind regards,

Leave as is - but be flexible in case some world event seems to warrant a special build.

Old Wombat:
I was going to vote "I don't care" but that's not really true.

I do care but, as I've made the decision to only enter a GB if it is aligned with where I want to go modelling-wise, I'm not overly concerned with the direction in which the GB format/cycle is taken.

I just hope that the GB events continue, as I enjoy seeing what others do with the ideas, &, if things do gel, I still want to challenge myself to finish within the GB time-frame occasionally.

My personal, albeit very subjective & unresearched, observation is that the drop in GB participation seems to be in parallel with a drop in interaction on the site by the members. I don't know if that's because people aren't visiting the site as much any more or just aren't commenting, either way it has made the site a bit less fun to visit than it has been.

That said, I'll still be turning up because there are still some excellent modellers doing their thing here. :smiley:


It appears, that Group Builds are fairly standard fair on a lot of Special Interest sites and forums. If you frequent several forums it could be overwhelming.
Then there is the request for Moderators, it is one of those things. Somebody has to run it.
What Guy says is also true, if the subject does not align somewhat with what you build, then the chance of participation in a less interested zone is somewhat diminished.

Maybe, give the whole concept a Hiatus for 6 months, revisit around March next year and see if the mojo is back.
It is a bit like my building at the moment.. the mojo is not there.

Or try to sync the group builds with some of the more commonly visited forums?


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