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The Year 2023 Anachronisms

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Retired In Kalifornia II:

The Mefford Field Anachronisms cost US Taxpayers tens of millions to transport them from Mefford Field Airport to Lemoore Naval Air Station (NAS) Site 29-B tying up substantial personnel & material resources, anticipating future paranormal physical appearances of other costly to transport objects on US sovereign territory & possessions at 5:00 p.m. Washington D.C. Time Monday, November 14, 2022  The President Of The United States on advice of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff (JCS) signed a “technical amendment” to the Sunday, November 13, 2022 Incident-Specific National Emergency Executive Order establishing The Pentagon Office Of Paranormal Objects Management ("OPOM") tasked with “planning for & cost-effectively securing them” away from public view tapping congressionally approved National Emergency Contingency Funds to finance the office during FY 2022-2023 before the National Emergency expired midnight, Tuesday, November 15th. Barely a day earlier all information concerning removals & relocations of The Mefford Field Anachronisms, forensic examinations, intelligence evaluations, theories & speculations regarding their sudden appearances & restorations were classified Top Secret placed under custodianship of a OF-5 Senior Pentagon Intelligence Officer with two OF-4 alternates directly subordinate to JCS or by The Whitehouse whenever the information needed to be reviewed by The President and/or his national security staff, with OPOM’s creation on the 15th the custodianship staff & information was moved to its Records Unit.

Jokingly called “BH1355” (“Black Hole 1355”) by some Pentagon et. al. government personnel after the Top Secret Pentagon building section OPOM was located OPOM staff were uptight-lipped to point of arrogance, deliberately selected for being romantically unattached, unsocial, uncompromising in guarding records & cost accounting associated with paranormal objects management ala The Mefford FieldAnachronisms they were The Pentagon’s most competent “paper pushers” grudgingly respected by all “doing business” with them, including Lemoore NAS Commander Captain John Dudley Masterson who on Monday, November 21, 2022 formally briefed OPOM staff headed by a United States Space Force Colonel of the tumultuous events of November 13th & 14th. Emphatically recommending that a permanent location for relocating The Mefford Field Anachronisms be selected ASAP, Site 29-B not securable for their long-term storage never mind hampering NAS operations given their international notoriety, Captain Masterson stated two very sophisticated sensor-laden unmarked long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs drones) were shot down by Shore Police guarding Hangar C where Preston’s Pride was stored on November 17th later found to been operated by Mainland Chinese citizens they skipping the country that evening for Shanghai via Mexico City;

“Ain’t no way this can go on, no doubt other drones have flown over we’ve not caught!”

he'd said sarcastically whilst looking OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong straight in the eyes;

“I‘d got your drift Captain…”

she laconically replied,

“…The Whitehouse (via JCS) already has ordered locations be found to move them (The Mefford Field Anachronisms) ASAP, meantime we ask you do whatever’s necessary to discourage UAV flyovers. I’ll personally request JCS ‘up priority’ on whatever material & personnel you need to keep trespassers away from Site 29-B!”

Captain Masterson’s security concerns certainly weren’t unappreciated, since November 13, 2022 Whitehouse National Security staff were deeply troubled unfriendly nation-state intelligence operatives never mind supposed friendly ones were so quickly attempting to gain as much information possible about Site 29-B goings-on despite strict security protocols first of which barring nationals of any country entering the NAS till The Mefford Field Anachronisms could be relocated, flight training of US allied pilots suspended on the 13th till further notice, no time also was wasted deciding where to relocate The Mefford Field Anachronisms JCS on Monday, November 21st charging OPOM responsibility for doing so.

Early on the most promising relocation spot for them was Mountain Home AFB Idaho home of the Air Combat Command 366th Fighter Wing sporting a long runway to accommodate heavy-lift transport aircraft, far from populated areas it also lacked notoriety ala Homey Airport (Area 51) & Wright-Patterson AFB as UFO cultist Meccas. On Wednesday December 14, 2022 The Whitehouse via Presidential Executive Order on JCS’ advice authorized construction of a permanent & expandable Air & Ground Paranormal Objects Management Center ("AGPOM") at Mountain Home AFB code named Site 29-A, “one letter superior” to Lemoore Naval Air Station Paranormal Objects Site 29-B where the Mefford Field Anachronisms were being temporarily stored, under Space, Air Force & Army joint command during FY 2022-2023 to accommodate paranormally appearing aircraft, terrestrial vehicular objects & structures, be ready to receive The Mefford Field Anachronisms no later than Friday, September 1, 2023.

As designed by US Air Force Construction Engineering in December 2022 the 200-acre Site 29-A could cost-effectively accommodate & securely store 10 Lockheed C-5 Galaxy-sized aircraft, very large terrestrial vehicles, limited number of transported and/or unassembled structures, two fully equipped & staffed paranormal objects evaluation centers ala that for Site-29-B till 2030 at which time the US Government must decide whether to indefinitely store any additional objects still not knowing reasons behind their paranormal appearances, until Site 29-A was operational on or before September 1, 2023 any more aircraft any terrestrial vehicles, structures or other objects paranormally appearing on US sovereign territory & possessions were to be seized & temporarily stored at the nearest Air Force Base, Army Camp or US Government compound capable of securely storing them.  The November 14, 2022 Presidential Executive Order creating AGPOMs also included creating Waterborne Paranormal Objects Management Centers ("WPOMs") under US Navy command one each at yet to be designated Atlantic & Pacific US Naval Bases for retrieving waterborne paranormal objects each staging 960-foot long, 80,000-ton Vigorous-class floating dry docks on a Top Priority basis except for urgent lifesaving operations requiring their use on or below US Territorial waters, operations on international waters officially deemed as “Salvage Of Sovereign US Property” per international law.

For intelligence cover reasons AGPOM & WPOMs were not organizationally under OPOM but commanded by individual OF-5 rank or higher officers they acting in concert providing mutual supportive personnel & material for paranormal object seizure, recovery, storage & evaluation based on lessons learned from “managing” The Mefford Field Anachronisms. OPOMs official role was planning, financial & records archival management of paranormal objects unofficially it also managed AGPOM & WPOMCs given it reported to The Whitehouse via JCS, a potential source of frustration whenever center commanders urgently needed personnel & material resources requiring JCS-granted commandeering powers ala to Captain Masterson securing & relocating The Mefford Field Anachronisms. With formal establishment of a command & control bureaucracy for long-term management of The Mefford Field Anachronisms well as any new paranormal objects the US Government did what was reasonable not yet knowing how nor why they’d appeared, whomever toyed with the government like a blind & deaf mouse ala The Mefford Field Anachronisms easily could overwhelm it with slew of new paranormal objects of any size appearing in quick succession, none would appear anywhere else on Earth rest of 2022 the year 2023 however would be altogether different.

...To Be Continued...

Retired In Kalifornia II:
Left, B & O Museum's 1851 Cumberland Valley Railroad Wilmarth 2-2-2T "Pioneer" Locomotive - Right, Angle Jay & Millie Meeson Had Of The Near Identical Meeson Farms Anachronism Whilst Materializing
The Meeson Farms Anachronism
For three generations behind them each Jason (“Jay” at all times except formally) Ludwig Meeson & wife of 70 years Mildred (“Millie” at all times except formally) Jean both age 91 and in exceptionally good health together owned four square miles of crop farms five miles west of Miller, South Dakota south of US Route 14 (197th Street) parallel to 355th Avenue. Founded in 1881 by Henry Miller, an entrepreneur from Blairstown, Iowa the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company (“C&N”) line ran through it since 2014 the Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern Railroad  (“RCP&E”) owned & operated by the Genesee & Wyoming Short Line Railroad latter’s orange & black striped locomotives distinctive rolling features across central South Dakota plains between Wyoming & Minnesota. In the 1950s Jay’s father Marvin Leeman Meeson living well to the ripe old age of 105 paid C&N to lay spur tracks north & south of the rail line east of & parallel to 355th Avenue to grain silos adjacent to each, farm equipment & maintenance structures, housing for mechanics & laborers, housing for Meeson family members nearby, including Jay’s‘ & Millie’s sons Marvin ("Marv" at all times except formally) Ludwig & Evans ("Ev" at all times except formally as well) Barclay carrying on traditions of South Dakoda farming. An avid early USA railroad history buff since childhood Jay loved 2-2-2 Whyte Notation locomotives, absolutely no way could he know such love would materialize out of thin air for him mere yards away from where he & Millie slept!

February South Dakota weather is harsh: drab, snowy, miserably cold, overnight 7th & 8th 2023 a fast-moving blizzard left up to 8-inches of snow over central South Dakota, including the Meeson farms, RCP&E tracks & spurs, yards from the south spur buffer stop Jay & Millie’s house was covered in snow though not enough to block window views of it, half-hour before sunrise the 8th he awoke to check on snow depth outside the home bedroom window, glad it wasn’t high as forecasted on the 7th he then sat on the easy chair next to it, whipped out his Android, looked up whether another blizzard was blasting through later that day whilst checking overnight news reporting.

Whilst checking US regional news Jay read reports of fire at Lemoore NAS overnight necessitating a total lockdown of the airbase, odd he’d thought aware of US & international news reporting since November 2022 of the NAS “hosting” The Mefford Field Anachronisms, closure of Mefford Field Airport December 15th due to relentless trespassing by paranormal cultists, publicity seekers, thieves & vandals they stealing much of the US Army Corps Of Engineers fencing sealing off grounds where the AMVETS Phantom & Preston’s Pride had sat for decades. Finished reading at 7:42 a.m. five minutes before sunrise Jay laid the Android down on a nightstand next to the bedroom window when out of nowhere hundreds of tiny dots of ultraviolet light appeared forward of the spur buffer stop accompanied by an irritating high-pitched hissing sound akin to an old fashioned cathode ray television tube, growing in brightness & intensity Jay quickly picked up the Android, commenced video recording them rhythmically churning ala crazed 1970s Studio 54 Disco dancers whist emitting good deal of radiant heat;

“Millie! Get up now! Look at this!”

he’d barked, startled she’d bolted out of bed breathlessly hurrying to the bedroom window next to Jay;

“My God Jay, what is that thing?”

she’d fearfully exclaimed;

“I don’t know; look how fast the ‘dots’ are changing size & shape, marvelous! Look there at the bottom (of the light mass), see those orange-white globe-things ‘crawling up’ (the light mass) ‘sculpting’ it (the mass) from inside out? Damn buggers are alive!

he'd exclaimed with excitement, video recording in awe Jay tried hard to keep the Android camera centered on the rapidly moving light mass Millie meantime whipping out her Android video recording it from other end of the bedroom window zooming in on newly appearing orange-white globe clusters he meantime concentrating on video recording the overall light mass;

“They’re appearing too fast for me to record Jay! Are you still ‘recording big’ what’s going on out there?!”

she'd nervously exclaimed;

“I’m doing my best honey; window panes are getting warm, things throwing out lotta heat, snow ain’t melting, don’t see any heat sheen – why?”

he'd exclaimed with astonishment as more & different-sized ultra violet and now bright blue lights welled up above & below a newly appearing broken horizontal line of small orange-white globes collapsing in on each other couple feet up from the snow. Growing in size forming a long irregular horizontal line the orange-white globes emitted rat-tat-tat firecracker popping noises akin to a Chinese Dragon Street Show, randomly pulsating white lights then appearing at measured locations on it emitting cherry bomb popping noises startling Jay & Millie, perpendicular lines of orange-white globes branching off from them in choreographed manner forming a sketch outline. Something was being created out of thin air Jay & Millie thought, what was it they’d wondered?!

Above the irregular horizontal light line several shorter blue-violet & orange-white vertical ones “peeled” off it forming blue-violet light “tubes” akin to fluorescent lights, a student of steam locomotive technology Jay immediately recognized what they could be;

“Millie! The (light) tubes look like steam engine boiler pipes! Look how regularly they’re positioned! Look at those (just formed) circular ‘mounts’ they’re lying on! If ‘Santa’s elves’ are fabricating a ‘Christmas Loco(motive)’ for us they’re weeks late!”

he’d excitedly exclaimed as three large bright blue-orange-white light disks formed either side of the irregular horizontal light line, radiant heat from them melting snow over the spur rails whilst growing in size emitting sparks & pops touching on them akin to electrical shorts, middle disk expanding near twice size those on either side its interior breaking into 14 segments disks either side 10, outer rims of all thickening forming what appeared to be rear, traction & front engine wheels of an 19th century locomotive, new orange-white globes suddenly appearing forming what appeared to be axels & truck assemblies for them. As these were forming several orange-white light globes on the irregular horizontal light line grew brighter & larger, vertically then horizontally elongating at measured locations outlining what appeared to be an locomotive engine cab & tinder box, latter over the rear wheel truck, oscillating globs of bright blue-orange-white light accompanied by loud buzzing noises akin to angry June Bugs (Phyllophaga beetles) rapidly gelling together forming a now recognizable steam boiler casing meantime.

The mad swirl of bright lights, irritating sounds from the “locomotive” being created 150 feet from Jay & Millie’s bedroom was overwhelming, radiant heat from it warming the bedroom to 75 degrees Fahrenheit despite no snow melting under or around it, braving the discomfort they’d carried on video recording the anomaly now 90 seconds into its initial appearance. Some seconds later new lines of bright blue-orange-white light expanding from inside-out forming what appeared to be steam pistons & chambers, wheel connecting rods well as an intricately rendered cowcatcher, mass of blue-violet light blooming out of top of steam boiler forming a burning wood spark arresting exhaust chimney funnel whilst irregular-shaped light blobs formed other locomotive components, including an oil headlight & enclosure box in front of the chimney in carefully choreographed fashion.

Three minutes into the anomaly the lights changed from bright violets, blues, oranges & white to yellows & reds accompanied by lower heat, less irritating noises, cooler light colorations punctuated by rapid flashes of blue-orange light emanating from the steam boiler firebox accompanied by crackling noises akin to fireworks, green light of several shades & intensities emitting from engine cab, tender, wheel rims & spokes. Gradually fading away five minutes into the anomaly all lights & noises were now gone, sunrise underway Jay & Millie continued video recording beholding in the dull grey morning sky the miraculous sight of a perfectly rendered black & green oil paint & varnished US 2-2-2T Locomotive c.1850, still video recording Jay & Millie couldn’t believe what they’d witnessed nor were looking at;

“This isn’t what I’d thought the thing (locomotive) would be Millie, its ‘beyond Christmas’, damn out of heaven or hell is more like it!”

he'd quietly uttered whilst turning off & lowering his Android Millie video recording meantime;

“I don’t see anything going on, no need to continue recording!”

he'd crisply remarked. Turning off & lowering her Android Millie like Jay was stunned and frightened, aware of the economic, political & societal hell The Mefford Field Anachronisms had visited upon Tulare County, California since November 13, 2022 they absolutely wanted none of it in Hand County, South Dakota never mind on their farms, getting rid of the 2-2-2T locomotive was paramount Jay fortunately knowing somebody who’d help him do so but pronto!

...To Be Continued...

Retired In Kalifornia II:
Not wasting a second Jay Meeson contacted via Android his first cousin Montana US Senator Stanley Daniels (“Stan” with relatives & friends, “SD” with others) in Washington DC. Orphaned son of Marvin Meeson’s youngest sister Loretta Daniels who’d died birthing him on May 8, 1968 same day her husband Richard Lee was killed in action during the Vietnam War SD was raised jointly by Marvin & wife Kay Louise, Jay & Millie on the Meeson farms, answering the phone after three rings SD always authoritatively replied even on private phone calls;

“Senator Daniels here! Jay! How’s the weather there?!”

he'd cheerfully asked well knowing how miserable winter weather is in South Dakota;

“Usual grey-crap morning; Stan, I need your help right away!”

Jay replied in a worried tone of voice;

“Jay! Is something wrong? How can I help?!”

SD replied with deep concern in his voice;

“We’re OK Stan, but there’s a 2-2-2T Loco on the south spur that came out of thin air minutes ago just like the ‘Mefford airplanes’ last November! We’ve not gone outside to look at it ‘cause it’s still giving off lots of heat, damn thing could be radioactive! I’ve not called Wally (Hand County Sheriff Wallace Drummond, a Meeson family friend) yet, he’d say I was nuts, can you get ‘Army People’ out here to check out that ‘thing’ today?”

Jay replied with exasperation in his voice. Always willing to help family members SD, a senior member of the US Senate Select Committee On Intelligence, was privy to classified Pentagon briefings concerning OPOM’s creation & THe Mefford Field Anachronisms Site 29-B intelligence gathering particularly that concerning biohazard & radiation exposures, none uncovered to date he correctly assumed Jay & Millie weren’t in immediate danger though alarmed that the 2-2-2T locomotive 150 feet away was radiating enough heat to warm their bedroom to 75 degrees Fahrenheit;

“Jay! Stay inside till the damn ‘thing’ cools down! When it does have Marv, Ev & kids (sons & daughters) set up a ‘shack’ (enclosure) completely around & over it! Hold off on calling Wally till I get back (with you) in an hour! Whatever you do don’t let anybody touch or ‘film’ (photo or video record) it! Am assuming you & Millie already have with your smartphones, don’t upload it (digital recordings of the locomotive) to ‘The Cloud” or turn them on again after this phone call, will call you on the landline in an hour!”

...To Be Continued...

Retired In Kalifornia II:
Left, View of B & O Museum's "Pioneer" Locomotive Firebox & Steam Tower - Right, Head On View Showing Oil HeadlightBoth Similar To The Meeson Farms Anachronism, Firebox Door Open Whilst Materializing & Being Video Recorded By Marvin & Mildred Meeson Then Closed Mysteriously Afterwards
Heeding Senator Daniels’ commands following the smartphone call Jay & Millie Meeson turned off their Androids & set them down, Jay then calling his sons Marv & Ev via landline getting both on conference call;

“Boys! Remember me telling you both about the airplanes at Mefford Field Airport California materializing out of nowhere last November? Well outside our bedroom is an 1850s vintage locomotive that materialized on the (south) spur less than 15 minutes ago! I’d just got off the Android with Stan, he wants us to put up a ‘shack’ (enclosure) around it till can get back with me in an hour, can you & the (son’s) kids come down and help me put up a ‘China Tent’ (Chinese-made portable steel frame & plastic fabric enclosure) before Stan calls back on the landline?”

Dumfounded his sons immediately rattled off questions why & how it appeared;

“Don’t know why sons, ‘thing’ just materialized out of thin air & lights over several minutes; super elaborate Star Trek movie transporter scene! ‘Mom’ (Millie) believes it was assembled by locomotive engine factory workers made out of light moving at ‘warp speed’, can believe that even looking at it 150 away! I can’t show you the videos we took of the ‘thing’, Stan told me not to turn on the Androids till gets back with me, could you and the kids get here ASAP so we can get the tent around it?

Always willing to help their folks Marv & Ev said they & kids would be there in 20 minutes to set up the tent. Traveling in Ford F-250 4WD all-weather crew cab pick-up trucks entire families of his sons diligently drove one mile south over frozen snow-covered 355th Avenue, arriving at Jay & Millie’s house at 8:25 a.m., parking 175 feet from the 2-2-2T locomotive everybody disbelieving stared at the locomotive, calling Jay via his Android Marv driving the lead pick-up closest to the locomotive asked Jay what they should do next;

“We’re dumfounded here Dad, should I get out first to ‘check it out’ or wait till you & Mom come out?”

pausing some seconds pondering what to do next Jay asked Marv to open his driver’s side window, feel air for heat;

“Marv, the ‘thing’ threw out lots of heat, do you feel any?”

moving his face around feeling for heat Marv replied;

“I feel some heat coming from it Dad, no heat sheen on snow, really weird, ‘dry’ like it just fallen, shall I get out and walk over to it?”

pausing some seconds again pondering what to do next Jay asked him to get out, walk slowly over to it but not take any videos of it with the Android, everybody else with smartphones for that matter;

“Stan told me to keep our (my & Millie’s) Androids off till he calls back, didn’t say why though am sure when the  ‘(US) government people’ show up they’ll confiscate ours ‘for intelligence gathering’, don’t want yours or anybody else’s also! Keep yours off approaching the loco but be ready to turn it on & record if the damn thing ‘comes alive’ all of a sudden!”

Acknowledging Jay’s concerns Marv said he’d keep his off, hand signaled to those inside their F-250 4WDs to keep theirs off as well. Cautiously walking towards the locomotive breaks in the dull grey morning sky then broke open, light rays dramatically shining upon it worthy of a Western motion picture scene opening, steam mists streaking off the boiler tank, billowing clouds of low ground fog forming in the sunlight behind the locomotive. Walking onwards in still air Marv now was in view of his parent’s bedroom window, Jay & Millie looking at him & locomotive with worried concern, stopping 75 feet from it Marv suddenly turned on his Android, called Jay up via landline;

“Dad, I’m going to video record the locomotive, ‘The Government’ will confiscate my Android but trust me on doing this; the ‘thing’ is ‘bonfire hot’ but think can get 25 feet from it, do running commentary while recording it.”

Marv, a decorated US Army Reserve officer & three-tour Iraq War combat veteran twice wounded in hand-to-hand combat with Iraqi insurgents during his second knew well how to deal with dangerous situations, confident with his video recording plan despite potential confiscation of his Android Jay approvingly replied;

“OK son, get as much video you can while keeping back from it far as you can, soon as your done let me know so we can get the ‘China Tent’ up!”

Proceeding with video recording at 8:33 a.m. Marv three feet from right rail 25 feet from the locomotive audibly remarked for recording steam was wisping out of the burning wood spark arresting exhaust chimney funnel suggesting the boiler was hot water-charged though no wood smoke was coming out of it, slowing walking clockwise around it towards the south he’d remarked that the green-painted & gold trimmed oil headlight & enclosure box in front of the chimney was emitting faint orange light akin to the oil storage tank running out, green-painted wrought iron cowcatcher, black-painted boiler & steam piston chambers former ringed with four narrow gold-painted pressure straps glistening in the sunlight;

“This ‘thing’ is in absolutely pristine condition, whatever, whomever ‘brought’ it here knew about antique locomotives; there’s no railroad company markings on it, no builder’s plates, they could be in the (locomotive) cab, on the boiler out of view, maybe casted on the wheels & axles, can tell from this distance.”

Stopping midway to video record a full right side view of the locomotive in front of & far right of Jay & Millie’s bedroom window Marv audibly noted the pristine condition of the brass warning bell & cream-colored fabric pull cord, green-painted & gold trimmed cylindrical steam dome “brass hat” access hatch was open, reason unknown except maybe for operating inspection, continuing leftwards he’d zoomed in on the engine cab;

“The varnished woodworking is magnificent, glass panes clean as whistle set inside black-painted metal frames, moving now to where can get good views of the firebox & engine controls.”

Moving left some yards Marv stopped again to video record the locomotive cab insides;

“Zooming in tight on it now; firebox door is CLOSED Dad, didn't you say it was open while 'filming' (video recording) it?! Cab’s iron or steel plate ‘steam tower’ above the firebox is polished, absolutely pristine, no heat or soot marks anywhere, iron & brass engine controls look brand new!”

Moving left towards the green & gold trimmed-painted iron plate firewood tender box extension of the locomotive cab Marv zoomed in on the likewise green & gold trimmed-painted wooden tool crib box atop the locomotive cab extension flanking the tender box;

“Nothing is in the tender box; there’s an old-fashioned ward padlock locking the tool crib, even has a key in it, how convenient!”

moving on towards the locomotive’s right rear Marv stopped again to zoom in on the cast iron link-and-pin coupler housing centered & anchored on the cab-tender box extension complete with wrought iron oval link & retaining pin typical of 19th Century locomotives;

“Everything back here also is absolutely pristine; staring to ‘video‘ the loco’s left side now.”

Proceeding on with video recording Marv continued audio commentary noting that the locomotive’s left-side tool crib also had a padlock & key, approaching the engine cab he’d noted the polished brass steam safety valve & whistle with cream-colored pull cord atop the steam tower were also in pristine condition;

“I’d love to pull that cord just to hear the whistle tone; thing’s huge for such a small loco, noise makes up for size here!”

Video recording whilst slowly walking north Marv stopped parallel to tip of the cowcatcher, zooming in on the oil headlight & enclosure box in front of the chimney;

“Time is 8:45 a.m., 12 minutes into video recording, headlight has gone out, no oil presumably; walking (forward) another 25 feet before crossing the (railroad) spur (tracks) just in case this ‘thing goes alive’ on me!"

Diligently walking over the tracks whilst video recording, returning where he’d started, at 8:47 a.m. Marv turned off his Android, signaled to Jay he was done, waving in acknowledgement Jay then signaled him to come over to their bedroom window, forthwith doing so standing outside it Jay then cracked open the northside of two weatherized window transoms;

“Marv, Stan just called from Washington DC, told me Army CH-47s out of Camp Grafton (North Dakota) will be here by noon. I told him you were video recording the loco and that everybody else had their Androids off, not happy about you doing that but told him your Android was going to be confiscated like ours after they arrive. Anyway, bring everybody inside to warm-up so we can plan out erecting the ‘China Tent’ before they arrive.”

…To Be Continued…

Retired In Kalifornia II:
OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Deladem Acheampong born in New York City March 3, 1972, youngest of six children of wealthy Ghanaian immigrants a year later to the day settling in Grand Junction, Colorado, she was the family’s “Gandhi”; reserved, quiet, rational, principled & judicial, nobody “messed” with her especially when came to winning arguments! An avid gymnast at age 13 she’d placed second in a Colorado state high school gymnastics competition, a polymath she placed first in all grade & high school classes, a gifted pianist she’d won numerous contest awards, bound for glory as a concert pianist she instead wanted to enter the US Air Force Academy after learning how to fly at age 16.

Exceptionally qualified academically Naomi’s politically well-connected father Xoese & uncle Abeeku lobbied long-time Colorado Congressman Louis Daniels, father of Montana Senator Stanley Daniels, to sponsor her appointment, accepted in 1990 at age 18 she’d graduated 10th out of 993 cadets in 1995 receiving her second lieutenant officer commission with honors. Assigned to Air Force Logistics Management Agency Contracting Maxwell AFB Alabama she was a stickler for detail saving millions in materials procurement, gaining attention of Pentagon Air Force Logistics Planning “headhunters”, promoted to Lieutenant, assigned to work in The Pentagon late 1996 as a Junior Logistics Planner, she’d demonstrated exceptional organizational abilities in obtaining & deploying personnel & material resources to wherever the Air Force needed them earning her promotion to Captain in less than a year.

At the Air Force Academy Cadet Acheampong’s piercing analytical abilities in intelligence gathering & interpretation studies earned her merits & awards her dissertations later becoming part of the Academy’s curriculum, desiring to work for the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA) fall 1998 she was reassigned there specializing in Top Secret Intelligence Records Management giving her extraordinary access to senior-level Pentagon staff. The Pentagon’s best paper-pushing “librarian”, nicknamed The Naomi Express for her magical talents in effortlessly sifting through mountains of impossibly complex intelligence data for whatever “customer’s” needs, she was unpopular amongst junior Pentagon staff for her tight-lipped demeanor though admired for her professionalism, Army Military Intelligence Corps Commander Major General Mark Balsam whom she’d worked for “on loan” from AFISRA at Fort Belvoir, Virginia for intelligence records organizational & analysis work in 1997, “greasing the skids” for her promotion to Air Force Major as Records Officer the highly secret “black budget” (not Congressionally itemized) Section L of The Pentagon Foreign Technology Assessment Office in 2000.

Holding Top Secret, Special Access Programs, Sensitive Compartmented Information & Restricted Data clearances by order of the President Of United States & succeeding office holders since 2001, Major Acheampong for years was the only US military officer below Colonel who alone could meet with & present to the President the most highly sensitive foreign technology intelligence information collected by the uniformed military services at his summons, when President Donald Trump signed legislation creating the Space Force in 2019 she’d requested transfer to its Records Unit. Seen as a career demotion by Pentagon peers on December 24, 2020 she was assigned Assistant Commander of black budget Section 3 in Pentagon Building Section 1355 it subsequently becoming OPOM on November 13, 2022.

Commanded by the aforementioned OF-5 Senior Pentagon Intelligence Office records custodian of The Mefford Field Anachronisms Marine Lieutenant Colonel Arnold Heberson, OF-4 alternates Army Major George Amundson & Naomi Acheampong (Records Unit Commander), it gained the well-deserved reputation of total impenetrability essential given less than nine months later they’d be collecting & archiving records regarding The Mefford Field Anachronisms. Reassigned to JCS Staff on December 24, 2022 newly promoted O-6 Colonel Heberson’s OPOM successor newly promoted 0-6 Colonel Acheampong skipping two ranks & Assistant Commander newly promoted Lieutenant Colonel Amundson were insanely busy overseeing activities & records associated with The Mefford Field Anachronisms, after Senator Daniel’s discreet 8:33 a.m. February 8, 2023 landline telephone call informing her of the 2-2-2T locomotive materialization she now had to figure out how to seize & transport it to a nearby US military installation but pronto.

…To Be Continued…


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