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Hi folks!

I've found a genious method to make radio-antennas (civil broadcasting, military radio or CB-radio) for a model.
These antennas are made of spring-steel.
Look here:

You can easily cut the needles and the spiral-handles by a usual side cutter.
I think, the size of the needle (0.3 x 75 mm) is useful for different scales and the spiral-handle is perfect for 1:72-suspensionsprings or a lot of other kinds of springs in different scales.
One box contains onehundred needles.

The german distributor is "schwa-medico GmbH" (
Here you can see all informations:

(chinese steelneedles with copper handles, diameter 0.3 mm, lenght 75 mm)
Surely, there are other distributors in the anglo-american part(s) of the world.

Hope, you like.

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