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The Year 2023 Anachronisms
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The Mefford Anachronisms cost US Taxpayers tens of millions to transport them from Mefford Field Airport to Lemoore Naval Air Station (NAS) Site 29-B tying up substantial personnel & material resources, anticipating future paranormal physical appearances of other costly to transport objects on US sovereign territory & possessions at 5:00 p.m. Washington D.C. Time Monday, November 14, 2022  The President Of The United States on advice of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff (JCS) signed a “technical amendment” to the Sunday, November 13, 2022 Incident-Specific National Emergency Executive Order establishing The Pentagon Office Of Paranormal Objects Management ("OPOM") tasked with “planning for & cost-effectively securing them” away from public view tapping congressionally approved National Emergency Contingency Funds to finance the office during FY 2022-2023 before the National Emergency expired midnight, Tuesday, November 15th. Barely a day earlier all information concerning removals & relocations of The Mefford Anachronisms, forensic examinations, intelligence evaluations, theories & speculations regarding their sudden appearances & restorations were classified Top Secret placed under custodianship of a OF-5 Senior Pentagon Intelligence Officer with two OF-4 alternates directly subordinate to JCS or by The Whitehouse whenever the information needed to be reviewed by The President and/or his national security staff, with OPOM’s creation on the 15th the custodianship staff & information was moved to its Records Unit.

Jokingly called “BH1355” (“Black Hole 1355”) by some Pentagon et. al. government personnel after the Top Secret Pentagon building section OPOM was located OPOM staff were uptight-lipped to point of arrogance, deliberately selected for being romantically unattached, unsocial, uncompromising in guarding records & cost accounting associated with paranormal objects management ala The Mefford Anachronisms they were the Pentagon’s most competent “paper pushers” grudgingly respected by all “doing business” with them, including Lemoore NAS Commander Captain John Dudley Masterson who on Monday, November 21, 2022 formally briefed OPOM staff headed by a United States Space Force Colonel of the tumultuous events of November 13th & 14th. Emphatically recommending that a permanent location for relocating The Mefford Anachronisms be selected ASAP, Site 29-B not securable for their long-term storage never mind hampering NAS operations given their international notoriety, Captain Masterson stated two very sophisticated sensor-laden unmarked long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs drones) were shot down by Shore Police guarding Hangar C where Preston’s Pride was stored on November 17th later found to been operated by Mainland Chinese citizens they skipping the country that evening for Shanghai via Mexico City;

“Ain’t no way this can go on, no doubt other drones have flown over we’ve not caught!”

he'd said sarcastically whilst looking OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong straight in the eyes;

“I‘d got your drift Captain…”

she laconically replied,

“…The Whitehouse (via JCS) already has ordered locations be found to move them (Mefford Anachronisms) ASAP, meantime we ask you do whatever’s necessary to discourage UAV flyovers. I’ll personally request JCS ‘up priority’ on whatever material & personnel you need to keep trespassers away from Site 29-B!”

Captain Masterson’s security concerns certainly weren’t unappreciated, since November 13, 2022 Whitehouse National Security staff were deeply troubled unfriendly nation-state intelligence operatives never mind supposed friendly ones were so quickly attempting to gain as much information possible about Site 29-B goings-on despite strict security protocols first of which barring nationals of any country entering the NAS till The Mefford Anachronisms could be relocated, flight training of US allied pilots suspended on the 13th till further notice, no time also was wasted deciding where to relocate The Mefford Anachronisms JCS on Monday, November 21st charging OPOM responsibility for doing so.

Early on the most promising relocation spot for them was Mountain Home AFB Idaho home of the Air Combat Command 366th Fighter Wing sporting a long runway to accommodate heavy-lift transport aircraft, far from populated areas it also lacked notoriety ala Homey Airport (Area 51) & Wright-Patterson AFB as UFO cultist Meccas. On Wednesday December 14, 2022 The Whitehouse via Presidential Executive Order on JCS’ advice authorized construction of a permanent & expandable Air & Ground Paranormal Objects Management Center ("AGOPOMC") at Mountain Home AFB code named Site 29-A under Space, Air Force & Army joint command during FY 2022-2023 to accommodate paranormally appearing aircraft, terrestrial vehicular objects & structures, be ready to receive The Mefford Anachronisms no later than Friday, September 1, 2023.

As designed by US Air Force Construction Engineering in December 2022 the 200-acre Site 29-A could cost-effectively accommodate & securely store 10 Lockheed C-5 Galaxy-sized aircraft, very large terrestrial vehicles, limited number of transported and/or unassembled structures, two fully equipped & staffed paranormal objects evaluation centers ala that for Site-29-B till 2030 at which time the US Government must decide whether to indefinitely store any additional objects still not knowing reasons behind their paranormal appearances, until Site 29-A was operational on or before September 1, 2023 anymore aircraft any terrestrial vehicles, structures or other objects paranormally appearing on US sovereign territory & possessions were to be seized & temporarily stored at the nearest Air Force Base, Army Camp or US Government compound capable of securely storing them. The November 14, 2022 Presidential Executive Order creating AGOPOMCs also included creating Waterborne Paranormal Objects Management Centers ("WPOMs") under US Navy command one each at yet to be designated Atlantic & Pacific US Naval Bases for retrieving waterborne paranormal objects each staging 960-foot long, 80,000-ton Vigorous-class floating dry docks on a Top Priority basis except for urgent lifesaving operations requiring their use on or below US Territorial waters, operations on international waters officially deemed as “Salvage Of Sovereign US Property” per international law.

For intelligence cover reasons AGPOMC & WPOMCs were not organizationally under OPOM but commanded by individual OF-5 rank or higher officers they acting in concert providing mutual supportive personnel & material for paranormal object seizure, recovery, storage & evaluation based on lessons learned from “managing” The Mefford Anachronisms. OPOMs official role was planning, financial & records archival management of paranormal objects unofficially it also managed AGPOM & WPOMCs given it reported to The Whitehouse via JCS, a potential source of frustration whenever center commanders urgently needed personnel & material resources requiring JCS-granted commandeering powers ala to Captain Masterson securing & relocating The Mefford Anachronisms. With formal establishment of a command & control bureaucracy for long-term management of The Mefford Anachronisms well as any new paranormal objects the US Government did what was reasonable not yet knowing how nor why they’d appeared, whomever toyed with the government like a blind & deaf mouse ala The Mefford Anachronisms easily could overwhelm it with slew of new paranormal objects of any size appearing in quick succession, none would appear anywhere else on Earth rest of 2022 the year 2023 however would be altogether different.

...To Be Continued...
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The Meeson Farms Anachronism
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Left, B & O Museum's 1851 Cumberland Valley Railroad Wilmarth 2-2-2T "Pioneer" Locomotive - Right, Angle Jay & Millie Meeson Had Of The Near Identical Meeson Farms Anachronism Whilst Materializing

The Meeson Farms Anachronism

For three generations behind them each Jason (“Jay” at all times except formally) Ludwig Meeson & wife of 70 years Mildred (“Millie” at all times except formally) Jean both age 91 and in exceptionally good health together owned four square miles of crop farms five miles west of Miller, South Dakota south of US Route 14 (197th Street) parallel to 355th Avenue. Founded in 1881 by Henry Miller, an entrepreneur from Blairstown, Iowa the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company (“C&N”) line ran through it since 2014 the Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern Railroad  (“RCP&E”) owned & operated by the Genesee & Wyoming Short Line Railroad latter’s orange & black striped locomotives distinctive rolling features across central South Dakota plains between Wyoming & Minnesota. In the 1950s Jay’s father Marvin Leeman Meeson living well to the ripe old age of 105 paid C&N to lay spur tracks north & south of the rail line east of & parallel to 355th Avenue to grain silos adjacent to each, farm equipment & maintenance structures, housing for mechanics & laborers, housing for Meeson family members nearby, including Jay’s‘ & Millie’s sons Marvin ("Marv" at all times except formally) Ludwig & Evans ("Ev" at all times except formally as well) Barclay carrying on traditions of South Dakoda farming. An avid early USA railroad history buff since childhood Jay loved 2-2-2 Whyte Notation locomotives, absolutely no way could he know such love would materialize out of thin air for him mere yards away from where he & Millie slept!

February South Dakota weather is harsh: drab, snowy, miserably cold, overnight 7th & 8th 2023 a fast-moving blizzard left up to 8-inches of snow over central South Dakota, including the Meeson farms, RCP&E tracks & spurs, yards from the south spur buffer stop Jay & Millie’s house was covered in snow though not enough to block window views of it, half-hour before sunrise the 8th he awoke to check on snow depth outside the home bedroom window, glad it wasn’t high as forecasted on the 7th he then sat on the easy chair next to it, whipped out his Android, looked up whether another blizzard was blasting through later that day whilst checking overnight news reporting.

Whilst checking US regional news Jay read reports of fire at Lemoore NAS overnight necessitating a total lockdown of the airbase, odd he’d thought aware of US & international news reporting since November 2022 of the NAS “hosting” the Mefford Anachronisms, closure of Mefford Field Airport December 15th due to relentless trespassing by paranormal cultists, publicity seekers, thieves & vandals they stealing much of the US Army Corps Of Engineers fencing sealing off grounds where the AMVETS Phantom & Preston’s Pride had sat for decades. Finished reading at 7:42 a.m. five minutes before sunrise Jay laid the Android down on a nightstand next to the bedroom window when out of nowhere hundreds of tiny dots of ultraviolet light appeared forward of the spur buffer stop accompanied by an irritating high-pitched hissing sound akin to an old fashioned cathode ray television tube, growing in brightness & intensity Jay quickly picked up the Android, commenced video recording them rhythmically churning ala crazed 1970s Studio 54 Disco dancers whist emitting good deal of radiant heat;

“Millie! Get up now! Look at this!”

he’d barked, startled she’d bolted out of bed breathlessly hurrying to the bedroom window next to Jay;

“My God Jay, what is that thing?”

she’d fearfully exclaimed;

“I don’t know; look how fast the ‘dots’ are changing size & shape, marvelous! Look there at the bottom (of the light mass), see those orange-white globe-things ‘crawling up’ (the light mass) ‘sculpting’ it (the mass) from inside out? Damn buggers are alive!

he'd exclaimed with excitement, video recording in awe Jay tried hard to keep the Android camera centered on the rapidly moving light mass Millie meantime whipping out her Android video recording it from other end of the bedroom window zooming in on newly appearing orange-white globe clusters he meantime concentrating on video recording the overall light mass;

“They’re appearing too fast for me to record Jay! Are you still ‘recording big’ what’s going on out there?!”

she'd nervously exclaimed;

“I’m doing my best honey; window panes are getting warm, things throwing out lotta heat, snow ain’t melting, don’t see any heat sheen – why?”

he'd exclaimed with astonishment as more & different-sized ultra violet and now bright blue lights welled up above & below a newly appearing broken horizontal line of small orange-white globes collapsing in on each other couple feet up from the snow. Growing in size forming a long irregular horizontal line the orange-white globes emitted rat-tat-tat firecracker popping noises akin to a Chinese Dragon Street Show, randomly pulsating white lights then appearing at measured locations on it emitting cherry bomb popping noises startling Jay & Millie, perpendicular lines of orange-white globes branching off from them in choreographed manner forming a sketch outline. Something was being created out of thin air Jay & Millie thought, what was it they’d wondered?!

Above the irregular horizontal light line several shorter blue-violet & orange-white vertical ones “peeled” off it forming blue-violet light “tubes” akin to fluorescent lights, a student of steam locomotive technology Jay immediately recognized what they could be;

“Millie! The (light) tubes look like steam engine boiler pipes! Look how regularly they’re positioned! Look at those (just formed) circular ‘mounts’ they’re lying on! If ‘Santa’s elves’ are fabricating a ‘Christmas Loco(motive)’ for us they’re weeks late!”

he’d excitedly exclaimed as three large bright blue-orange-white light disks formed either side of the irregular horizontal light line, radiant heat from them melting snow over the spur rails whilst growing in size emitting sparks & pops touching on them akin to electrical shorts, middle disk expanding near twice size those on either side its interior breaking into 14 segments disks either side 10, outer rims of all thickening forming what appeared to be rear, traction & front engine wheels of an 19th century locomotive, new orange-white globes suddenly appearing forming what appeared to be axels & truck assemblies for them. As these were forming several orange-white light globes on the irregular horizontal light line grew brighter & larger, vertically then horizontally elongating at measured locations outlining what appeared to be an locomotive engine cab & tinder box, latter over the rear wheel truck, oscillating globs of bright blue-orange-white light accompanied by loud buzzing noises akin to angry June Bugs (Phyllophaga beetles) rapidly gelling together forming a now recognizable steam boiler casing meantime.

The mad swirl of bright lights, irritating sounds from the “locomotive” being created 150 feet from Jay & Millie’s bedroom was overwhelming, radiant heat from it warming the bedroom to 75 degrees Fahrenheit despite no snow melting under or around it, braving the discomfort they’d carried on video recording the anomaly now 90 seconds into its initial appearance. Some seconds later new lines of bright blue-orange-white light expanding from inside-out forming what appeared to be steam pistons & chambers, wheel connecting rods well as an intricately rendered cowcatcher, mass of blue-violet light blooming out of top of steam boiler forming a burning wood spark arresting exhaust chimney funnel whilst irregular-shaped light blobs formed other locomotive components, including an oil headlight & enclosure box in front of the chimney in carefully choreographed fashion.

Three minutes into the anomaly the lights changed from bright violets, blues, oranges & white to yellows & reds accompanied by lower heat, less irritating noises, cooler light colorations punctuated by rapid flashes of blue-orange light emanating from the steam boiler firebox accompanied by crackling noises akin to fireworks, green light of several shades & intensities emitting from engine cab, tender, wheel rims & spokes. Gradually fading away five minutes into the anomaly all lights & noises were now gone, sunrise underway Jay & Millie continued video recording beholding in the dull grey morning sky the miraculous sight of a perfectly rendered black & green oil paint & varnished US 2-2-2T Locomotive c.1850, still video recording Jay & Millie couldn’t believe what they’d witnessed nor were looking at;

“This isn’t what I’d thought the thing (locomotive) would be Millie, its ‘beyond Christmas’, damn out of heaven or hell is more like it!”

he'd quietly uttered whilst turning off & lowering his Android Millie video recording meantime;

“I don’t see anything going on, no need to continue recording!”

he'd crisply remarked. Turning off & lowering her Android Millie like Jay was stunned and frightened, aware of the economic, political & societal hell the Mefford Anachronisms had visited upon Tulare County, California since November 13, 2022 they absolutely wanted none of it in Hand County, South Dakota never mind on their farms, getting rid of the 2-2-2T locomotive was paramount Jay fortunately knowing somebody who’d help him do so but pronto!

...To Be Continued...
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Help In High Places Helps!
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Not wasting a second Jay Meeson contacted via Android his first cousin Montana US Senator Stanley Daniels (“Stan” with relatives & friends, “SD” with others) in Washington DC. Orphaned son of Marvin Meeson’s youngest sister Loretta Daniels who’d died birthing him on May 8, 1968 same day her husband Richard Lee was killed in action during the Vietnam War SD was raised jointly by Marvin & wife Kay Louise, Jay & Millie on the Meeson farms, answering the phone after three rings SD always authoritatively replied even on private phone calls;

“Senator Daniels here! Jay! How’s the weather there?!”

he'd cheerfully asked well knowing how miserable winter weather is in South Dakota;

“Usual grey-crap morning; Stan, I need your help right away!”

Jay replied in a worried tone of voice;

“Jay! Is something wrong? How can I help?!”

SD replied with deep concern in his voice;

“We’re OK Stan, but there’s a 2-2-2T Loco on the south spur that came out of thin air minutes ago just like the ‘Mefford airplanes’ last November! We’ve not gone outside to look at it ‘cause it’s still giving off lots of heat, damn thing could be radioactive! I’ve not called Wally (Hand County Sheriff Wallace Drummond, a Meeson family friend) yet, he’d say I was nuts, can you get ‘Army People’ out here to check out that ‘thing’ today?”

Jay replied with exasperation in his voice. Always willing to help family members SD, a senior member of the US Senate Select Committee On Intelligence, was privy to classified Pentagon briefings concerning OPOM’s creation & Site 29-B Mefford Anachronisms intelligence gathering particularly that concerning biohazard & radiation exposures, none uncovered to date he correctly assumed Jay & Millie weren’t in immediate danger though alarmed that the 2-2-2T locomotive 150 feet away was radiating enough heat to warm their bedroom to 75 degrees Fahrenheit;

“Jay! Stay inside till the damn ‘thing’ cools down! When it does have Marv, Ev & kids (sons & daughters) set up a ‘shack’ (enclosure) completely around & over it! Hold off on calling Wally till I get back (with you) in an hour! Whatever you do don’t let anybody touch or ‘film’ (photo or video record) it! Am assuming you & Millie already have with your smartphones, don’t upload it (digital recordings of the locomotive) to ‘The Cloud” or turn them on again after this phone call, will call you on the landline in an hour!”

...To Be Continued...
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Marvin Meeson Video Records The Anachronism, Senator Daniels Calls Back
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Left, View of B & O Museum's "Pioneer" Locomotive Firebox & Steam Tower - Right, Head On View Showing Oil Headlight
Both Similar To The Meeson Farms Anachronism, Firebox Door Open Whilst Materializing & Being Video Recorded By Marvin & Mildred Meeson Then Closed Mysteriously Afterwards

Heeding Senator Daniels’ commands following the smartphone call Jay & Millie Meeson turned off their Androids & set them down, Jay then calling his sons Marv & Ev via landline getting both on conference call;

“Boys! Remember me telling you both about the airplanes at Mefford Field Airport California materializing out of nowhere last November? Well outside our bedroom is an 1850s vintage locomotive that materialized on the (south) spur less than 15 minutes ago! I’d just got off the Android with Stan, he wants us to put up a ‘shack’ (enclosure) around it till can get back with me in an hour, can you & the (son’s) kids come down and help me put up a ‘China Tent’ (Chinese-made portable steel frame & plastic fabric enclosure) before Stan calls back on the landline?”

Dumfounded his sons immediately rattled off questions why & how it appeared;

“Don’t know why sons, ‘thing’ just materialized out of thin air & lights over several minutes; super elaborate Star Trek movie transporter scene! ‘Mom’ (Millie) believes it was assembled by locomotive engine factory workers made out of light moving at ‘warp speed’, can believe that even looking at it 150 away! I can’t show you the videos we took of the ‘thing’, Stan told me not to turn on the Androids till gets back with me, could you and the kids get here ASAP so we can get the tent around it?

Always willing to help their folks Marv & Ev said they & kids would be there in 20 minutes to set up the tent. Traveling in Ford F-250 4WD all-weather crew cab pick-up trucks entire families of his sons diligently drove one mile south over frozen snow-covered 355th Avenue, arriving at Jay & Millie’s house at 8:25 a.m., parking 175 feet from the 2-2-2T locomotive everybody disbelieving stared at the locomotive, calling Jay via his Android Marv driving the lead pick-up closest to the locomotive asked Jay what they should do next;

“We’re dumfounded here Dad, should I get out first to ‘check it out’ or wait till you & Mom come out?”

pausing some seconds pondering what to do next Jay asked Marv to open his driver’s side window, feel air for heat;

“Marv, the ‘thing’ threw out lots of heat, do you feel any?”

moving his face around feeling for heat Marv replied;

“I feel some heat coming from it Dad, no heat sheen on snow, really weird, ‘dry’ like it just fallen, shall I get out and walk over to it?”

pausing some seconds again pondering what to do next Jay asked him to get out, walk slowly over to it but not take any videos of it with the Android, everybody else with smartphones for that matter;

“Stan told me to keep our (my & Millie’s) Androids off till he calls back, didn’t say why though am sure when the  ‘(US) government people’ show up they’ll confiscate ours ‘for intelligence gathering’, don’t want yours or anybody else’s also! Keep yours off approaching the loco but be ready to turn it on & record if the damn thing ‘comes alive’ all of a sudden!”

Acknowledging Jay’s concerns Marv said he’d keep his off, hand signaled to those inside their F-250 4WDs to keep theirs off as well. Cautiously walking towards the locomotive breaks in the dull grey morning sky then broke open, light rays dramatically shining upon it worthy of a Western motion picture scene opening, steam mists streaking off the boiler tank, billowing clouds of low ground fog forming in the sunlight behind the locomotive. Walking onwards in still air Marv now was in view of his parent’s bedroom window, Jay & Millie looking at him & locomotive with worried concern, stopping 75 feet from it Marv suddenly turned on his Android, called Jay up via landline;

“Dad, I’m going to video record the locomotive, ‘The Government’ will confiscate my Android but trust me on doing this; the ‘thing’ is ‘bonfire hot’ but think can get 25 feet from it, do running commentary while recording it.”

Marv, a decorated US Army Reserve officer & three-tour Iraq War combat veteran twice wounded in hand-to-hand combat with Iraqi insurgents during his second knew well how to deal with dangerous situations, confident with his video recording plan despite potential confiscation of his Android Jay approvingly replied;

“OK son, get as much video you can while keeping back from it far as you can, soon as your done let me know so we can get the ‘China Tent’ up!”

Proceeding with video recording at 8:33 a.m. Marv three feet from right rail 25 feet from the locomotive audibly remarked for recording steam was wisping out of the burning wood spark arresting exhaust chimney funnel suggesting the boiler was hot water-charged though no wood smoke was coming out of it, slowing walking clockwise around it towards the south he’d remarked that the green-painted & gold trimmed oil headlight & enclosure box in front of the chimney was emitting faint orange light akin to the oil storage tank running out, green-painted wrought iron cowcatcher, black-painted boiler & steam piston chambers former ringed with four narrow gold-painted pressure straps glistening in the sunlight;

“This ‘thing’ is in absolutely pristine condition, whatever, whomever ‘brought’ it here knew about antique locomotives; there’s no railroad company markings on it, no builder’s plates, they could be in the (locomotive) cab, on the boiler out of view, maybe casted on the wheels & axles, can tell from this distance.”

Stopping midway to video record a full right side view of the locomotive in front of & far right of Jay & Millie’s bedroom window Marv audibly noted the pristine condition of the brass warning bell & cream-colored fabric pull cord, green-painted & gold trimmed cylindrical steam dome “brass hat” access hatch was open, reason unknown except maybe for operating inspection, continuing leftwards he’d zoomed in on the engine cab;

“The varnished woodworking is magnificent, glass panes clean as whistle set inside black-painted metal frames, moving now to where can get good views of the firebox & engine controls.”

Moving left some yards Marv stopped again to video record the locomotive cab insides;

“Zooming in tight on it now; firebox door is CLOSED Dad, didn't you say it was open while 'filming' (video recording) it?! Cab’s iron or steel plate ‘steam tower’ above the firebox is polished, absolutely pristine, no heat or soot marks anywhere, iron & brass engine controls look brand new!”

Moving left towards the green & gold trimmed-painted iron plate firewood tender box extension of the locomotive cab Marv zoomed in on the likewise green & gold trimmed-painted wooden tool crib box atop the locomotive cab extension flanking the tender box;

“Nothing is in the tender box; there’s an old-fashioned ward padlock locking the tool crib, even has a key in it, how convenient!”

moving on towards the locomotive’s right rear Marv stopped again to zoom in on the cast iron link-and-pin coupler housing centered & anchored on the cab-tender box extension complete with wrought iron oval link & retaining pin typical of 19th Century locomotives;

“Everything back here also is absolutely pristine; staring to ‘video‘ the loco’s left side now.”

Proceeding on with video recording Marv continued audio commentary noting that the locomotive’s left-side tool crib also had a padlock & key, approaching the engine cab he’d noted the polished brass steam safety valve & whistle with cream-colored pull cord atop the steam tower were also in pristine condition;

“I’d love to pull that cord just to hear the whistle tone; thing’s huge for such a small loco, noise makes up for size here!”

Video recording whilst slowly walking north Marv stopped parallel to tip of the cowcatcher, zooming in on the oil headlight & enclosure box in front of the chimney;

“Time is 8:45 a.m., 12 minutes into video recording, headlight has gone out, no oil presumably; walking (forward) another 25 feet before crossing the (railroad) spur (tracks) just in case this ‘thing goes alive’ on me!"

Diligently walking over the tracks whilst video recording, returning where he’d started, at 8:47 a.m. Marv turned off his Android, signaled to Jay he was done, waving in acknowledgement Jay then signaled him to come over to their bedroom window, forthwith doing so standing outside it Jay then cracked open the northside of two weatherized window transoms;

“Marv, Stan just called from Washington DC, told me Army CH-47s out of Camp Grafton (North Dakota) will be here by noon. I told him you were video recording the loco and that everybody else had their Androids off, not happy about you doing that but told him your Android was going to be confiscated like ours after they arrive. Anyway, bring everybody inside to warm-up so we can plan out erecting the ‘China Tent’ before they arrive.”

…To Be Continued…

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The Polymath OPOM Commander Naomi Acheampong
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OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Deladem Acheampong born in New York City March 3, 1972, youngest of six children of wealthy Ghanaian immigrants a year later to the day settling in Grand Junction, Colorado, she was the family’s “Gandhi”; reserved, quiet, rational, principled & judicial, nobody “messed” with her especially when came to winning arguments! An avid gymnast at age 13 she’d placed second in a Colorado state high school gymnastics competition, a polymath she placed first in all grade & high school classes, a gifted pianist she’d won numerous contest awards, bound for glory as a concert pianist she instead wanted to enter the US Air Force Academy after learning how to fly at age 16.

Exceptionally qualified academically Naomi’s politically well-connected father Xoese & uncle Abeeku lobbied long-time Colorado Congressman Louis Daniels, father of Montana Senator Stanley Daniels, to sponsor her appointment, accepted in 1990 at age 18 she’d graduated 10th out of 993 cadets in 1995 receiving her second lieutenant officer commission with honors. Assigned to Air Force Logistics Management Agency Contracting Maxwell AFB Alabama she was a stickler for detail saving millions in materials procurement, gaining attention of Pentagon Air Force Logistics Planning “headhunters”, promoted to Lieutenant, assigned to work in the Pentagon late 1996 as a Junior Logistics Planner, she’d demonstrated exceptional organizational abilities in obtaining & deploying personnel & material resources to wherever the Air Force needed them earning her promotion to Captain in less than a year.

At the Air Force Academy Cadet Acheampong’s piercing analytical abilities in intelligence gathering & interpretation studies earned her merits & awards her dissertations later becoming part of the Academy’s curriculum, desiring to work for the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA) fall 1998 she was reassigned there specializing in Top Secret Intelligence Records Management giving her extraordinary access to senior-level Pentagon staff. The Pentagon’s best paper-pushing “librarian”, nicknamed The Naomi Express for her magical talents in effortlessly sifting through mountains of impossibly complex intelligence data for whatever “customer’s” needs, she was unpopular amongst junior Pentagon staff for her tight-lipped demeanor though admired for her professionalism, Army Military Intelligence Corps Commander Major General Mark Balsam whom she’d worked for “on loan” from AFISRA at Fort Belvoir, Virginia for intelligence records organizational & analysis work in 1997, “greasing the skids” for her promotion to Air Force Major as Records Officer the highly secret “black budget” (not Congressionally itemized) Section L of the Pentagon Foreign Technology Assessment Office in 2000.

Holding Top Secret, Special Access Programs, Sensitive Compartmented Information & Restricted Data clearances by order of the President Of United States & succeeding office holders since 2001, Major Acheampong for years was the only US military officer below Colonel who alone could meet with & present to the President the most highly sensitive foreign technology intelligence information collected by the uniformed military services at his summons, when President Donald Trump signed legislation creating the Space Force in 2019 she’d requested transfer to its Records Unit. Seen as a career demotion by Pentagon peers on December 24, 2020 she was assigned Assistant Commander of black budget Section 3 in Pentagon Building Section 1355 it subsequently becoming OPOM on November 13, 2022.

Commanded by the aforementioned OF-5 Senior Pentagon Intelligence Office records custodian of the Mefford Anachronisms Marine Lieutenant Colonel Arnold Heberson, OF-4 alternates Army Major George Amundson & Naomi Acheampong (Records Unit Commander), it gained the well-deserved reputation of total impenetrability essential given less than nine months later they’d be collecting & archiving records regarding The Mefford Anachronisms. Reassigned to JCS Staff on December 24, 2022 newly promoted O-6 Colonel Heberson’s OPOM successor newly promoted 0-6 Colonel Acheampong skipping two ranks & Assistant Commander newly promoted Lieutenant Colonel Amundson were insanely busy overseeing activities & records associated with Mefford Anachronisms, after Senator Daniel’s discreet 8:33 a.m. February 8, 2023 landline telephone call informing her of the 2-2-2T locomotive materialization she now had to figure out how to seize & transport it to a nearby US military installation but pronto.

…To Be Continued…

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Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules Similar To Those Dispatched From Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A February 8, 2023

Long-time friends of the Acheampongs the Daniels farming family frequently conducted agricultural produce brokering with Xoese & Abeeku, highly respected Ghanaian food produce dealers they & families immigrated to the USA in 1965 wanting their children to receive the best schooling possible Colorado Congressman Louis Daniels living near Grand Junction their very first client. Born on May 8, 1963 in Grand Junction Senator Stanley Daniels was close friends of the Acheampong’s in particular Naomi, the most principled of Xoese’s six children when came to ethical conduct she’d appealed to his Western US notions of right & wrong, she to his forthright honesty when came to “doing the right thing” in ambiguous circumstances, receiving his landline telephone call from the Washington DC Philip A. Hart Building’s Secured Communications Center at 8:41 a.m. Colonel Acheampong knew it was a serious “government matter” as he’d never call her for social conversations whilst was on duty, “green lighted” for secured conversation Senator Daniels spoke first;

“Colonel Acheampong its Stan, we’ve got another ‘paranormal object appearance’ this time on Jay Meeson’s farm, a small early 19th railroad engine on the spur (tracks) next to their bedroom! He & Millie are OK, they’ve got good video recordings of the ‘thing’ materializing out of thin air this morning! I’d told them to turn off their Androids and not upload anything on them to ‘the cloud” (remote data storage via the Internet). Jay told me its giving off lots of heat like the Mefford airplanes, don’t think its radioactive, heat’s dissipating, asked them put up a ‘shack’ around it to keep it out of view, knowing Jay he’ll have it up within the hour!”

At a loss for words, highly uncharacteristic of her, Naomi contemplated on what to tell the Meesons till US military personnel arrived;

““Stan, tell the Meesons not to touch the locomotive whatsoever! The ‘pup tent’ or whatever they erect around & over it must be 5 feet away from all sides more the better! Tell them not to take anymore videos of it! Second I get off the phone will request the JCS Chair to initiate ‘2581’ (Pentagon Emergency Action Protocol 2581, streamlined personnel & material resources procurement & management protocols established in wake of the excessively expensive seizures & relocations of the ‘Mefford airplanes’ in event of future paranormal object appearances) after he does will get back to you!”

As OPOM Commander Colonel Acheampong under Presidential Executive Directive had direct access to JCS to request military personnel & material resources necessary in “managing” paranormal objects, including seizing, transporting & securing newly appearing ones onto military installations, forthwith contacting long-time Pentagon friend & professional development mentor JCS Chair Marine Corps General James Mitchel Harrissey III she’d wasted no time telling him about the 2-2-2T locomotive, gain immediate Whitehouse approval authorizing a “paranormal object recovery operation”, initiate Protocol 2581 to seize & relocate it onto a nearby military instillation before day’s end;

“Sir, the Meesons have video recordings of the locomotive’s ‘materialization’, good ones according to Senator Daniels, hard real-time intel how the ‘objects’ are doing so, break we’d needed in beginning to understand why they’d appeared! I know the Meeson family through Senator Daniels, the locomotive weighs under 15 tons, low enough to fly out on a (Lockheed Martin) C-130 J-Model Super Hercules; unsettled skies 13:30 Central (Time) till sunset I’d read, need a meteorologist there well as Army Engineers checking ground conditions for (landing & taking off) the 'Super Herc'.”

Pondering Colonel Acheampong’s C-130J flyout proposal General Harrissey asked her where the locomotive could be flown to on short notice;

“One of the permanent enclosures (hangars) for the Mefford airplanes is up at Mountain Home (AFB), got that info yesterday, Site 29-B forensics (intelligence evaluations) won’t be done on any of them till end of next month (March 2023), with your permission I’ll contact the Site 29-A commander to make preparations for receiving & storing the locomotive soon as you OK 2581.”

Agreeing with the locomotive flyout proposal & storage plan General Harrissey said he’ll personally brief the President within 10 minutes, ask he’d declare an Incident-Specific National Emergency Executive Order (EO) authorizing a paranormal object recovery operation, gain permission to initiate 2581, meantime you’re granted authority under Pentagon Emergency Action Protocol 2581 section b.3 (JCS-granted immediate action authority) to commence & execute activities for securing (seizing) the locomotive till the EO is signed;

“This totally is against Pentagon (department management) policy for unit heads to personally supervise a field operation but I want you to flyout to the Meeson’s homestead, you know the family, get their cooperation (with military personnel), take command for getting ‘that thing’ (locomotive) to Mountain Home by day’s end, meantime get the “radtechs, biotechs” (radiological & biological warfare specialists) & (Army Corps) engineers there to check it out & get ready to load in the Herc, I’ll deal with the (Mountain Home AFB & regional Army Corps Of Engineers) commanders (providing personnel & material in doing so)!”

…To Be Continued…

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2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT 4WD Pickup Similar To Those Of The Meeson Clan

Immediately after telling Marv Senator Daniels had called Jay & Millie Meeson quickly “winter dressed”, hurried outside to help their sons & family members put up the “China Tent” around the 2-2-2T locomotive. Stored in southmost of three prefabricated metal “crib sheds” containing farm operations & maintenance materials, tools & equipment on the “south farm” (Jay & Millie’s farm south of US Route 14 east of 355th Avenue) next to four grain silos, in 2012 Jay had purchased two Chinese-made 2,300 pound portable 26-foot wide, 40-foot long, 21-foot 8-inch high inside-angled semi-circular metal “rib” frame & white polyethylene fabric shelters for storing farm equipment during growing & harvesting season, perfect for erecting over & around the locomotive one could be assembled & carted over it within 20 minutes by the present 17 member Meeson family.

The “China Tent”, quickly retrieved & loaded onto a flatbed tow trailer attached to one of the Ford F-250 pickups by Marv’s & Ev’s high school & college age sons & daughters driven by Marv’s wife Thelma driving an F-250 with daughters Irene & Judy on board, led way to the 2-2-2T over an asphalt snow-covered service road paralleling east side of the railroad spur connecting Jay’s & Millie’s house 1,300 feet south of the crib shed followed by a train F-250s carrying rest of the Meeson clan to a good sized west facing snow-covered asphalt parking lot in front of & full length of their house where they’d be parked. Morning clouds clearing with sunshine peaking though there was no wind, good conditions for erecting the tent over the locomotive, arriving & parking 60 feet from it the clan set to laying metal frame parts out over the spur tracks. Assembling them 10 feet forward of the 2-2-2T’s cowcatcher with power tools taken from the crib shack, plastic rope for pulling the white polyethylene fabric cover over the frame laid inside u-channel rib edges & secured, the work completed in 19 minutes. Jay & Millie meantime spotting locations where the tent frame’s five rib “foots” (bases, two per rib) would sit, measuring out linear paths either side & parallel to the spur tracks other Meeson clan members then removed snow for low-rise pneumatic caster wheeled dollies to wheel the tent frame over the locomotive the work done in 20 minutes.

Lined up along the east side of the tent frame Marv’s & Ev's family members readied to gang-lift the five frame ribs on dollies. Stationed either end of the 40-foot long tent frame Jay & Millie arms raised signaled all to get ready for lifting the ribs, everyone at their lifting stations they’d lowered them, ribs simultaneously lifted up two feet whilst other family members wheeled dollies under the rib foots, hang signaling to Jay & Millie all were dead centered Jay & Millie then signaling all to simultaneously lower the ribs on the dollies. Rib feet now on dollies some family members tied them down rest hustling to west side of tent frame preparing to lift & mount the other rib feet on dollies, repeating the procedure, rib feet tied down on dollies, the tent frame was ready to be wheeled over the 2-2-2-T.

As initially planned two F-250 pickups would tow the tent frame over the locomotive either side of it, easier to manhandle than expected the Meeson clan now would push it over, family members now positioned at each of the ten rib foots & dollies Jay & Millie stationed forward either side guided them onwards along the 60-foot snow cleared-off paths. Taking 15 minutes in doing so, uneven water-puddled ground slowing forward momentum, at 10:03 a.m. the tent frame was in place over the 2-2-2T, unsure whether to take it off or leave on the dollies Jay asked his sons what they’d thought;

“The military might want us to move it off of so can lift the loco off the tracks with cranes, why don’t we just tie down the dollies till they tell us what to do?”

said Ev whilst Marv nodded head in agreement, OK with the suggestion Jay then asked family members to securely tie down the dollies;

“Be sure the tie-downs are strong enough to withstand the blizzard that’s coming in tonight, got no idea whether the military can get the ‘thing’ out of here by sunset!"

Just as Jay spoke their youngest grandchild 9-year old Mildred Jean, Ev's daughter, raced out of Jay & Millie’s house;

“Grandpa! Senator Daniels is on the (landline) phone, wants to speak to you right now!”

Hustling breathlessly into the house Jay answered the phone;

“Jay! Have you got the ‘shack’ up yet?!”

replying forthwith Jay told him the tent frame was up and were ready to pull the polyethylene fabric over it;

“We’ll have it & (fabric) tent doors by 11:00 a.m. our time Stan, anything else we need to do?”

thinking out loud Stan replied;

“Yes, Marv’s Army reserve, knows how to do this, have him mark out landing zones for three CH-47s close as possible to the locomotive. Everybody there is going to be examined for radiological & biological contamination so expected to be detained for some hours at your house, do you have enough room for all there?”

replying again forthwith Jay said they had auto garage & house room space for everybody though if possible for those finishing their examinations be allowed to return home soon as possible;

““They need to tend livestock, another blizzard coming in tonight, ask whosever’s in charge (of military operation on the Meeson farms) to tell his medical people coming here to be quick as possible, really appreciate that!”

Telling Jay he’d “pass that on” Stan then said he’ll contact him later on whatever “government” help the Meesons needed accommodating military personnel, material & equipment on the farm;

“The Government is ‘paying for everything’ Jay, will provide you inventory of all Meeson family real & personal property defaced & damaged while there. Please carefully read it & be sure to make corrections if necessary, you WILL be fully compensated! I must go now, Senate debates & votes in a few minutes; say hello to everybody there. Dad (retired Colorado Congressman Louis Daniels) will call you tonight also, ask how all are doing, any ‘military people’ hassles anybody there, including ‘rubbing them the wrong way’, let him and I know, he’s still got House contacts to ‘come down’ on Whitehouse staff if anybody there is crossed…talk to you tonight, bye for now!”

…To Be Continued…
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"China Tent" Now Over The 2-2-2T Locomotive
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ShelterVision 40-Foot Long Portable Shelter Similar To The Meeson's "China Tent"

Ending the telephone call with good-byes to Senator Daniels Jay forthwith returned to “China Tent” erection work, asked by his sons Marv & Ev what Stan said he’d replied with a sigh;

““We’re going to be ‘quarantined’; military medical people will examine us here (i.e. at Jay & Millie’s house). I’d asked Stan they’d be quick as possible so we can get back to livestock tending before sunset. Stan said she wants us to set up three 120-foot square CH-47 landing zones close as possible to the loco, can you do that after we get the ‘tarp’ (polyethylene fabric) over the (tent) frame Marv?”

Nodding head yes Marv replied he’d have to “cheat” retrieving suitable marking materials from his farm Ev afterwards saying he had rolls of black sheet plastic to strip out zones, empty yellow-painted fuel drums as corner markets;

“If the docs (military doctors) ask we’d (Ev been off (your) farm I'll tell them we brought the stuff anticipating the Army would be landing 'helos' (helicopters) here, bet everybody (here) they ain’t gonna find radioactive anything on us never mind biological!”

Impishly smiling Jay hand signaled them to resume erecting work on the “China Tent”;

“Soon as its up I’ll help with setting up the 'helo markers' after Millie and I warm-up a little, damn cold right now!”

Concerned his folks had been out in the cold too long Marv & Ev asked them to go back in the house & warm-up;

“We all can handle the ‘tarp’ & 'markers' Dad, you & Mom need to warm-up now! Soon as its done we’ll come inside to warm-up also after checking on whether the livestock have enough food, water & heat to get them though till tonight, Mae & Jan (Ev’s daughters) will check on yours meantime.”

Ev entreated, nodding heads in agreement Jay & Millie forthwith retreated to inside their house, Marv, Ev, wives, sons & daughters - 15 in all - meantime proceeding work laying the polyethylene fabric cover over the tent frame.

Lifting up & walking the 40-foot long cover wrapped around a 4-inch PVC pipe in a conga line to left side of the tent frame, laying it down parallel to it, five then broke off to hook u-channel ropes on it eight others, Marv’s & Evan’s strongest sons & daughters, hurrying to other side for pulling it over the tent ribs. With Ev supervising the “pull” on the right, Marv supervising cover unfurling the left, niece “Millie” Jean & older brother Clark manning the No.1 Tent Rib facing north, all made sure it freely unwrapped from the PVC pipe spindle.

At the PVC pipe spindle ends adjacent to No.1 & 5 Tent Ribs three foot tall fabricated wood mounts were “plugged” in near Nos.2, 3. 4 foot high u-shaped wood rests for the cover to lay on, as the u-channel ropes pulled it upwards the cover unfurled ala toilet paper off its core, family members lifting it periodically to prevent binding. Flexible & lightweight the cover easily unfurled when dry, taking minutes longer because of morning damp air several times it snagged whilst pulling it over the tent’s semi-circular top & towards the ground.

By 10:35 p.m. the cover was completely over the tent frame, “stretched” (i.e. pulled taught from both sides) & nylon cable-tied on the frame rib foots fabric access doors then were “hung” over the tent ends, work completed at 10:55 a.m. attention now turned on marking out three landing zones for the Army CH-47 Chinooks.

…To Be Continued…
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2-2-2T Loco OPOM Recovery Plan C.3f, Colonel Acheampong Flies To Ellsworth AFB
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Northrop Grumman T-38C Talon Similar To That Flown By OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong To Ellsworth AFB South Dakota February 8, 2023

Importantly when Colonel Acheampong convinced & got permission from JCS Chair General Harrissey to flyout the 2-2-2T locomotive to Mountain View AFB she now could “get balls rolling” locating & transporting personnel, material & equipment doing so. In charge of post-November 14, 2022 Pentagon “management” of the Mefford Anachronisms she’d appreciated the herculean single-minded efforts of Lemoore NAS Commander Captain Masterson on-the-fly seizing, isolating, biohazard examining, readying at Mefford Field Airport for flying to & securing at Site 29-B The Mefford Anachronisms within 24 hours worthy of an ad hoc high failure risk WWII military operation ala Operating Biting (Bruneval Raid), taking to heart lessons learned “managing” them Acheampong immediately after conferring with Harrissey activated OPOM Object Recovery Plan C.3f transporting single paranormal terrestrial objects weighing under 20 tons by fixed-wing aircraft ala air refueled C-130Js. Prepared for flight & staffed by a wide assortment of personnel at Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A all were laboring at "triple warp speed" loading three aircraft airlifting the following:
  • Biological warfare & medical specialists materials, equipment & tools, including an Air Force Psychiatrist & Clinical Psychologist for assessing the Meeson's reactions to the paranormal appearance of the 2-2-2T locomotive;
  • Paranormal Object site operations personnel including communications & Air Police, support materials & equipment;
  • 20-ton minimum lifting capacity Rough Terrain Container Crane (RTCC), operating personnel, support materials & equipment.
A fourth C-130J airlifting the 2-2-2T locomotive included loading personnel, materials & equipment, several old 25 lb/yd ASCE (American Society Of Civil Engineers) railroad rails “loaned” from the Army Corps Of Engineers for rolling it onboard, all aircraft loaded & ready for flight by 10:45 a.m. Mountain Time they awaited the GO signal from OPOM Pentagon for taking off to Meeson farms.

Meanwhile to this preparatory activity, Colonel Acheampong quickly made arrangements for flying out to the farms, donning a flight suit & helmet whilst still in the Pentagon at 11:47 a.m. Eastern time she then was helicoptered to Joint Base Andrews where there a Northrop Grumman T-38C Talon piloted by Air Force Captain Marie Alvarez-Masto awaited for flying her to Ellsworth AFB Western South Dakota. Arriving 5 minutes later she hurridly boarded & strapped in the aircraft commander’s seat behind Captain Alvarez-Masto whilst engines were warming up, aircraft canopy down the groundcrew signalman “waved the bird” to proceed north on the Runway 19 Right taxiway, signaled by the Airport Controller for immediate take-off at 11:55 they’d lifted off “hot rodding” full afterburner heading northwest to Ellsworth.

Rapidly climbing to 35,000 feet cruse altitude throttling up 575 knots, Captain Alvarez-Masto piloting the T-38C hung back going supersonic till leaving the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, zipping over Kernstown, Virginia she’d asked Colonel Acheampong whether she’d wanted to pilot the airplane, a qualified pilot of single & multiengine propeller & jet aircraft with 100-plus hours flying T-38s she “took the stick” forthwith climbing to 40,000 “punching Mach 1” at 660.1 mph both now settling in for the two hour 1,398 mile flight to Ellsworth assuming good flying weather & no diversions.

…To Be Continued…
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Army JCS Picks "Captain Kid” To Command Advance Teams At Meeson Farms
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Meantime to Colonel Acheampong’s T-38C supersonic transit to Ellsworth AFB ongoing preparations at Mountain Home AFB for flying out C-130Js to the Meeson farms to recover & transport the 2-2-2T locomotive back to Site 29-A at Camp Grafton were well underway. A major North Dakota Army National Guard Training Center, personnel, materials & equipment logistics & medical officers there frenetically cobbled together advance teams for securing the object (locomotive), conducting cursory biohazard medical examinations on Meeson family members till arrival of Air Force Medical Service personnel from Mountain Home, locating, inspecting & preparing farmland areas for the "Super Hercs" to land & take station close as possible to the 2-2-2T. Assigned command responsibility was Army Corps Of Engineers Captain Roland “Kid” Caldwell Mattock nicknamed “Captain Kid” as is youngest in his family, scheduled at 10:00 a.m. Central Time to teach bridge construction technologies & operational deployments under combat conditions but instead personally pulled out of the classroom by Camp Commandant Colonel Wesley “Butch” Nathan seconds before commencing the lecture;

“Kid, you’ve got a ‘hot assignment’ personally from Army JCS (Member) General (Benjamin Duchman “Duke”) Loughlin. Duke wants to assemble & command an advance team of engineers & medics (Army Medical Corpsmen) to a South Dakota farm owned by Jason & Mildred Meeson. The operation’s secret, only details I’m authorized to divulge is you’re to have medics immediately screen the Meeson’s & family members for radiological & biological contamination with whatever testing equipment they’ve got on hand, survey & set up landing zones for four C-130Js on Meeson farms no later than 14:00 (2:00 p.m. Central) their time today!”

Aware Marv Meeson & Kid Mattock served together during Operation Iraqi Freedom March-May 2003 Butch Nathan knew Marv would be cooperative with Army personnel. Marv an experienced infantry Captain mentored Kid, Second Lieutenant fresh out of West Point he'd “cut teeth” under his command conducting dangerous close-order house-to-house searches for Iraqi insurgents, later transferring to the Corps Of Engineers Kid employed hard earned combat experiences whilst in Afghanistan warding off Taliban attacks whilst building temporary vehicular bridges in very rugged terrain. Appreciating the gravity of being personally selected for the assignment by Army JCS General Loughlin Captain Mattock was unaware Colonel Acheampong had made it for him he likewise not knowing she was a long-time family friend of the Meeson’s, unaware of OPOM, its Top Secret existence, the 2-2-2T locomotive on Jay & Millie’s farm, Kid only could trust his selection was necessary for US National Security but he’d wanted to know a bit more about why;

“Sir, I’ll ‘do the job’ but may I ask if its ‘national security’ related?”

eyeing him earnestly Butch replied;

“Kid it is, that’s all I can say. You’ll be receiving written orders from The Pentagon any minute now what the assignment is, read them carefully & act quickly, you must be ‘set up’ by 14:00 for the 'Super Hercs'!"

…To Be Continued…
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Captain Mattock Receives Pentagon Orders, ENDER Detail On Way To Meeson Farms
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US Army Boeing CH-47F Chinook Similar To Those Dispatched From Camp Grafton North Dakota February 8, 2023

Just as Colonel Nathan spoke his Senior Adjutant Major Crnčević smartphone messaged him for he & Captain Mattock to immediately come to the camp’s Communications Center, quickly returning to the classroom full of Army Engineers readied for the day’s lecture on bridge construction technologies & operational deployments under combat conditions Mattock perfunctorily dismissed them without saying why he & Colonel Nathan then hurrying over to it. Inside the Communications Command Office was a Secured Communications Channel computer, dismissing the Duty Officer Nathan locked the office door, turned it on, entered passwords, minute later online with the Pentagon’s Army Communications Office. Presented a series of security protocol checks to pass Nathan then was told via computer monitor text to put Mattock on and for him to leave;

“It's yours Kid, signal me when you’re done, got other work to do!”

Departing forthwith Colonel Nathan asked Captain Mattock to lock the office door behind him Nathan then assigning the Communications Office Duty Military Police (MP) Corpsman to guard the room from outside. Presented a series of protocol checks specific to him Mattock then was given his “written” Pentagon orders:

  • (OPOM assigned) Code Name of the Army Camp Grafton detail mission to Meeson farms is ENDER (play on 2-2-2T locomotive located at end of the Meeson farm’s south railroad spur).
  • Transport all personnel, materials, equipment helicoptered in from Camp Grafton by (Boeing) CH-47 F-model Chinooks to prepared helicopter landing zones on Meeson farms.
  • All telecommunications shall be on Army Secure Channel Frequency (as stated in order). The ENDER detail Call Sign is BRISKET, Mountain Home AFB (i.e. direct from Site 29-A) Call Sign is BYRON ALPHA, a list of telecommunications codes appended to this Order (not shown here but extensive each starting with ENDER) shall be employed for the duration of the ENDER detail mission.
  • Upon arriving at Meeson farms the telecommunications code ENDER FORTUNE is to be transmitted to Mountain Home AFB their acknowledgement to it is WELFOR.
  • Secure OBJECT (OPOM’s generic designation of paranormally appearing things) by placing armed MPs around OBJECT (i.e. the “China Tent”) with orders to ‘block’ (i.e. shoot) anyone other than yourself attempting to examine it until further notice personally by you alone.
  • Prepare landing zones on Meeson farms for Air Force C-130Js to land & station four aircraft adjacent to OBJECT by no later than 14:00 (2:00 p.m. Central) local time.
  • Quarantine & confine to their homes all Meeson family members who’d been in proximity to OBJECT, subject them to cursory radiological & biological contamination inspections pending further examination by Air Force Medical Service personnel.
  • All Meeson family members to be instructed personally by you not to discuss anything associated with OBJECT to you or anyone else in the ENDER detail until Air Force Intelligence personnel arrive from Mountain Home AFB.
  • Air Force Major June Harriet Morant (Site 29-A Assistant Commander this not divulged to Captain Mattock) commanding personnel from Mountain Home personally will take command of (military) operations on Meeson farms from you, MPs guarding OBJECT to be relieved by you, Major Morant replacing them with Air Police, you & detail remaining at Meeson farms till relieved by her meantime rendering whatever personnel, materials & equipment assistance she needs for accomplishing her mission.

Finished reading the orders Captain Mattock “papered” them off a “dumb” (i.e. having no electronic data storage capacity) office printer employed for classified communications, deposited them in a sealable file folder, forthwith logging off secured communications & shutting off the computer he then signaled (telephoned) Colonel Nathan that he was departing the Communications Center. Unlocking & the office door & exiting he forthwith relived the MP guarding it, hurried on foot to the camp’s nearby Air Transportation Center, commenced supervising activities associated with ENDER. The farms located 245 miles near due south of Camp Grafton took CH-47Fs 62 minutes to “helo” (helicopter) there, laboring “double warp speed” by 11:00 a.m. Central Time two Chinooks were fully loaded with materials, equipment & tools, ENDER detail personnel piling on board them immediately afterwards at 11:10 a.m. they’d hurriedly took off. Quickly climbing to altitude & cruising speed all aboard settled in heloing through freezing cold broken cloudy skies for the 245 mile 62 minute trip the Meeson farms the family there furiously laboring setting up landing zones for the Chinooks in just as cold ground conditions meantime.

…To Be Continued…

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At 11:13 a.m. Central Time Captain Mattock over secured channel communications link signaled Mountain AFB Site 29-A ENDOR RUN off the telecommunications codes list appended to the above mentioned Order No.3 that the CH-47F aerial convoy was now enroute to the Meeson farms, loading-up four Air Force C-130J Super Hercules transports at Site 29-B continuing meantime for flyout at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time to the Meeson farms. At 11:30 a.m. Central Time Senator Stanley Daniels called Jay Meeson asking whether the helicopter landing zones had been marked out;

“The ground either side nearest the 2-2-2T (locomotive) ain't good for them to land on Stan, Marv says it’s too soggy, they’ll have to land 300 north of it & 100 feet east of the rail spur, he’s working out the layout now, is that OK?”

Pausing on replying Stan got back on the secured landline telephone link to General Laughlin;

“Duke, Jay Meeson says the helo landing zones have to be 300 feet north & 100 feet east of “the object” (locomotive), grounds too soggy getting any closer, is that OK with the Army Engineers (being flown in from Camp Grafton)?”

not wasting a split second General Laughlin crisply replied;

“That’s fine Stan, just ask the Meesons to have the (landing) zones ready by noon their time. Once the ‘team’ (ENDER detail) arrives they’ll be running military operations there (on the Meeson farms). Please ask them to follow whatever orders are passed on to them and that US Government officials will immediately follow up on compensating them for whatever costs they’d occurred in ‘hosting’ the military operation on their properties. Please tell them many thanks on behalf of the US Military for their cooperation as well. That’s it for now Stan, everything’s in the ‘team’s’ hands soon as they arrive; thanks for being the Pentagon’s ‘go between’ with the Meesons, bye for now old friend!”

Forthwith relaying Laughlin’s message in its entirety to Jay Stan insured him that the US Military will make good on its compensation pledge and that he’d personally make sure it would be timely;

“Your family has rendered an invaluable service to the country in video recording the locomotive’s materialization well as enclosing it (with the ‘China Tent’) till military personnel arrive. I can’t imagine the stress everybody there is going through dealing with such traumatic events associated with it. I’ll tell you now and you absolutely must keep this to yourself but I understand Colonel Naomi Acheampong is on her way there, please for God's sake don’t let on you knew she was coming, I’ll be in lotta ‘hot water’ if you follow me!”

Stunned & dumfounded hearing she was coming Jay hid that whilst graciously thanking Stan for the complements & “heads-up” of her pending arrival he then offering to host the Daniels family at a Meeson family gathering later in the year, immediately accepting it Stan offered to pay all costs associated for putting it on;

“Your Dad was terrific rendering hospitality, the Daniels are long overdue rendering back; must go now for Senate business, talk to you later, bye for now!”

Zipping supersonic at 40,000 feet the T-38C Talon piloted by Air Force Captain Marie Alvarez-Masto her crewmate OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong “on the stick” at 11:30 a.m. Central Time she’d “passed it back” to Alvarez-Masto Acheampong forthwith “punching in” to OPOM Pentagon on a wire-connected smartphone via secured communications link to await signals concerning the in-transit Army ENDER detail to Meeson farms. Reading other OPOM signals meantime a disturbing one popped-up from Lemoore Naval Air Station Site 29-A that the Heinkel 177 A-5’s central fuselage came dangerously close to collapsing if had remained airborne another 15 minutes suspended underneath the Erickson S-64S Super Skycrane night of November 13, 2022 from inflight aerodynamic wind stresses of Pilot Leslie Sheldon heloing at 65 knots, ten more than safely calculated; “Idiot should had known better overstressing that ‘broken bird’ (airplane)!” she’d silently mused.

Whilst reading another signal at 12:17 p.m. Central Time OPOM signaled that the ENDER detail had taken off from Camp Grafton at 12:10 p.m. she forthwith texting OPOM Assistant Commander Lieutenant Colonel Amundson for him signal the Site 29-A Assistant Commander Major June Harriet Morant the code ENDER AIR GOOD signifying the ENDER detail was on schedule then the GO code HARVEY, the name of the Site 29-B mission of C-130Js to Meeson farms, for securing & relocating the 2-2-2T Locomotive & transporting it back to Site-29. Expeditiously departing Mountain Home AFB Site-29 the line of four "Super Hercs" trained to Runway 30 southeast, taking off in 20 second intervals they’d assembled in formation over Bennett Mountain northeast of Mountain Home, settling in cruising altitude & speed for the 833 mile 2-1/2 hour flight to the Meeson farms HARVEY Formation Commander Air Force Major Winslow Hartley now awaited signals from the ENDER detail where to land his “flock” of transports on the farms.

…To Be Continued…

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Kid Mattock Calls Marv About Weather Conditions, ENDER CH-47Fs Land OK But Late
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Chugging at 160 knots (184 mph) though freezing cold cloudy skies heading near due south towards the Meeson farms over Ipswich, South Dakota the Army CH-47F Chinooks of the ENDER detail heloing at 7,000 feet encountered strong westerly winds, lowering altitude & speed to 5,000 feet & 120 knots (138 mph) visibility was rapidly decreasing. At 11:57 a.m. Central Time the lead chopper commanded by Army Captain Kenneth Carpenter radio signaled his follower Army Lieutenant Guy Brooks to head southeast towards Watertown his cockpit Doppler Radar display showing clearing skies south to Tulare on US Highway 281 where there they could swing southwest to Miller then due west over US 14 to Meeson farms. Communicating the course correction via secure telecommunications link to Captain Mattock he’d quickly calculated they’d arrive by 12:30 p.m. assuming no weather delays, concerned the Meesons also might be encountering unfavorable weather at 11:59 a.m. he’d landline telephoned Jay Meeson asking how weather conditions were there;

“Jay! this is Captain Roland Caldwell Mattock, do you remember me?

cheerfully replying Jay laughed;

“Of course I do Kid, Marv’s here with me now, wanna speak to him?

Handing the phone to Marv Captain Mattock spoke first;

Marv! I’d not talk to you since 2017! We can talk pleasantries later! Are the helicopter landing zones ready?! Two Chinooks are due in 30 minutes (from now), how’s the weather there?

Looking outside from Jay & Millie’s bedroom at the “China Tent” housing the 2-2-2T locomotive he’d calmly replied;

“Cloudy but stable Kid. The landing zones are ready, do you want me to ‘baton’ (guide) them in?

Stationed in Camp Grafton’s “Weather Shack” (Weather Center) intently watching the Chinook's flight progress on Doppler Radar since before their 12:10 p.m. departures Captain Mattock replied with concern;

“Marv! There’s a ‘bubble’ (wind disturbance front) quarter-mile west of you & closing fast, I see whole bunch more behind it on Doppler, stay on the phone till it passes over then tell me how strong it is!”

Lifting the phone receiver Marv listened for wind gusts, slapping the bedroom window panes half minute later he’d reported back;

“Kid, it ‘hit’ at around 25 mph, no snow blew up, ‘no biggie’ (no problem) for landing helos in my opinion.”

Relieved at Marv’s report Captain Mattock replied thankfully;

“That’s good news Marv, ‘bubbles’ behind it are half as strong, don’t see anything for miles behind them. OK you ‘baton in’ the helos Marv, nobody I knew better doing that than you in Iraq, will tell the ‘leader’ (Captain Carpenter) that before arriving. Once they’re landed please follow his orders, we don’t know yet if you’d been subjected to harmful radiation or bioagents from whatever’s in that tent on the rail spur.”

Acknowledging his request & concerns Marv thanked him for calling they simultaneously hanging up.

Returning outside to the helicopter landing zones Marv's & Ev's wives Kay Louise & Julie Deanne, stood ready to receive the ENDER detail, hearing the Chinook’s distinctive double-chop rotor sounds from the east at 12:35 p.m. they’d spotted them popping out of low clouds. They now moving in quickly Marv both hands armed with three-foot long scrap sections of black 2-inch PVC pipe stood dead center inside “Landing Zone 1” closest to the “China Tent”, raising them high either side he’d waved to Captain Carpenter his presence, following his signal commands Carpenter lowered altitude & speed whilst Marv moved out of the landing zone, satisfied the Chinook was centered within the zone he’d signaled ‘land’ Carpenter then descending making a perfect four-point wheel landing. Hoofing quickly to “Landing Zone 2” adjacent & north of it Marv repeated the procedure for Lieutenant Guy Brooks he too making a perfect landing at precisely 12:40 p.m. Helicopters landed Marv, Ev & wives - the entire Meeson clan - now awaited ‘orders’ from the ENDER detail’s commander he now having less than hour twenty minutes to survey & set up a landing field for the HARVEY C-130Js on Jay & Millie Meeson’s farmland.

…To Be Continued…

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Site 29-A. ENDER & HARVEY Status Cross-Confirmed, Marv Greets Major McCarthy
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Less than ten seconds after landing the ENDER detail’s commander per above mentioned Pentagon orders issued to Army Captain Roland Mattock at Camp Grafton though secured communications link signaled Mountain Home AFB Site 29-B;


Listening five seconds for the confirmation code words from Site 29-B he’d repeated the signal, waiting ten seconds more still no reply, split second before repeating it again Site 29-B finally replied;


acknowledging ENDER detail’s arrival. Monitoring code transmissions also though secured communications link the HARVEY C-130J Formation Commander Major Hartley seconds later received Site 29-B’s confirmation of it;


all confirmations made the ENDER detail could now commence military operations on Meeson farmland, HARVEY's "Super Hercs" continue flying to there & landing at 2:00 p.m. Central Time provided weather conditions held & ENDER detail personnel had farm areas prepared for them to do so.

Briskly walking over to & positioned between the CH-47F’s aft Cargo Ramps Marv, Ev & wives wearing cold weather winter clothing stood in line to receive the ENDER detail’s commander in the lead helicopter. Rotors still turning blowing air from them was freezing cold, not good considering the detail well as the much larger contingent of HARVEY C-130J personnel would be working rest of the day and very likely into the night in it well as high probability of a major snow blizzard rolling in by 8:00 p.m. Central over the Meeson farms. Not wasting a second the ENDER detail’s commander donning a hooded disposable hazmat jumpsuit over winter uniform clothing & gloves rushed out of his Command Helicopter, clipping straight to Marv he’d stood at attention before him & saluted;

“Major Meeson, I’m Major Kevin McCarthy, glad seeing you again!”

Forthwith saluting back Marv, a retired Army National Guard Reserve officer, appreciated Major McCarthy’s acknowledgement of his former rank;

“Thank you Major, glad as well! I knew you in Iraq as a lieutenant Army engineer fresh out of West Point, small world it seems that ‘thing’ in the tent over there bringing together several of my old comrades today!”

Getting straight to the point Major McCarthy requested & expected full cooperation of the entire Meeson clan on farm property since midnight February 8th whilst military operations were being conducted on it, turning left hand signaling four Army MP sergeants donning hooded disposable hazmat jumpsuits armed with shouldered M4 carbines to come over McCarthy explained their duty assignment to Marv;

“Their presence here is specific to Pentagon orders received by Captain Mattock this morning to arm-guard whatever’s in that tent, nothing more, nothing less. You’re still on the “Officer Reserve Emergency Roster” holding Top Secret security clearances so I can tell you they (i.e. the orders) came direct from JCS General Loughlin and my presence here instead of an (Army) engineer of equal rank to Kid (Mattock) is because he’d personally ordered me to lead this detail knowing I’d worked for you before and could gain your family’s complete cooperation; I just so happened to ‘be in the vicinity’ of (Camp) Grafton when he did so this morning by the way!”

Smiling with "laughing eyes" Marv replied with certitude;

“You’ve got it Major! Only requests I have is when the ‘main body’ (i.e. HARVEY personnel) arrives please ask the commander if he/she could expedite medical examinations & intelligence debriefings of our family members so they can go home soon as possible for tending to their farms other is for a medic to checkout Mom & Dad, they’re both 91 and very stressed over what’s been going on here today!”

Replying with equal certitude they’d be granted by “her” Major McCarthy added this;

“Major June Harriet Morant is the best damn Air Force “dirty hands” field engineer I’d ever work with, can’t count how many ‘miracles’ she’d performed in Iraq & Afghanistan. I’ll guarantee my “oak leaves” (Major rank insignia) she’ll do whatever’s necessary accommodating your requests!”

Bowled over what he’d just said Marv glared at him;

“You mean ‘June Gloom Of Kandahar‘ (Afghanistan) who’d pulled of the ‘Panjab Extraction’ (i.e. her single-handedly setting up helicopter landing zones whilst under fire from Taliban insurgents) back in 2006?! If she’d not done that to fly in ‘Jolly Green J’s’ (Sikorski MH-53J Pave Low III Special Operations helicopters) I’d lost all my ‘special ops’ folks that night! What a thrill to see her today! For years I’d wanted to thank her for saving my buddies – wow!”

Appreciative of Marv’s exuberant praise of Major Morant McCarthy said her orders also included that all Meeson family members received "polite though thorough" medical examinations for radiological & biological contamination and they’d be conducted in their homes, not in cold, drafty field tents, very happy hearing that Marv thanked McCarthy then asked what he & family members should do now;

“Stay in your folk’s house, my medics will follow up momentarily, meantime I need you Marv to help out my engineers surveying farmland for a landing field, can you do that?”

Nodding head yes Marv then asked Ev, his wife Julie Deanne & oldest son Dale to help out they knowing Jay & Millie’s farmland terrain better than them, glad hearing that Major McCarthy then asked Mark whether the Meesons had “cats” (caterpillar-tracked general-purpose vehicles) for towing equipment over snow-covered farm fields;

“Camp Grafton’s (vehicular motor) pool didn’t have any for my engineers, was ordered to commandeer yours not knowing at all if you'd had any but didn't want to be brash about that, anything you’ve got that’ll “troll” (i.e. tow equipment) over your farmland is welcome!"

Forthwith replying Marv said they had number of “big wheeled” John Deere farm tractors well as trailers suitable for over-snow towing stored next to the grain silos up road of the “China Tent”, happy to hear that McCarthy then asked if his engineers could drive the Meeson’s Ford F-250s to them;

“No problem, need to get the (vehicle) keys if you’d ‘dismiss me!”

saluting with a smile McCarthy then ‘dismissed’ Marv;

“Let's get to work, time’s short, ‘June Gloom’s’ gonna kick my ass with her ‘fat heels’ if I don’t get the landing field ready in time for her ‘Super Hercs’ (C-130J transports)!”

…To Be Continued…
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Meeson Family Radiation & Biohazard Medical Examinations Commence
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Obsolete US Military HDER-G01 Dual-Probe Geiger Counter Radiation Detection Kit Concept Similar To State-Of-Art Technology Ones Used By Air Force Radtechs

Whilst Marvin Meeson & Major Kevin McCarthy were conversing two MPs hoofed it to the “China Tent”, assuming post positions 5 feet in front of its north & south fabric doors nobody other than McCarthy & their reliefs were allowed anywhere near them - for now. Exiting in two columns from Major McCarthy’s Command Helicopter piloted by Captain Kenneth Carpenter on Landing Zone 1 twenty-two Army engineers donning hooded disposable hazmat jumpsuits as were all others in the ENDER detail lined up in two rows to receive commands from him.

Waiting on Marv & wife Kay Louise to retrieve Dale Meeson & key sets for the family’s six Ford F-250s several engineers glanced right watching the MPs take up stations next to the “China Tent”, told by McCarthy not to ask what was in the tent they’d nevertheless speculated amongst themselves what it could be. Before departing Camp Grafton a couple had heard rumors it was an “extraterrestrial artifact” another, a corporal fresh from the Sacramento District who’d heard rumors about The Mefford Anachronisms, rightly guessed it had something to do with them, until HARVEY personnel arrived only the Meesons knew and they weren’t talking – for now!

Signaling Major McCarthy from where the F-250s were parked next to Jay & Millie’s house Marv again signaled for the engineers to come over, get the keys, drive them to the helicopters & Major McCarthy he forthwith ordering them to hustle over & drive them to the helicopters, load in materials, equipment & tools for setting up the C-130J landing field, drive off, get on with work at hand but pronto! At exactly the same time ten Army Medical Corpsmen lead by 26-year old First Lieutenant Doctor Marjorie (“Mae”) Louise Whitman out on her very first "active situation" field assignment only having arrived at Camp Grafton nine hours earlier hustled out of Lieutenant Guy Brook’s chopper on Landing Zone 2 with their materials, equipment & tools he then signaling her & team to head direct to Jay & Millie’s house,  meet up with Marv for medically inspecting the Meesons.

The ENDER detail was ordered to remain on the Meeson farms till relieved by HARVEY Commander Major June Morant. Employing his CH-47F Command Helicopter as the detail’s Command Center Major McCarthy retreated onboard & pulled up the Cargo Ramp to warm up the fuselage with him two MPs relieving those guarding the “China Tent”, pilot Captain Carpenter acting as McCarthy’s Assistant Commander of the Command Center his co-pilot & loadmaster “chefs” of the Meals Ready To Eat (MRE) station well as portable latrine janitors. Similar to McCarthy’s Command Center Chinook Lieutenant Guy Brooks pulled up his chopper’s Cargo Ramp to warm up his co-pilot & loadmaster likewise “chefs” of the Meals Ready To Eat (MRE) station well as portable latrine janitors. A Medical Corps Orderly on board in radio contact with Doctor Whitman was instructed to bring her whatever on-board medical equipment, supplies & tools needed for examining and/or tending to the Meesons; personnel entry into both helicopters was via starboard & port front doors aft of the cockpits.

Scions of an illustrious South Dakota farming family dynasty Jay & Millie Meeson were much respected for their business acumen & generosity. A wounded in action Korean War veteran Jay even in his 90s was an intimidating figure, so was his matriarchal wife Millie who most unusually held Master’s degrees in Farm Medicine & Business Administration from the University Of South Dakota.  Much loved by their children & grandchildren they like the Acheampongs whom they’ve known since the late 1960s though the Daniels family were God-fearing Christians well as remarkably good judges of people’s character. Marvin Meeson, presumed heir patriarch of the Meeson family, had all his parents attributes, including well-placed friendships through his US Army service amongst them Army JCS General Benjamin Loughlin whom he’d served as one of his Adjutants for then “Brigadier Duke” in 1999 partially explaining why he’d taken personal interest in ensuring the Meesons received prompt medical examinations by Army & Air Force personnel for ASAP release even if meant overruling Major June Morant’s orders quarantine & confining them to their homes.

Jay & Millie Meeson’s 6,325 square foot house on their 1-1/2 square mile homestead was the largest farmhouse in in Hand County, largest of three structures on two acres adjacent to the south rail spur where the 2-2-2T locomotive appeared main entry was through large west-facing double front doors into a palatial Reception Room dual employed as a family gathering & farm business center. Entering though it with Doctor Whitman Marv offered it well as an adjacent east-facing dormitory for seasonal farm labor for conducting medical examinations of Meeson family members, accommodated 25 seated & standing persons, roomy, warm & comfortable it was the perfect for conducting radiological & biological contamination triage screenings. Forthwith thanking him she’d signaled her medics waiting outside to enter & “set up shop”, marveling at the Reception Room’s plush accommodations they’d exercised considerable care spotting locations for & off-loading medical gear.

Entering it from a right side hallway Jay & Millie warmly greeted Doctor Whitman & her medics Jay spoke first;

“You’re all very welcome here, we’ll accommodate whatever needs you’ve got, feel free to ask any time!”

Smiling back Doctor Whitman thanked them asking if they could use the dormitory for conducing private in-person screenings;

“Yes, absolutely! It’s ready for use now, has ten rooms, two stalls for removing dirty clothes with floor drains, two showers, two toilets, laundry center & break room. We also have a large kitchen & dining Room for use by all ‘military people’ here at any time, coffee’s on now for anyone who wants it!”

exclaimed Millie, smiling back even brighter Doctor Whitman said she & Jay could call her "Mae" & she'd tell Captain McCarthy about the coffee following Marv's biohazard medical examination & return to her following it as McCarthy's liasion with the Meeson family regarding the examinations. Whilst they were speaking two medics has set up an inspection station to “wand” the Meesons for radiation exposure, having just one Geiger Counter to wand all 17 family members Doctor Whitman asked Marv who’d had longest close-in exposure to whatever’s in the “China Tent”;

“Me, Doctor; Mom & Dad were in their bedroom longer, can they be checked first?”

shaking head “no” she then hand signaled the medics to wand him first. Slowly & carefully wanding him all over head to toe no radiation whatsoever was detected, procedure complete Doctor Whitman then asked Marv to escort other medics to a dormitory room for him to be inspected for biohazards, shaking head yes she’d hand signaled them pick their materials, equipment & tools, follow him to it, before ‘dismissing’ him she’d asked were the other Meesons were;

“They’re in the kitchen & dining room warming up & having lunch, my brother Evans, his wife Julie & son Dale are helping out the (Army) engineers now…”

“Leave them to their work!” she’d interjected, …we’ll ‘inspect’ them & those (military personnel) in close proximity to them later, soon as you’re ‘cleared’ (i.e. pass biohazard exposure inspections) I need you to be my ‘traffic conductor’ directing them here and to the dormitory rooms…do you have another room here to ‘lounge’ after they’d been cleared?”

shaking head yes Marv said they could ‘lounge’ in the game room & den next to the kitchen;

“Great! You’re ‘dismissed’, thank you sir!”

…To Be Continued…
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Army Engineers Get On With Setting Up Landing Field For The HARVEY C-130s
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John Deere 7R 270 Row Crop Tractor Similar To Those Used By The Meeson Family

Coming up 12:50 p.m. Central Time February 8, 2022 a five Ford F-250 pickup convoy crammed with ENDER detail US Army Corps Of Engineers personnel commanded by Captain Roland McCarthy’s assistant Lieutenant Mark Bedell (“Beetle” after the famous WWII General Walter Bedell Smith) Grondin lead by Ev Meeson, his wife Julie & son Dale in a sixth also crammed with Army engineers arrived at middlemost of three prefabricated metal “crib sheds” on Jay & Millie Meeson’s “south farm” adjacent to grain silos. Rushing out of their F-250 into bitterly cold air Ev, Julie & Dale quickly unlocked the shed’s southmost of three doors revealing six all-weather enclosed cabin John Deere farm tractors of different models, middlemost door revealing several tow trailers of different sizes & kinds, northernmost revealing fuel, oil & water drums, wheeled portable pumps for them, standing some yards behind from them Lieutenant Grondin yelled at Ev;

"They’ll do just fine sir!” then asking whether any were fueled to run now Marv forthwith replied;

“Three of them are for ‘winter operations’ Lieutenant, take them now while Julie, Dale and I fuel the others, should take us 15 minutes.”

Forthwith signaling most of his engineering detail to off-load materials, equipment & tools from the F-150 flatbeds others hustled to the tractors & trailers, rig them for towing, Lieutenant Grondin meantime asking Ev whether two of his engineers could help with fueling freeing-up himself, Julie or Dale to assist other engineers surveying & mapping farmland for landing the C-130s;

“OK Lieutenant, Julie & Dale will help out, they know the terrain out there better than I.”

Signaling OK back to Ev Lieutenant Grondin, Julie & Dale in tow, moved inside Ev’ heated F-250 to review Global Positional Mapping (GPS) images of the Meeson farms he’d called up & studied before leaving Camp Grafton on a military laptop computer. Pointing out several GPS-indicated terrain zones spanning hundreds of yards east of the railroad spur harboring potential obstacles he’d asked which were most problematic for landing C-130s, forthwith replying Julie said there were undulating north-south lowlands 600 feet from the rail spur but none deep enough to prevent these aircraft from landing over them Dale adding all land 4,000 feet east of the spur south of the grain silos were fallowed till 2024, firm enough to accommodate them landing at their maximum weight;

“Snow’s rock hard mostly, not deep enough to prevent C-130s landing on. If anything I’d worry about ‘slip-sliding’ 2,000 feet out from here, ‘black ice’ sections towards the northeast. The C-130s may be restricted to a 700-foot wide x  4,000-foot long rectangular box south of the (crib) sheds, your engineers should check on whether it can be widened, that’s my recommendation!”

Nodding head agreeing Lieutenant Grondin asked if he & Julie would go with engineers marking them out whilst in transit on the tractors;

“Sure! Let us drive them!” Julie forthwith replied, “There’s walkie-talkie sets in each to keep in contact with engineers being towed (on the trailers).”

Stating everyone in the ENDER detail had secure closed-channel radio communication equipment Grondin asked Ev & Julie to “drive point” with an engineer on tractors 100 feet apart in parallel 500 feet north of “China Tent” sweeping (i.e. surveying) grounds up to 5,000 feet east checking local field conditions on way back halting 100 from the rail spur other three tractors currently being fueled sweeping & checking on grounds north of them soon as possible. Saving on precious time whilst wheeling east at predetermined locations engineers were to alight & remove materials, equipment & tools for setting up landing field markers & runway markings, pick them, unused materials, equipment & tools up whilst returning.

Commencing the “tractor runs” at 1:05 p.m. Central Time Dale Meeson’s at center led off closely followed by Julie’s left & north Army Corps Of Engineers Sergeant Josh Morgan right & south. Wheeling slowly snow ground conditions were OK, 1/4th way “downrange” an engineer, materials, equipment & tools setting up landing field markers & runway markings from each of the three tractor-trailer units were dropped offed. Proceeding onwards 2,500 feet downrange all the tractors hit soft, slushy ground several yards east where Julie said there was undulating lowlands, halting her tractor she’d walkie-talkied Sergeant Morris Wilson commanding his engineering section on the tow trailer to get off & check ground conditions, he & other engineers doing so forthwith. Slowly walking some yards around the tractor-trailer poking ground with mud depth measuring sticks they’d yelled out differing “mush” readings all coming in under 6-inches, walkie-talking to Julie Sergeant Wilson told her two engineers, materials, equipment & tools would be dropped off here;

“Ground conditions soggy here but sure the C-130s can handle them, hold till am back on the trailer!”

Climbing back onboard Wilson hand signaled Julie to proceed followed some minutes later by Dale’s & Sergeant Wilson’s tractor-trailer units. Stopping 3/4ths way downrange more engineers, materials, equipment & tools were dropped off, proceeding on to 4,350 feet downrange Dale & Sergeant Morgan hit “black ice”, Julie minutes later at 4,725 feet all gingerly traversing it for several yards till back on hard snow. At 5,000 feet half-hour downrange all tractor-trail units reached the eastern limit of the C-130 landing field, remaining engineers, materials, equipment & tools off-loaded from the trailers for setting up  landing field markers & runway markings, now realizing the 14:00 (2:00 p.m. Central Time) deadline getting the landing field operational was not going to be met Lieutenant Grondin signaled Major Kevin McCarthy stationed in the CH-47F Command Helicopter the bad and good news;

“Sir, several slushy mud spots & ‘black ice’ sheets out here, none deep or long enough to keep the C-130s from landing & taking off but its slow going. Three tractor-trailer units now are on the 5,000 foot (landing field) marker, other three the Meeson’s fueled up now 2/3rds downrange, should be at 5,000 feet in 15 minutes, slow going for them also. All the ‘up range’ (towards the railroad spur) engineers have installed & laid on (landing field) markers & ‘stripes’ (landing field markings), are checking local ground conditions as I speak, no adverse reports so far, keeping finger’s crossed! We’re not going to get all the work done till 14:30 sir, recommend relaying that to HARVEY.”

Pausing some seconds Major McCarthy replied;

“Beetle! That’s OK! Ten minutes ago HARVEY signaled they won’t arrive till 15:00, very bad weather over eastern Wyoming, press on!”

Grateful hearing this Lieutenant Grondin replied the entire line of six tractor-trailer units in 20 minutes were going to sweep the landing field simultaneously up range & be done by 14:40 at the west end of it 100 feet from the railroad spur then rig-up for ground signaling duty before the C-130s arrive, appreciative McCarthy replied back;

“The Meesons are bringing up hot coffee & snacks for everybody there in a few minutes, good work Beetle!”

…To Be Continued…
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Army Medics Commence Radiation & Biohazard Exams & Tests On Meesons
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As mentioned earlier, Mavin Meeson was Geiger counter “wanded” first for radiation contamination by Army Medical Corpsmen, uncovering none at 1:08 p.m. February 8, 2023 Army Medical Corps First Lieutenant Doctor Marjorie Whitman dismissed him and per her request escorted other medics carrying medical materials, equipment & tools to a dormitory for seasonal farm labor adjacent to Jay & Millie’s house for conducting medical examinations of Meeson family members for biohazards. Escorting two teams of three medics commanded by a Master Sergeant Marv entered the dormitory from the south into a spacious service area with showers, toilets & laundry center, adjoining it a break room then the dormitory proper: ten numbered two-bunk rooms lined in a north-pointing row. Pausing at Room 1 he’d told Master Sergeant Sean O’Malley Rooms 7 to 10 at the north end were available, Meeson family members would be entering & leaving them via the north dormitory door adjacent to Jay & Millie Meeson’s spacious house Dining Room it accommodating up to 30 people, pointing to Room 7 Sergeant O’Malley asked if he (Marv) could be examined inside it whilst his teammates “set up shop” in Rooms 8 to 10;

“The medical examinations for biohazards will take 15 minutes sir. Some tests won’t be comfortable, ‘good news’ is you & everybody else (in the Meeson family) won’t have to endure anymore, so was told by Doctor Whitman. Before we’d arrived (by helicopter) word came from Camp Grafton (i.e. from Captain Roland Mattock) Air Force (Medical Service) medics told him ‘our’ tests were good as theirs and they’re just going to test Air Force personnel here.”

Relieved at hearing this news Marv whilst walking with Sergeant O’Malley & his medics thanked him, entering Room 7 O’Malley said he’d wanted Marv to complete his tests first for establishing biohazard exposure baselines;

“Am told you’d had the longest & closest exposure to whatever’s in the tent, your baselines will be compared to those of your family members, theirs should be lower but could be higher for any number of reasons, what’s desired is nobody exposed to radiation & biohazards, keeping fingers crossed sir!”

Asked to strip off his clothes Marv braced himself for a series of unpleasant & potentially painful examinations & tests, methodically administered by two medics electronically recording their results on a military laptop computer Sergeant O’Malley assured Marv his discomfort was vitally important for “red flagging” chemical pathogens & molecular compounds found in biological weapons, all examinations & tests completed within 13 minutes O’Malley then asked Marv to dress-up whilst he was summarizing examination & test results for establishing the baselines;

“You’ve ‘passed’ them all Major, please return to your folk’s house & escort two family members at a time to the ‘radiation examination station’ in the Reception Room then afterwards to here & Room 8.”

Forthwith returning to Jay & Millie Meeson's house Dining Room where except for Ev, Julie & Dale all the clan, including those who’d bought coffee & snacks for Army personnel working outside in bitter cold, were having lunch, walking in at precisely 1:30 p.m. Marv walked in Jay & Millie finished eating theirs forthwith quizzing him how his “exams” went;

“Were they painful Marv? Doctor Whitman told us about them after you’d left the Reception Room.”

Tightening his mouth Marv replied some were but if everybody cooperated they’d go really fast;

“All mine were negative, pretty sure all of yours will be too. Did Doctor Whitman tell you all that we won’t be tested again by Air Force medics after they get here?”

All nodding heads yes Millie then said she’d left 15 minutes ago to retrieve more medical equipment from “her” helicopter, said you were our “traffic conductor”, start escorting two of us at a time to medics in the Reception Room for radiation “wanding” then to the dorms & game room afterwards where she’d instructed us to remain till the Air Force medics arrive;

“She was very nice about it but was firm that we remain there, soon as Ev, Julie & Dale come back they’ll be 'tested' also, seems 'the military' doesn’t want any of us back outside!”

Millie said sarcastically, replying with certainty Marv said “the military” is working quickly as possible to fly out the 2-2-2T locomotive with as little inconvenience to the us (Meesons) as possible;

“I’d cut them some slack Mom, they’re soon gonna manhandle dozen tons of locomotive not knowing whether it’ll blow up or disappear back into thin air, besides I can say this now to everybody here, Ev, Julie & Dale later, that Colonel Naomi Acheampong’s coming here and she’s got something to do with flying out the loco! Meantime, let's get on with the ‘testing’, Dad, Mom, follow me to the medics (in the Reception Room), you’re next!”

…To Be Continued…
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Meeson Farms Landing Zones Ready, HARVEY C-130J Command Ship Arrives OK
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Meantime hundreds yards north of Jay & Millie’s house ENDER detail Army Corps Of Engineers personnel assisted by Ev, Julie, Dale Meeson riding family-owned John Deere tractors-trailer units trekked on surveying & marking out four landing zones for the HARVEY C-130Js. Wheeling in a six tractor-trailer parallel line westwards up range towards the railroad spur everyone checked local grounds conditions 50 feet out either side looking for tell-tale signs of low ground underneath, again encountering mushy soil on undulating lowlands 3,500 feet up range the line slowed. Armed with mud depth measuring sticks majority of engineers on the trailers alighted forming a parallel line methodically marching westwards for several yards poking them through the snow into the ground yelling out “mush” readings meantime, all coming in under 6-inches none were deep enough to preclude them from landing or taxing over it, encountering no other ground anomalies at 2:32 p.m. Central Time the “sweep line” of tractor-trailer units arrived back at their starting points 100 feet east of the railroad spur.

Done with assisting the engineers Ev, Julie & Dale asked Lieutenant Mark Grondin whether they or the tractor-trailers were still needed;

““We need the ‘John Deers’ for collecting landing zone 'stuff' (markers & markings), plan is as each ‘bird’ (C-130J) flies out two tractor-trailers (with engineers) go out at a time retrieving them then straight to the (CH-47F) Chinooks (off-loading them) then back here. If you want we’ll clean & park them back in the sheds exactly as they came out, lock the doors & give you the keys if that’s alright.”

Smiling at the offer Ev said it was acceptable provided he, Julie & Dale could be released now, drive back to Jay & Millie’s house in their Ford F-250 pickup to have a late lunch;

“Yes, you’re dismissed! Don’t worry about ‘feeding’ us again sir, coffee & ‘munchies’ your family brought earlier was just fine! Glad you’d helped us, couldn’t have gotten the ‘airfield’ ready in time otherwise!”

Saying their goodbyes to Lieutenant Grondin & the engineers they’d assisted Ev, Julie & Dale piled into their F-250 forthwith driving south to Jay & Millie’s house to be ‘tested’ for radiological & biological contamination & have chow. Just as they were driving off far off in the cloudy western sky the distinctive rumble of C-130J engines could be heard by Grondin & the engineers, beep-paging his radio set he got on with ENDER detail Commander Major Kevin McCarthy;

“Beetle! HARVEY’s (C-130Js are) four minutes out west, get your men set up for (airfield) ground control duty! First in is the ‘lead ship’ (C-130J commanded by Major June Morant assigned to transporting the 2-2-2T locomotive) landing (airfield) ‘Strip One’ (of four, each aircraft assigned a specific one avoiding landing & take-off delays), be sure your ‘wavers’ (engineers with signaling batons) know where the ‘Super Hercs’ can ‘360’ (make 360 degree powered turns facing east for take offs) close possible to Meeson ‘asphalt’ (roadway parallel to the railroad spur between the grain silos and Jay & Millie Meeson’s house), final (landing) approach signals (from them) in 8 minutes!”

Forthwith acknowledging Major McCarthy’s orders Lieutenant Grondin forthwith barked out his own orders for his engineers to grab batons aircraft ground management equipment, hustle south on foot over the slushy snow covered asphalt to their assigned airfield control stations. Now coming up on 2:37 p.m. HARVEY’s lead C-130J carrying Major Morant suddenly & dramatically popped out of late afternoon cloud rumbling 500 feet directly over its assigned landing zone 400 feet north of Jay & Millie’s home startling its residents, outside the adjacent dormitory for seasonal farm labor with two Meeson family members who’d just finished their biological contamination “tests” Marv reflexively looked up at it whilst screaming by;

“Damn woman (Major Morant) just can’t resist making a ‘grand appearance’ just like she’d done at Panjab (Afghanistan)!”

Looking strangely at him his daughters Edith & Kelly asked what that meant;

“Something to do with the Afghan war ladies, tell you about that later!”

he'd sarcastically replied. Looping 360 degrees near mile distant east the C-130 then descended to 350 feet for final approach radio signaling the three-man Army engineer team assigned to “manage” her after landing she was coming in, standing far west end of the assigned landing zone at its center a Chief Airfield Signalman engineer visually checked her wing attitude & altitude alignments whilst descending with landing lights on, satisfied they were good at 100 foot altitude with a battery-operated green lensed signaling light he’d flashed a steady “A-OK” signal for her to land. Powering in at 120 knots over the 5,000-foot downrange eastern landing zone markers she’d quickly lost speed & altitude, touching down hard at 3,750 feet the pilot reversed-pitched propellers quickly lowering her speed to 40 knots for taxing up to the 200-foot downrange landing zone markers.

Arriving & halting at the markers several seconds later two Airfield Signalman engineer “wavers” standing 50 feet either side of the Chief Airfield Signalman each holding bright LED-orange light airfield signaling batons forthwith guided her into a 200 x 200 foot marked-off box where inside she could rotate 360 degrees in place without having to reverse-thrust back-up to the snow covered Meeson asphalt road parallel to the railroad spur leading to the 2-2-2T locomotive. Slowly proceeding into the box & centering within it the C-130 the Co-Pilot white-lamp signaled the wavers for confirmation they were, simultaneously walking to far ends of the landing zone whilst checking clearances they'd batoned back “OK” back at which point the Pilot executed a 360-degree clockwise nose wheel & engine turn over mushy snow, propellers blowing it towards the signalmen whilst turning. Halting at precisely 2:43 p.m. after the turn all the signalmen rushed up to airplane checking aft ground condition as they went, satisfied it was OK the wavers then signaled the Pilot & Co-Pilot to power down, promptly doing so they’d cleared the Cargo Ramp Door waiting for it to come down three other "Super Hercs" meantime thundering over their respective landing zones taking up landing approach positions for other engineers to guide them in as well.

…To Be Continued…
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Colonel Acheampong Arrives At Ellsworth AFB, Now In Transit To The Meeson Farms
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Cruising 500 knots high above cloudy northwestern Iowa the T-38C Talon piloted by Air Force Captain Marie Alvarez-Masto enroute to Ellsworth AFB South Dakota was running late due to strong turbulence forcing her to drop out of supersonic flight her VIP passenger OPOM Commander Colonel Acheampong meantime reading signals between Camp Grafton & the ENDER detail, Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A & HARVEY C-130s over secured channel communications links. Rereading an hours-old three-way conversation between Camp Grafton Commander Colonel Wesley Nathan, Army Corps Of Engineers Captain Roland Mattock, Site 29-A Assistant Commander Major June Morant debating the merits of Air Force Medical Service biological warfare & medical specialists re-examining & testing the Meesons after Army Medical Corps personnel had done so she’d logged mental notes of the exchanges for “consultive discussions” with Morant at the Meeson farms later in the day.

Stating that several Army’s Medical Corps personnel, including First Lieutenant Doctor Marjorie Whitman, were now at Camp Grafton teaching refresher courses to their National Guard counterparts Nathan persuasively argued she was the best Army radiological & biological warfare specialist on par with the best Air Force Medical Service personnel anywhere close to the Meesons he entreating Morant to allow her to examine & test them rather than Air Force personnel despite not having field experience. Reluctantly acknowledging Nathan’s arguments Morant signaled the conversations to Colonel Acheampong for her “blessing” she readily doing so on condition Morant release the Meesons soon as possible following their intelligence debriefings so they can get on with overnight & morning farm chores. Replying forthwith Morant said  she’d ask the Site 29-A Intelligence Officers to expedite debriefings of the Meeson family members but was up to them on how long they’d needed to detain them.

Passing back into stable air over Parkston, South Dakota at 12:53 p.m. Central Time Captain Alvarez-Masto gunned the T-38C supersonic again, on course though running 15 minutes late for landing at Ellsworth Colonel Acheampong signaled via secured channel communications an awaiting Air Force Sikorski MH-60G Pave Hawk Special Operations Helicopter equipped with long-range fuel tanks & air-to-air refueling capability awaiting her arrival on the former SAC (Strategic Air Command) Alert Area concrete tarmac “pump handle” for transport to the Meeson farms to “stand ready” for her arrival at 13:15 (1:15 p.m.). Dropping back subsonic over Badlands National Park approaching Ellsworth from the southeast at 300 knots Captain Alvarez-Masto 15 miles out from the airbase signaled the Air Controllers requesting immediate clearance to land on Runway 13 Northwest, forthwith granting it Alvarez-Masto then swung the T-38C wide northeast of the airbase lining up three miles out for a “chute” (landing parachute deployment) landing.

Screaming past the Runway 13 Marker at 160 knots 120 feet up Alvarez-Masto “touched down smooth” 1,500-feet downfield, deploying the parachute second later the airplane quickly lost speed, engine power-rolling on at 60 knots 1,000-feet out from the “handle” she’d dropped the parachute adjacent to an airfield service vehicle dispatched to retrieve it. Rolling on several hundred feet more at reduced speed Alvarez-Masto turned right into the former SAC Alert Area towards the MH-60G Pave Hawk next to it three airfield crewmen one carrying Air Force-issue cold weather jacket & slip-on pants for US Space Force Colonel Acheampong, baton-waved in by another Alvarez-Masto was signaled halt 200 feet from the helicopter Acheampong forthwith popping her aircraft canopy open the third crewman hustling over & hooking on a hanging ladder over the fuselage for her to climb out on. Briskly climbing out on the tarmac she’s hurried to the crewman holding cold weather clothing & hooded disposable hazmat jumpsuit, slipping on the pants she groaned about the cold air;

““Damn! I’d forgotten how cold it gets here (this time of year); thanks for helping Airman!”

Donning the jacket & jumpsuit she’d thanked the Airman again for helping. Walking briskly to the helicopter still donning her flight helmet she’d climbed in, sat down, strapped in the helicopter’s “VIP seat” set up for simultaneous secure channel communications with Site 29-A, ENDOR detail, HARVEY, OPOM Pentagon, latter exclusively between her & OPOM Night Watch Staff for Joint Chiefs Of Staff & Whitehouse communications purposes, doors closed the chopper’s commander Captain Whittaker Lorins forthwith lifting off at 1:19 p.m. Central Time turning east-north-east commencing the 207 mile, hour twenty-minute transit through dense clouds & bone-chilling cold air to the Meeson farms.

…To Be Continued…
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HARVEY At Meesons, APs To Jay & Millie's House, Col. Acheampong's On The Way!
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Standing yards south in line with three Army Corps Of Engineers Airfield Signalmen, two baton waving in the HARVEY C-130J Command Ship, ENDER detail Commander Major Kevin McCarthy Jr slowly walked towards its portside. Turning around 360 degrees clockwise within a 200 x 200 foot marked-off box with both arms & hands he’d covered his face from blowing snow thrown up by the aircraft’s four 4-blade Allison T56 turboprop propellers, quickening the walking pace he’d dropped them to see where the Cargo Ramp Door was going to drop. Hustling up to the door with Signalmen in tow just it as was dropping they then stood at attention to greet the HARVEY Commander & staff onboard.

Standing in line at the edge of the aircraft’s Cargo Floor next to the door hinge Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A Assistant Commander Major June Harriet Morant wearing hooded disposable hazmat jumpsuit over winter uniform clothing & gloves as were all HARVEY personnel was flanked by four Pentagon Intelligence Officers & their equipment in briefcases, bags & hard plastic containers of various shapes & sizes from Lemoore NAS Site 29-B recently assigned to 29-A in advance of relocating The Mefford Anachronisms there later that year. All Captains, two each Air & Space Force, they like Major Morant since November 14, 2021 were deeply involved “managing” whatever secrets they’d held till could be revealed - if ever - not wasting time Morant saluted McCarthy forthwith asking him to transport the Air Policemen (APs) to the “China Tent”;

“I understand the Meesons have allowed us (military personnel) to use their (Ford) F-250s & tractors & trailers, my APs have orders to relieve your MPs so if you could drive them to ‘the tent’ & relieve your MPs.”

Saluting back Major McCarthy asked her which C-130J had the APs, forthwith replying she’d said it was now landing on ‘Strip 3’ two up from ‘her’ airplane;

“The (four man AP) detail is commanded by Master Sergeant Doris LaMonica, she knows you’re coming. After you’d relieved your MPs I want to meet with you & all your non-medical personnel here inside ‘my ‘Super Herc’ regarding whatever support you can lend us getting ‘that thing in the tent’ in here for takeoff by sundown.”

Reminding Major Morant he’d ‘sat in’ on by order of Camp Grafton Commander Colonel Wesley Nathan of the morning’s discussion between him, her & Army Corps Of Engineers Captain Roland Mattock before the ENDER detail departed that her medical personnel weren’t going to subject the Meesons to additional radiological & biological contamination examinations & testing Major McCarthy asked her when they’d be allowed to return home as they’d needed to tend livestock as another blizzard was coming in that night;

“There’s 14 ‘radtechs & biotechs’ (radiological & biological warfare medical specialists) 'shrink' & 'psycho' (Air Force Psychiatrist & Clinical Psychologist) & assistants in the fourth ‘Super Herc’, no suitable over-snow personnel transport vehicles & tow trailers were at Mountain Home (AFB), really need transportation for them & their equipment to the Meeson’s (i.e. Jay & Millie’s house); they can ride on the (Meesons) ‘John Deers’ (tractors & trailers) you’d used setting up the landing zones (for the C-130Js). Your medical personnel need to brief mine first on whatever they’d uncovered examining & testing the Meesons, if none of them were contaminated you may relieve your medical personnel and I’ll allow the Meesons to return home following their intelligence debriefings.”

Saluting back Major McCarthy said all his non-medical personnel would be signaled to assemble in “her Super Herc” soon as all the C-130Js had landed & positioned to off-load personal, vehicles, materials, equipment & tools in them;

“There six (Meeson) F-250s here, I’ll take one to pick up the APs rest ‘your people’ can use as transports to ‘the tent’, try not to ‘bang them up’ they’re not ours you know!”

he’d said to her with a wink, half-cracking a smile whist winking back to him Major Morant said she’d make absolute sure “her people” gave them “TLC” (Tender Loving Care);

“I know ‘Major’ Marvin Meeson’s here, years ‘senior’ to me he’d not be happy if I’d didn’t do otherwise!”

Getting on with their respective mission command tasks Major McCarthy hustled over the slushy snow covered asphalt parallel to the railroad spur southbound to his CH-47F Command Helicopter south of Major Morant’s C-130J to drive up an F-250 for fetching the APs, all armed with M4 carbines, she with the Pentagon intelligence officers meantime hustling northbound over it towards “Landing Zone 3”. Passing the “Super Herc” next to hers in “Landing Zone 2” carrying the 20-ton RTCC then rotating in position within a 200 x 200 foot marked-off box to off-load it on the road they’d hustled on. Halting at Zone 3 Major McCarthy’s Airfield Signalmen were batoning in the C-130J carrying HARVEY Paranormal Object site operations personnel including communications & APs, support materials & equipment, all glancing north to “Landing Zone 4” closest to grain silos up road of the “China Tent” the C-130J carrying Biological warfare & medical specialists materials, equipment & tools, including an Air Force Psychiatrist & Clinical Psychologist for assessing the Meeson's reactions to the paranormal appearance of the 2-2-2T locomotive they saw, it was still on landing approach. Backtracking & halting again at Zone 3 Morant & the Intelligence Officers looked on as McCarthy & two other F-250s driven by engineer signalmen cautiously headed towards them over the slushy asphalt, halting yards south of them just as the “Super Herc” completed its 360 degree turn McCarthy got out & stood next to Morant yards forward from where the Cargo Ramp Door was going to drop. After what seemed to be an interminably long time waiting the door finally dropped, standing behind Paranormal Object Site Operations Commander (POSOC) Air Force Captain Rodney Maxwell right of him AP Master Sergeant Doris LaMonica & four APs, hand signaling to LaMonica & AP detail to get in Major McCarthy’s F-250 Major Morant reminded her & AP shift reliefs were to “take station” in Jay & Millie’s house Reception Room;

“Your orders ‘taking station’ there include not in any way interfering with Meeson family members other than not allowing them to be near the 'Object' (2-2-2T locomotive), they’re OUR guests, treat them with upmost respect. Remember as well, retired Army Major Marvin Meeson is on the Officer Reserve Emergency Roster, show him military courtesy at all times. I don’t expect him to ‘make a fuss’ over your detail taking up station in the Reception Room but if he does contact me immediately and I’ll decide where else you can be stationed!”

Whilst Major Morant was speaking out in the distant east Colonel Naomi Acheampong’s MH-60G Pave Hawk outbound from Ellsworth AFB Western North Dakota was heloing fast towards Jay & Millie’s house, signaling Morant over secured channel communications link via her Command Ship “HARVEY 1” (first C-130J it assigned to airlift the 2-2-2T) forthwith she’d switched on her secure closed-channel radio set;

“Marvel 1 (Acheampong’s code name for the 2-2-2T locomotive ‘recovery’ mission) HARVEY, ETA (Estimated Time Of Arrival) 3 minutes ‘Helo Landing Zone 3’ (set up by the Meesons hours earlier), are ‘batoners’ in place?”

Glancing at Major McCarthy he wondering who “Marvel 1” was nevertheless got on his secured channel communications radio set, signaled Captain Carpenter in the CH-47F Command Helicopter asking if he’d overheard Marvel 1’s message, forthwith confirming he had and two Signalmen on way there now McCarthy then passing on the news to Morant;

“Marvel 1 HARVEY (Morant’s code name), two on way now, OK to land when they’re in sight. Still waiting HARVEY C4 (fourth C-130J it carrying Biological warfare & medical specialists etc.), will meet you ASAP. Out!”

…To Be Continued…
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Naomi Arrives, "China Tent" MPs Relieved, HARVEY Medicals To Meeson's House
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Immediately following Colonel Acheampong’s radio communication with HARVEY Commander Major Morant Major McCarthy’s Ford F-250, lent by the Meesons for use by his ENDER detail now with 5 others sub-lent to Morant’s HARVEY operation, loaded with APs commanded by Master Sergeant Doris LaMonica “sped off’ over the slushy snow covered asphalt parallel to the railroad spur to the “China Tent” around the 2-2-2T locomotive southbound of C-130J Landing Zone 4. Approaching helicopter “Landing Zone 3” set up hours earlier by Marvin & Evans Meeson, wives Kay Louise & Julie Deanne many yards north of Jay & Millie Meeson’s housed Acheampong’s MH-60G Pave Hawk continuously forced to helicopter around heavy clouds & snow blizzard cells enroute was spotted it landing precisely at 3:00 p.m. Central Time 21 minutes late she forthwith bolting out portside still wearing a flight helmet straight for the Meeson’s house front door & Reception Room out of McCarthy’s sight. Driving onwards to the “China Tent” McCarthy forthwith signaled his MPs to “stand down”, pulling up to it Master Sergeant LaMonica & her APs piled out. All lining up in front of the F-250 McCarthy’s two MP now standing in front of the tent stood at attention;

“You both are dismissed, Master Sergeant LaMonica’s now in security command here. I’ll drive you both to the command chopper (i.e. McCarthy’s CH-47F Command Helicopter)”

Saluting McCarthy the MPs silently piled into the F-250 he then driving them several yards north to the Command Helicopter occupying Landing Zone 1, ordering the MPs to stay inside he then radio signaled his assistant Lieutenant Mark Grondin then inside monitoring C-130J Army engineers’ signaling operations for all non-medical personnel inside it to: “…secure & vacate it, get inside the F-250, sit on its flatbed (for transport) or hustle (by foot) to Major Morant’s Command Ship (adjacent to helicopter Landing Zone 3) on the double…” immediately afterwards signaling Lieutenant Guy Brooks pilot of the Chinook transporting Army medical personnel to remain on station until further notice.

Meantime up north at C-130J Landing Zone 4, the HARVEY 4 “Super Herc” had landed, rotating 360 degrees within a 200 x 200 foot marked-off box in position to off-load Biological warfare & medical specialists materials, equipment & tools, including an Air Force Psychiatrist & Clinical Psychologist for assessing the Meeson's reactions to the paranormal appearance of the 2-2-2T locomotive, HARVEY Commander Major June Morant, POSOC Air Force Captain Rodney Maxwell, four Pentagon Intelligence Officers, McCarthy’s three Airfield Signalmen assigned to Landing Zone 4, standing in line on the slushy snow covered asphalt roadway to the “China Tent” looked on as McCarthy’s Airfield Signalmen batoned it in, signaling halt Morant & company briskly walked up to where the Cargo Ramp Door was supposed to drop just as the Signalmen batoned the aircraft pilot to halt. Emitting a whiny sound whilst lowering the door end landed bare three inches from Morant’s boots, so fixated she was wanting to “talk at” the medical personnel on board she’d not noticed how dangerously close it was, standing in line at the edge of the aircraft’s Cargo Floor next to the door hinge Air Force Medical Service Major Doctor Edward Sung Kim commanding the 13 radtechs & biotechs, Psychiatrist Major Doctor Tanvir Ranganathan, Psychologist Captain Norma Bullard & their non-commissioned officer (i.e. Sergeant Medical Specialist) assistants  stood at attention whilst Morant saluted them, not wasting time she’d spoke;

“All you were briefed at (Mountain Home AFB) Site 29-A about the ‘Object’ (2-2-2T locomotive) well as the need to airlift it out before sundown if all possible. Those here assigned to ‘inspect the Object’ now should load their gear (materials, equipment, tools etc.) on the (three Meeson’s John Deere farm) tractors-trailers lined up to the right (on the slushy snow covered asphalt roadway) & head off, Major Ranganathan & Captain Bullard bring your assistants & gear with us to the (two) F-250s behind us for the Meeson’s (i.e. Jay & Millie’s) house, (OPOM Commander) Colonel Acheampong’s there now with them (i.e. the Meeson family).”

Moving quickly Doctor Kim, his 13 radtechs & biotechs, C-13OJ loadmaster & cockpit crews well as the Army Airfield Signalmen helping them fetched their gear stacked high on the “Super Herc’s” crowded cargo floor, carting & hand carrying it to the tractor-trailers with alacritous speed, the first train of gear-toting biotecs stepping off the Cargo Ramp Door as Major Morant & Pentagon Intelligence Officers, Doctor Ranganathan & Captain Bullard with one assistant each closely followed by POSOC Captain Maxwell were driving off, Morant back to her C-130J Command Ship parked on Landing Zone 1, Maxwell to POSOC’s Operations Center inside the C-130J parked on Landing Zone 3, loaded in less than three minutes the three tractor-trailers packed high with biotecs & their gear trained south towards the “China Tent” in freezing cold air, snowflakes now billowing from cloudy & increasingly darkening skies.

…To Be Continued…
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Naomi & Marvin Meet, Evans Transports Her To Morant's C-130J As Her APs Arrive
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Since before 1:00 p.m. Central Time February 8, 2023 most of the Meeson 17 member clan later joined by Ev, wife Julie & oldest sone Dale had been ensconced within Jay & Millie Meeson’s palatial house for radiological & biological contamination examinations & tests by Army Medical Corpsmen Lieutenant Doctor Marjorie Whitman, they going much slower than anticipated because of numerous false positive biological test readings, very aware of the flurry of “military activity” occurring north of the house meantime much of it could be seen through kitchen, dining room, game room & den well as from Jay & Millie’s bedroom, bathroom. Seconds before the last two clam members Jonathan & Mildred Meeson, Ev’s youngest son & daughter, were to commence being Geiger counter “wanded” first for radiation contamination by Doctor Whitman’s “radspecs” (radiation specialists) Sergeants Lothar Mandel & Loraine Ziegler, Ev’ oldest daughter Margaret (“Maggie” at all times except formally) Calhoun with her son Roy wintering with him & Julie whilst husband Richard was elsewhere on commercial business standing next to the open south game room & den door into the west facing house hallway saw though a line of windows Colonel Acheampong. Wearing a hazmat jumpsuit & aircraft flight helmet hustling towards the Reception Room front door, startled she’d not seen her since before graduating from the US Air Force Academy decades ago, hurrying to the right side Reception Room double door she’d opened just as Acheampong landed on the top door step;

“Naomi! uh, I mean COLONEL Acheampong! Do you remember me?!”

Smiling at her she’d replied with a purposeful combination of delight & seriousness in her voice;

“Of course I do Maggie! I haven’t much time, can you fetch Marv please, I must see him - now!”

Forthwith saying she would Margaret quickly stepped to the right & push-button activated the house & Dormitory intercom system on the wall next to the door;

“Marv! Colonel Acheampong’s at the ‘front door’ (of the Reception Room), she wants to see you now!”

Hearing the message outside of Dormitory Room 8 where a Meeson family member was undergoing biological contamination examinations & tests Marv hustled to the Reception Room via the kitchen, whizzing past from the left Johnathan, Mildred, radspecs Sergeants Lothar Mandel & Loraine Ziegler they still unaware of Acheampong’s presence half out of breath halting at the quarter-opened door next to Margaret Colonel Acheampong spoke first;

“Major Meeson - Marv! Am pleased seeing you again, way too long it’s been!”

Thrilled to see her but remembering Senator Stan Daniel’s admonishment not to let on that he knew she was coming Marv had sadness in his eyes Acheampong forthwith sparing him the greater shame of deceiving her outright;

“Marv, please, don’t pretend you didn’t know I was coming. Stan knew that I was coming here but what he doesn’t know is that you still have ‘Pentagon contacts’ so best we set aside outing who’d leaked about my being here & get on with ‘the mission at hand’ before tonight’s blizzard arrives if you follow me!"

Smiling broadly Marv quietly said “thank you” back forthwith asking if she’d wanted to come in & stay;

“No, I need to meet with Major Morant first. Major Morant has four Pentagon Intelligence Officers with her to ‘examine’ Jay & Millie’s smartphone video recordings of the (2-2-2T) locomotive. I must assume despite Stan’s admonishments not to take anymore of it you or other members of your families did so, these must ‘examined’ also. I’m ‘asking’ that the (Meeson) family remain here (in this house) and that all their smartphones or other video recording equipment & media ‘be at the ready’ for them to ‘examine’ but meantime can you drive me to her ‘Super Herc’ - now?”

Replying that he needed to stay with the family till all had been examined & tested for radiological & biological contamination Marv said Ev would drive her to Morant’s C-130J;

“There’s a two-seat ‘hooded-up’ (for winter operations American SportsWorks) Landmaster (LM500) out back next to the Dormitory ready to go, if that’s OK.”

Replying affirmatively she’s asked him to fetch Ev & meet him at the Landmaster;

“I still remember how to get there (next to the Dormitory), thanks for helping out Marv!”

Maggie stepping aside whilst Marv open the door he forthwith escorting Colonel Acheampong inside the Reception Room Army radspecs Sergeants Mandel & Ziegler startled at seeing a Space Force Colonel showing up unannounced abruptly stopped wanding Johnathan & Mildred Meeson she forthwith telling them to “carry on” & proceeding to the kitchen for exiting the house to the Dormitory Marv meantime fetching Ev. Quickly donning his winter clothing Ev sped from the game room & den though the kitchen outside to the Landmaster, Acheampong already seated & strapped in Ev speechless not having seen her in decades got in, sat down, strapped in, fired up the Landmaster, sped off north to Major Morant’s C-130J parked on Landing Zone 1.

Meantime to Colonel Acheampong’s dramatic appearance at Jay & Millie’s house, Major McCarthy driving the Meeson F-250 had pulled up next to the “China Tent” he & five APs forthwith bailing out. Witnessing McCarthy relieving his MPs, Master Sergeant Doris LaMonica directing two of her APs take station her & other two walk towards the Reception Room front door, McCarthy driving off with his MP, Maggie Calhoun still in the Reception Room again signaled Marv who’d returned to Dormitory Room 8 intercom for him to hurry back to the Reception Room;

“We’ve got more company Marv, three Air Police are walking to the Reception Room front door, think it best you’d ‘greet’ them!”

Yet again hustling out of Dormitory Room 8 where another Meeson family member was undergoing biological contamination examinations & tests by Lieutenant Whitman’s “biospecs” (biological contamination specialists) to the Reception Room he’d arrived just as Master Sergeant LaMonica was ringing the doorbell. Opening the right double door with Army courtesy for benefit of Sergeants Mandel & Ziegler Marv stood at attention in front of LaMonica standing on the door step behind her either side on the ground level walkway Sergeants Jackson Palmer & LaToya Taylor armed with M4 carbines, Palmer taking & right-side ground stationing LaMonica’s before she’d pushed the doorbell, they also standing at attention. Forthwith saluting Marv in Air Force courtesy out of respect for his senior rank LaMonica spoke first;

“Major Marvin Meeson, I’m Master Sergeant Doris LaMonica of the HARVEY security detail. My orders from HARVEY Commander Major Morant is for us and two APs now guarding ‘the tent’ to ‘take station’ in your Reception Room until further notice. We are instructed by Major Morant to extend every courtesy to you and others in this house. You may move about as you please without restriction but we ask that all of you stay clear of ‘the tent’. May we come inside, sir?”

Saluting back Marv said they absolutely could;

“We’d been ‘stationing’ Major McCarthy’s MPs in here (Reception Room) even though they were supposed to be stationed inside his (CH-47F) Chinook. McCarthy’s detail has been out there ‘freezing solid’ for hours, we’d (the Meeson’s) sent them coffee & snacks earlier today, they dropping in to ‘warm up’ in here instead of the Chinooks time to time giving them more coffee & hot food, your detail is welcome to it also!”

Smiling back in gratitude LaMonica said they’d be happy to partake of the Meeson’s generosity;

“Major Meeson, I understand Major Morant knew you while in Afghanistan, sad you were ‘the best’ looking after your (Army) engineers well as her Air Force comrades, it’s a pleasure being here and knowing you sir!”

Forthwith waking in the Reception Room & taking up station at the far east end LaMonica, Mandel & Ziegler each checked their hazmat jumpsuits for clinging snow before sitting down on a long sofa behind a just as long coffee table ladened with food & drinks, including hot coffee;

“Mind if we have the coffee sir?”

Sergeant Taylor politely asked Marv;

“Absolutely Sergeant, Army Lieutenant Doctor Whitman’s ‘medics’ been partaking of the coffee & food along with McCarthy’s MPs as well, those two ‘wanding’ (for radiation) my brother’s kids can’t wait to ‘descend’ on it, they’ve been working near non-stop since arriving here!”

Marv said smilingly whilst walking past them on way back to Dormitory Room 8 they unsmilingly winking back whilst wanding Jonathan & Mildred.

…To Be Continued…
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Evans Drives Naomi To June's C-130J, Army Engineers Told About The 2-2-2T
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American SportsWorks Landmaster LM500 With Snowplow Similar To That Evans Meeson Drove Colonel Naomi Acheampong To Major June Morant's C-130J Command Ship

Charging north from Jay & Millie Meeson’s Dormitory for seasonal farm labor adjacent to their house in a snow plow-equipped American SportWorks Landmaster LM500 driven by Evans Meeson up to Army Corps Of Engineers Major Kevin McCarthy’s ENDER detail CH-47F Command Helicopter in Landing Zone 1 OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong his passenger “directed” him to turn left starboard of her Air Force Sikorski MH-60G Pave Hawk Special Operations Helicopter & stop, forthwith doing so seconds later she’d bolted out over to & inside the helicopter. Relieving herself of the flight helmet she’d pulled out a Space Force-issue Colonel’s knit winter cap tucked in her hooded disposable hazmat jumpsuit & donned it meantime instructing the Pave Hawk’s aircrew to remain on station till further notice, rushing back inside the Landmaster she “directed” Ev to drive up to HARVEY Commander Major June Morant’s C-130J Command Ship Cargo Ramp Door via the slushy snow covered asphalt road north towards Jay & Millie’s grain silos. Crowded with vehicles & walking personnel from other HARVEY C-130Js streaming south towards the “China Tent” Ev tracked several yards parallel right of it whilst being gawked at by incredulous Air Force personnel & Army Corps Of Engineers the latter hoofing north to the Command Ship, halting short of the C-130J’s Cargo Ramp Door Acheampong politely “dismissed” him requesting he’d returning to Jay & Millie’s house the way they'd came;

“If you would Ev, please tell Marv that I’ll be back soon as possible. Also ask him if Jay’s study next to his bedroom (Jay’s & Millie’s) can be used for meeting with him, Jay & Millie well as my Intelligence Officers, we’re going to be in there ‘for a while’ and I still do remember it being the most ‘secure’ room in the house.”

Assuring her that he would Ev said he was glad to see her again, she smiled back thanking him for the transportation;

“Any other time I’d be ‘talking up a storm’ with you & the (Meeson) family, maybe later this year! Captain (John Ellis) Maves commanding ‘my’ chopper may have a crewman standing outside ‘thumbing’ you for a ride to the house, they’re ‘on station’ till further notice and I’d allowed them to ‘warm up’ in it if you-all don’t mind.”

Replying that all military personal on the farm were welcomed to do so & he’d be looking for him. Briskly walking around & on C-130J’s Cargo Ramp Door Colonel Acheampong marched up it to halting short of the Cargo Floor standing perpendicular to the left of HARVEY Commander Major June Morant & four Pentagon Intelligence Officers two each standing either side of her, right ENDER detail Major Kevin McCarthy in front of two lines of officers, non-commissioned (i.e. Sergeants) & enlisted Army Engineers well as flight crews of the detail’s CH-47Fs. Gingerly walking left around Acheampong three more engineers moved right in line with the second row, forthwith standing at attention Sergeant Mark Lamond the last in shouted out;

“Senior Officer Present! AH TENN HUT!”

the formations promptly standing to attention as Acheampong stepped on the Cargo Floor, Morant forthwith turning head right & saluting, Acheampong saluting her back she’d ordered:

“Carry on with your mission Major!”

back whilst walking left & standing next to Space Force Intelligence Captain Marcy Dougan at Morant’s far left. Not wasting a second Morant addressed the ENDER detail personnel present;

“Your detail section was assigned here to set up landing zones for the “Super Hercs” on very short notice, you’d done that magnificently, I thank you. Your all are still needed for assisting HARVEY personnel load what’s in ‘the tent’ into this airplane well as seeing it off to Mountain Home (AFB), that’s absolute top priority of my mission here, flying it out by sundown if possible but flying it out!”

“Right now I’ve got ‘radspecs’ & ‘biospecs’ checking ‘that thing inside the tent’ for radiation & biowarfare contamination, hopefully they’ll find neither, neither is right for all of you not to know what ‘that thing’ is besides us on ‘this side’ (i.e. her, Acheampong & Intelligence Officers), Major McCarthy ‘on your side’ & his ‘medical people’ in the Meeson’s house, you’re going to be ‘working around it’ so I’ll tell you now what it is and how vitally important it is to fly it out of here!”

“That ‘thing’ is a 12-ton 19th Century 2-2-2T Whyte Classification Locomotive similar to the Wilmarth ‘Pioneer’ at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, it ‘materialized’ literally out of thin air this morning. We have no idea where it came from, we don’t know who or what brought it here, we do know its presence represents a serious National Security Threat and therefore it absolutely must be relocated to a secure location before the next blizzard sweeps in tonight!”

“By law all of you must observe all secrecy protocols concerning the locomotive’s presence & move to Mountain Home (AFB), I do trust that you all will! The Meesons also are aware of its presence & move and likewise will be subjected to security protocols. Retired Army Major Marvin Meeson as all of you I understand have met still holds Top Secret clearances, he’ll assure us that his family members will observe them as well!”

“Just before we’d assembled here Lieutenant Doctor Louise Whitman in charge of the Army radspecs & biospecs signaled Major McCarthy that her team will momentarily complete their exams & tests on the Meesons & review them with my Air Force counterparts, assuming none were contaminated Major McCarthy is authorized to release them for returning (helicoptering) to Camp Grafton, you here are authorized to return once our (HARVEY’s) mission is complete meaning flying out the locomotive.”

““We know that you’d had a long, cold day here, we ask that you help out just with ‘loading the loco’ in this airplane, once done you’re authorized to ‘pack up & go home’, we’ll handle collecting your airfield materials, equipment & tools, transport them to Camp Grafton later. Bad weather’s coming in tonight so you’ll need to leave soon as possible, ‘my Super Hercs’ won’t have problems flying through it than the helos (helicopters).”

Standing silently whilst Morant spoke Acheampong added this;

“The blizzard coming in tonight is a real doozy! I’d already ordered my (MH-60) ‘Pave Hawk’ commander now ‘standing station’ until further orders to be on alert to my releasing them for returning to Ellsworth (AFB) without me, I’ll be flying with the air flotilla to Mountain Home tonight.”

Morant shaking her head in agreement considering they’d jointly planned for this possibility Colonel Acheampong added this;

“I was ordered by the JCS Chair (Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chair Marine Corps General James Harrissey) to ‘take command’ here, true given I’ll be ‘supervising activities’ hereon but Major Morant’s in charge of them. The Pentagon’s concern that’s also mine is obtaining intelligence regarding the locomotive, Morant ‘calls the shots’ with everything else, she’s got my complete confidence!”

Forthwith saluting Morant Acheampong asked if she could drive one of the Meeson’s F-250s with Morant’s Intelligence Officers back to Jay & Millie’s house to commence the intelligence gathering work with Meeson family members;

“One’s outside (next to the airplane) loaded up with the Intelligence Officer’s gear (i.e. their equipment in briefcases, bags & hard plastic containers of various shapes & sizes) to the Meeson’s house ma’am.”

Morant forthwith replied, appreciative Acheampong said thanks back she then hand signaling the officers to follow her over to it, approaching it first she’d directed them to climb in as passengers;

“I’ll do the driving Captains, farm vehicle driving over slushy snow was my forte growing up in Colorado, could be bumpy get’n to the house, strap in y’all!”

…To Be Continued…
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HARVEY Medical Personnel Arrive At "China Tent", "Shrink & Psycho" With Meesons
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Riding uncomfortably on three sets of John Deere tractors-trailers from HARVEY C-130J Landing Zone 4 through billowing snowflakes from cloudy & increasingly darkening skies with their gear (materials, equipment & tools) over the slushy snow covered asphalt road south towards the “China Tent”, HARVEY POSOC Air Force Captain Rodney Maxwell, Air Force Major Doctor Kim commanding 13 radtechs & biotechs, Psychiatrist Major Doctor Tanvir Ranganathan & Psychologist Captain Norma Bullard & their assistants passively watched the frenetic activity associated with moving personnel, materials, equipment & tools towards it.  Briefly halting at Maxwell’s “Super Herc” on Landing Zone 3 he forthwith alighted & hustled into it, passing the 20-ton RTCC being driven off the C-130J on Landing Zone 2 they came upon & passed Major Morant’s “Super Herc” Command Ship on Landing Zone 1 just as Colonel Acheampong & two of Army Corps Of Engineers Major Kevin McCarthy’s ENDER detail engineers were entering it seconds before Morant commenced addressing his engineers about the 2-2-2T locomotive inside the tent.

Motoring on past Colonel Acheampong’s MH-60G Pave Hawk Helicopter over Landing Zone 3, McCarthy’s ENDER detail CH-47F Chinooks over Landing Zones 2 & 1 onto the snow covered asphalt parking lot next to Jay & Millie’s house the caravan halted in front & 60 feet from the “China Tent” just as HARVEY Air Force Police Master Sergeant Doris LaMonica & two relief APs walked out of the Reception Room front door. Hustling straight to Doctor Kim he uncomfortably sitting on the lead tractor-trailer flatbed they’d saluted him;

“Sir! We have orders to allow your detail (of 13 radtechs & biotechs) access to the tent, you now may proceed unhindered. We also have orders to stand guard around your areas of operations you granted authority by Major Morant to control who goes & comes from them.”

Now standing on the snow-covered parking lot Doctor Kim forthwith saluted back asking that one of her APs escort a radtech & two biotechs, all Sergeants, he’d assigned to confer with Major McCarthy’s counterparts in Jay & Millie’s house, Doctor Ranganathan, Captain Bullard & assistants to “Major Marvin Meeson” for commencing psychological evaluations of Meeson family members, Sergeant LaMonica saying she’d do that after “planting” her AP detail around Doctor Kim's areas of operations, forthwith replying they’d need to go now LaMonica ordered Sergeant Jackson Palmer to conduct the escorting.

Expeditiously unloading their gear (materials, equipment & tools) off the tractor-trailer flatbed the radtechs & biotechs, Doctor Ranganathan, Captain Bullard, their assistants & Sergeant Jackson briskly walked to Jay & Millie Meeson’s Reception Room front door, ringing the bell Jay hustled over to it from the kitchen, forthwith opening it up he’d spoke first;

“Major (Ranganathan)! My son Marvin, Major Meeson, had been expecting you (et. al.), I’ll take you & those here seeing ‘my family’ (the Meeson clan), Sergeant Palmer can take ‘the others’ to the Dormitory where the Army ‘medical people’ are.”

Replying with thanks Doctor Ranganathan, Captain Bullard & their assistants & gear followed Jay to the kitchen then game room & den, ‘his family’ congregating in groups he’d asked those in the kitchen to assemble in the game room it being the most spacious. Inside it with the entire Meeson clan Jay stood next to Millie, Marv, Ev & their wives either side in front of Doctor Ranganathan, Bullard & assistants, asking whether they could leave their gear in the kitchen Jay said “of course” Doctor Ranganathan & Bullard’s assistants forthwith relieving them of their gear moving it to the kitchen. Speaking first Doctor Ranganathan said he & Captain Bullard were here “…to assess your reactions to the paranormal appearance of the locomotive on the spur track earlier in the day...” from a clinical standpoint;

“Frankly we’re here to determine if any or all of you had suffered psychological and/or physical distress over the locomotive’s paranormal appearance, nothing more. I already see that you all are ‘taking things in stride’ quite well considering the shock of the thing materializing out of thin air. I also see you’re a tight knit family with good psychological & physical mutual supporting, do you agree Captain Bullard?”

Shaking head yes Bullard added that if any family member believed that the locomotive’s presence presented a mortal threat they’d wouldn’t had wanted to be anywhere near it much less ‘tent’ it over;

“I rarely see such strong ‘cohesion’ in the presence of totally unpredictable mortal danger. Tightly knit extended farm families like yours exhibit that best in my opinion me being a member of one know that well! I think we can conduct the psychological evaluations as a group, Doctor Ranganathan, do you agree?”

Forthwith replying yes he’d added that whilst they were being conducted he’d be watching for physiological stresses addressing those individually with each family member;

“Hopefully we won’t detect anxieties posing potential long-term psychological & physical harm, if all goes well we’ll be done in a half-hour afterwards Major Morant’s intelligence team (i.e. the Pentagon Captains) will be conducting interviews with some or possibly all of you. If OK with you all let’s get on with the evaluations now!”

…To Be Continued…
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PORBOF "Tent Farm" Goes Up On Jay & Millie Meeson's House Parking Lot
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Meantime outside & adjacent to Jay & Millie Meeson’s house 60 feet east of the “China Tent”,  Air Force Major Doctor Kim, his remaining 10 radtechs & biotechs, several Air Force & Army Engineers, good number of the latter, just arriving on scene led by ENDOR detail Commander Kevin McCarthy marching them double-time over slushy snow covered asphalt from Major Morant’s C-130J Command Ship hundreds feet up road, were expeditiously unloading their medical gear off the Meeson’s three John Deere tractor-trailer units well as materials, equipment & tools for setting up operations tents, gas engine-powered floodlight units, steel & plastic ropes & ties, ladders, sit-down stools, many other kinds of equipment, including a 5-gallon tub of biodegradable grease & brooms for “sliding” the 2-2-2T locomotive over its rails in event any of its wheels were locked-up. The Mountain View AFB Site 29-A HARVEY mission planners knowing from satellite photographs Jay & Millie’s house was fronted by an asphalt vehicle parking lot recommended placing Paranormal Object Radiological & Biological Warfare Operations Facilities (PORBOFs, i.e. tents, Facilities or “Fs” by ENDER detail & HARVEY personnel),  problem was it was covered with four inches of snow, brooms & shovels brought with the other equipment inadequate for removing it, remembering the Meesons had an American SportWorks Landmaster fitted with a snow plow Army Corps Of Engineers Corporal Matthew Doud Jr who’d seen Colonel Acheampong riding in it forthwith speaking up to McCarthy about it;

“Sir! The Meesons have a ‘Landmaster’ with a snowplow on it…”

Cutting him off mid-sentence McCarthy forthwith radio signaled Air Force Major Doctor Tanvir Ranganathan in-house with the Meeson clan conducting psychological evaluations of them asking if he could speak with Jay, signaling Jay snacking in the kitchen to come into the game room he’d asked him to speak with Major McCarthy latter speaking first;

“Jay, Sir! Can we use your Landmaster for plowing snow off the parking lot - now?!”

Glad to oblige Jay replied he’d get it driven over there forthwith;

“Evans will bring it over, he’s getting ready to go now, should be there in a minute!”

Flying outside the east kitchen door “wintered-up” with jacket & cap on Ev piling into the Landmaster & cranking it up turned on headlights as was getting dark, motoring south parallel to the Dormitory he’d turned west around them just as distant western clouds were slit-parting bathing everything in glorious golden late afternoon sunlight;

“Maybe God’s with us now getting that loco outta here!”

he'd mused, motoring around the house’s south end & right onto the parking lot Major McCarthy coming towards him signaled HALT! in front of Jay & Millie’s bedroom. Opening the Landmaster’s left fabric cab door Evans asked McCarthy if any of his engineers knew how to operate it;

“Not sure who does but YOU do Evans, follow my engineer’s signals where to plow if you would!”

Signaling two of them to come over & direct Evans McCarthy forthwith hustled back to the tractor-trailer train to direct his other engineers unloading “stuff” on it, including ladders for removing the “China Tent’s” fabric end covers & doors, until all F-Tents associated with radiological & biological contamination examinations & tests of the locomotive were up, personnel, materials, equipment & tools in them, no one was allowed to physically touch it. Working expeditiously with Army engineers directing him within 8 minutes Evans had cleared off snow over most of the parking lot to spot F-Tents of differing foot sizes;

•   F-1 (8x10) Object Site (i.e. 2-2-2T locomotive) Radiological & Biological Medical Operations Command Center
•   F-2 (6x8) Radiological Contamination Evaluation Unit
•   F-3 (10x12) Radiological Contamination Hazmat Garments & Materials Disposal, Radtech Medical First Aid
•   F-4 (6x8) Biological Warfare Evaluation Unit
•   F-5 (10x12) Biological Contamination Hazmat Garments & Materials Disposal, Biotech Medical First Aid
•   F-6 (10x12) Materials, Equipment & Tools Storage
•   F-7 (10x12) General Medical First Aid Station, Latrine, Sanitation & Rest Area

Setting them up according to site arrangement plans drafted at Site 29-A earlier that day, materials, equipment & tools assigned to each were laid in place within marked-out spaces on wet asphalt by Air Force engineers, tents placed over them. Descending upon them & tents piled high on the three tractor-trailers like hungry vultures Air Force & Army engineers feverishly offloaded & “spotted” materials, equipment & tools assigned to the marked-out spaces. Up & operational first Tent F-1 closely was followed by F-6 & F-7 the rest up & operational minutes thereafter, portable gas powered electric generators & associated distribution systems, wiring, etc. powering equipment, tools, electric lamps & floodlighting etc. for the “tent farm”, lamps & floodlights surrounding the “China Tent” in place as well. By 3:45 p.m. Central Time bright late afternoon sun was bathing the Meeson farmlands, “China Tent”  well as ongoing military operations, radiological & biological examinations & tests of the 2-2-2T locomotive by Air Force radtechs & biotechs could now commence.

…To Be Continued…

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2-2-2T Loco "Wanded & Sampled", Startling Discovery Made Inside Its Firebox
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Horizon sunset February 8, 2022 in South Dakota was 6:00 p.m., more than enough time it was thought by HARVEY Commander Major June Morant to fly out the 2-2-2T locomotive from the Meeson farms to Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A given there was a 80 minute window of clearing skies towards the west according to an Air Force meteorologist watching Doppler Radar computer monitors inside the POSOC C-130J north of the locomotive on Landing Zone 3. At 3:47 p.m. Central Time Air Force Major Doctor Edward Sung Kim in charge of 14 radtechs & biotechs (radiological & biological warfare medical specialists) assigned half of them to examine & gather physical samples for testing in Tents F-2 & F-4 respectively, before they could he’d ordered Air Police Master Sergeant Doris LaMonica’s four AP detail to move from guarding the “China Tent” to “planting” them around the PORBOF tent’s perimeter well as the “China Tent’s” watching for UAVs & manned aircraft, vehicles traversing 355th Avenue adjacent to the railroad spur (none that day so far) Doctor Kim then ordering Army & Air Force engineers to remove the “China Tent’s” north & south fabric covers doors.

Up on ladders the engineers swiftly removed & folded them up revealing the locomotive to all who could see it from either ends. Near everyone present knew what it was but none expected to be so small in size & cute looking as well;

“Looks like a ‘Disneyland’ choo choo!”

quipped an Army engineer;

"Wow! It’s perfect for my hometown’s playland!”

quipped an Air Force one, remembering it’s a “National Security Threat” they & others present acted accordantly keeping their distances from it

Entering the “China Tent” from both ends three radtechs with Geiger counters commenced systematically wanding it from the rails up to the boiler, engine cab & tinder box sides, no unusual radiation detected they’d signaled the engineers to bring in ladders of differing sizes to stand on whilst wanding the rest of the locomotive except for cab & tinder box interiors, not detecting anymore they’d hand signaled “CLEAR” to Doctor Kim standing next to the locomotive’s cowcatcher he then hand signaling four biotechs to enter the tent. Up till now no one had physically touched the locomotive, at this point four biotechs with specimen-collecting tools commenced randomly sampling parts of it they with radtechs afterwards returning to Tents F-2 & F-4 for evaluating them.

Within these tents were state-of-art technology portable analysis equipment electronically interlinked with POSOC Captain Maxwell’s C-130J on Landing Zone 3 signals operators aboard coordinating secured channel communications between it, Site 29-A & The Pentagon manned by Doctor Kim’s seven other radtechs & biotechs nicknamed “The Bug Hunters”,  very soon it was determined “half” the locomotive posed no radiological or biological danger. Returning to the locomotive they’d wanded & bio-sampled the other half upwards to top of the spark arresting chimney funnel except for the engine cab & tinder box, back in the tents Doctor Kim’s Bug Hunters again found no radiological or biological dangers.

Returning to the locomotive for wanding & sampling the engine cab & tinder box, climbing on board the former from both sides two radtechs systematically wanded it & tinderbox followed by the biotechs taking random samples, about to sample around the firebox door biotech Sergeant Jodie Mitchell felt heat coming from it, startled she’d asked her partner Sergeant Chaquille Brown to open it, slowly doing so a faint dull purple light emitted from within, forthwith radioing the alarming discovery to the Tent F-2 & F-4 Bug Hunters Doctor Kim overheard it he abruptly cut in;

“We’re dealing with ‘an unknown’ here Sergeants; are the radtechs still there (next to the locomotive)?”

Mitchel replying radtech Sergeant Jackson Martin had just finished wanding the tinderbox floor, thinking fast Doctor Kim weighed risks of gathering invaluable intelligence information for Major Morant’s Intelligence Officers against Martin’s safety;

“You don’t have to Jack but getting a video recording of it (with his military-issue “secured” smartphone) will help our ‘intelligence people’ carry out the (HARVEY) mission, wand far as you can inside (the firebox) then do the recording.”

Crouching down next Sergeant Mitchell on his right, Sergeant Brown standing right of her holding the firebox door open, Sergeant Martin agreed to his request. Cautiously poking his tubular LED equipped Geiger Counter into it sweeping a 360 circle no radiation was detected, poking farther back he’d swept circular again, no radiation was detected, peering inside towards the perforated steam pipe mounting plates forward of the firebox he got back on his radio set to Doctor Kim;

“Sir! The (locomotive) firebox insides are absolutely clean, I mean ‘factory fresh’ clean just like the rest of the locomotive. I don’t see any light inside what I DO see are purplish crystalline reflections of the LED light…”

As he spoke the reflections faded away to the steel grey of factory-new steam locomotive firebox interiors, noting that Martin got back on the radio to Doctor Kim;

“…Sir! The purple light reflections are ‘evaporating’ in a ‘patterned manner’, am video recording it all now!”

Fifteen seconds into video recording the reflections were near gone, as the last one faded away  a sudden microburst of metallic deep purple-orange light emanated from a left of center vertical steam pipe mounting plate accompanied by electric static noise startling Sergeant Martin, split second later it was gone, halting video recording he got back on with Doctor Kim;

“Sir! The ‘reflections’ are gone but I’d just recorded a paranormal anomaly in the firebox! You & Major Morant need to see it before we (radtechs & biotechs) do anything more here.”

Thinking fast Doctor Kim asked Martin if anything else ‘strange’ was going on around the locomotive, forthwith quizzing his “tech” colleges who’d meantime had gathered next to the engine cab on either side they’d replied “nyet” Doctor Kim then asking the assembled via Martin whether they’d finished their radiological scans & bio-sampling work, all replying yes he’d ordered everyone out of the “China Tent” back to the “tent farm”, Air Police Master Sergeant LaMonica to place APs either end of it – for now.

…To Be Continued…
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Acheampong Et. Al. Sets Up Shop In Jay's Study, Marv Hands Androids Over To Her
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Samsung Android Galaxy S22 Ultra Smartphone Of The Kind Used By Jay, Millie & Marvin Meeson To Video Record The 2-2-2T Locomotive February 8, 2022

LG 34UM88C-P.Ultrawide 34-Inch Computer Monitor Approximating American Made Ultra-High Resolution Ones (40% Smaller Pixel Size) For LUCERNE & WARREN

International Orange-Painted Russian Aircraft Flight Recorder 75% Size & Dimensions Of LUCERNE & WARREN Computers, REXALL Near Same Size

Portable US Military Satellite Antenna Similar To Those Outdoors East Of Jay Meeson's Study

As mentioned earlier, following HARVEY Air Force Commander Major June Morant’s meeting with ENDER detail Army Corps Of Engineers Commander Major Kevin McCarthy & his Army engineers requesting their help assisting Morant’s Air Force engineer counterparts getting the 2-2-2T locomotive aboard her C-130J Command Ship & flying it out to Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A before sundown February 8, 2022, her superior OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong asked if she could drive one of the Meeson’s F-250s with Morant’s Intelligence Officers to Jay & Millie’s house to commence the intelligence gathering work with Meeson family members. Replying one was next to her Command Ship Morant said their gear was aboard & ready for taking Acheampong & Intelligence Officers to the Meeson’s house, appreciative Acheampong said thanks back hand signaling the officers to follow her over to it & get in as passengers as she’d do the driving Morant meantime “hoofing next door” to the C-130J on Landing Zone 2 to supervise unloading of the 20-ton Rough Terrain Container Crane (RTCC).

Standing yards right of the opened Cargo Ramp Door she’d watched it slowly motor out from the aircraft’s Cargo Floor towards bottom of the Carbo Ramp Door there waiting a half-minute for Air Force Major Doctor Edward Sung Kim’s train of Meeson’s John Deere tractor-trailers loaded with medical personal, Air Force engineers, materials, tools & equipment snake by over the slushy snow covered asphalt service road paralleling east side of the railroad spur towards the “China Tent”. Driving south over it meantime in an F-250 Acheampong expertly dodged Air Force personnel driving other vehicles & on foot toting materials, tools & equipment, hopping right then left around them onto snow covered muddy earth Acheampong’s aggressive driving prowess startled the officers well as personnel on the roadway she’d passed, arriving at the Meeson’s house half minute ahead of them all she & the Intelligence Officers bolted out, latter unloading their gear whilst she’d beelined it to Jay & Millie’s Reception Room front door.

Ringing the doorbell she’d peered into the Reception Room’s left side of door widow to see Marv Meeson approaching the left double door (i.e. his right), opening it again with Army courtesy for the benefit of Air Police & Army radtechs inside, latter’s Geiger counter wanding two Meeson family members, Marv stood at attention in front Acheampong;

“Glad you’re back Ma’am! Evans passed your message to Dad about using his study for holding intelligence briefings of my family (members), he’d said OK; hasn’t changed that much since you were last in it (decades ago) so go right in with your (intelligence) officers & set things up!”

Forthwith thanking Marv & ordering the APs & radtechs behind him to “Carry On” Acheampong went back outside to help Morant’s Intelligence Officers lug gear into Jay’s study adjacent to his & Millie’s bedroom south end of the house. Spiriting left in front of Marv, two family members & radtechs standing at the radiation inspection station third of way into the Reception Room, she & the Intelligence Officers carted & carried equipment in briefcases, bags & hard plastic containers of various shapes & sizes down the house’s southside hallway into Jay & Millie’s spacious bedroom at the end then into Jay’s study south adjacent to it. Large enough to accommodate six people sitting & six standing a 3x6-foot caster-wheeled rectangular table was in the middle; admiring Jay’s firearms collection in cabinets lining the north wall included antique Soviet & Communist Chinese submachine guns Space Force Intelligence Captain Marcy Dougan quizzingly asked Acheampong how he’d got them;

“Don’t ask Captain, that’s ‘more secret’ than ‘those whatever’s’ been dropping ‘Objects’ on us since last November! Only thing can say is the PPD (Pistolet-Pulemyot Degtyaryova sub machine guns) are extremely rare first-production 1934 & ‘35 models that somehow made their way to South Korea. They’re functional but Jay’s not taken out of the cabinets since 1967 when this house was built, told me that decade later where am standing now, said he’d never would while HE was alive!”

Jay’s study now a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) hosting highly classified intelligence gathering & communications equipment for evaluating & uploading video recordings from his, Millie’s & Marv’s Samsung Android Galaxy S22 Ultra Meeson family member’s smartphones to OPOM Pentagon & Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A Major June Morant’s Pentagon Intelligence Officers first had to forensically examine them for compromised hardware & software by a plethora of “unfriendly” domestic & international public & private entities (mostly governments China & Russia in particular) eager to steal US national secrets with highly sophisticated computer hardware & software. To accomplish this laid out on the 3x6 table were the “crown jewels” of US military electronic intelligence hardware & software forensics technology: three heavily electromagnetically shielded cased USA designed & built desktop computers with USA fabricated components hosting USA written software so new & secret just 35 persons in the entire US military, including Morant’s four Pentagon Intelligence Officers, knew how to operate them, resembling International Orange-painted aircraft flight recorders each computer system performed specific compartmentalized “electronics management” functions:

• External Telecommunications code named REXALL
• External Hardware Forensics code named LUCERNE
• Data Forensics & Analysis code named WARREN

REXALL managed digital communications between LUCERN, WARREN, Pentagon computers hosting remote software programs & data storage “tanks”, OPOM Pentagon & Site 29-A via highly encrypted secured channel satellite communications from two portable military telecommunications satellite antennas set up outdoors east of Jay’s study “cabled-in” from an adjoining bathroom window. Acting as digital communications “traffic cop” operating REXALL was Space Force Satellite Communications Specialist Captain LaVern de la Torre PhD Psychology University Of Michigan Ann Arbor with honors who’s MOS’ included Computer Communications & Human Intelligence Gathering & Analysis.

LUCERNE forensically examined electronic hardware (i.e. the Meeson’s Android smartphones) with highly sophisticated scanning programs capable of identifying individual electronic components at the P-N Junction Cluster level against databases of “genuine” ones in real time. For LUCERNE to deliver “clean” extracted data (i.e. video files of the locomotive) to WARREN all compromised hardware components (i.e. Android’s microchips had to be forensically examined on assumption they’d been manufactured with imbedded digital data surveillance capabilities any found bypassed with software emulation. Before the data itself stored in mass storage microchips could be “extracted” they too had to be examined compromised P-N Junction Clusters bypassed with software emulation as well, were too many the “clean” extracted data (i.e. video files of the locomotive) was reconstructed as best possible. Operating LUCERNE was Air Force Electronic Intelligence Interpretation Specialist Captain Joseph Langley Sr. PhD Computational Science & Engineering with honors from the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, at age 54 he the oldest member of the HARVEY mission on his last field assignment before retiring also was one of the REXALL, LUCERNE & WARREN computer systems designers.

WARREN is where “clean” extracted data (i.e. video files of the locomotive) “batoned” from LUCERNE was interpreted, prior to doing so however a very large number of remote software scanning programs hosted on Pentagon computers looking for digitally imbedded spyware (i.e. surveillance programs) malware, adware etc. had to be downloaded & run in isolation to “mask over” or remove or them outright via number of classified methods. Remotely accessing via satellite the US Military’s most highly classified digital intelligence files & databases for conducting the interpretations only the WARREN operators - 11 of them - held Special Access Required (SAR a.k.a. Special Access Programs security protocols) clearances for doing so amongst them 41 year old Air Force Signals Intelligence Captain Norman Joseph Maynard Jr. PhDs Computing Sciences & Mathematics California Institute Of Technology.

Overseeing them all was Space Force Intelligence Captain Marcy Dougan PhDs Psychology Yale University with honors, Computer Science Artificial Intelligence University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign who’s MOS’ included conducting human intelligence gathering & analysis at age 53 the second oldest member of the HARVEY mission also on her last field assignment before retiring. Reporting to HARVEY Commander Major June Morant but for 2-2-2T locomotive video file forensic evaluations to OPOM Pentagon Commander Acheampong she, Morant & Acheampong all holding SAR clearances.

Arranged on the 3x6-foot table either side facing north & south sat two state of the art ultra-high resolution (40% smaller pixel size) custom American made 34-inch computer monitors in front of each QUERTY keyboards & mouse touchpads supplemented by special keyboards connected to northside LUCERNE & southside WARREN computers laying next to them. On the east end sat a 30-inch monitor for the REXALL computer laying next to it also with QUERTY keyboards & mouse touchpads supplemented by a special keyboard for operating it at the west end a 30-inch monitor with QUERTY keyboards & mouse touchpads for Captain Dougan overseeing the REXALL, LUCERNE, WARREN operators she selectively “pulling-up” whatever each had up on their monitors well as programs running on them. All electronic equipment, satellite antennas included, were Interconnected by heavily shielded electric cables & powered by portable direct current batteries of several kinds & voltages, rated for 5 hours continuous use batteries were not externally recharged during mission operations out of concerns of current surge damage, two spare battery banks brought along for the HARVEY mission as backups.

By 4:20 p.m. Central Time February 8, 2022 Colonel Acheampong & her Intelligence Officer Captains had “set up shop” inside Jay’s study, secured channel satellite communications established with OPOM Pentagon & Site 29-A a lengthy series of arcane & complex security protocols for establishing direct though highly encrypted digital communications contacts with their Top Secret computers had to be followed before commencing with the pressing business at hand: uploading the video recordings of the 2-2-2T locomotive off of Jay’s, Millie’s, Marv’s Meeson family member’s smartphones. Whilst her Captains tediously labored over establishing them Acheampong departed & walked to the north end of the house where the Meesons currently were being psychologically evaluated by Air Force Psychiatrist Major Doctor Tanvir Ranganathan & Psychologist Captain Norma Bullard in the game room & den to collect them.

Passing the now vacant Reception Room, Army Medical Corpsman First Lieutenant Doctor Marjorie Whitman’s radtechs since having moved to Room 9 (for radtechs, 10 for biotecs) of the east-facing Dormitory for seasonal farm labor adjacent to Jay & Millie’s house, she & her “techs” feverishly electronically uploading though secured channel communication links their radiological & biological examination & testing reports & data of Meeson family members to computers aboard HARVEY POSOC Air Force Captain Rodney Maxwell’s C-130J up north on Landing Zone 3 Acheampong walked unannounced into the game room. An attractive, well-muscled petite woman looking half her 50 years, Acheampong immediately got everybody’s attention all there standing up both in respect of her military rank & joy for seeing an old family friend again. At back of the room Doctor Ranganathan & Captain Bullard forthwith saluted her, reciprocating she’d addressed those present:

“I don’t have much time but I want to say thank you all (i.e. the Meesons) for ‘hosting’ military operations here. What you’d been though today is beyond extraordinary, nobody, no family for that matter, ever should have to put up with such an indignity from whomever, whatever had ‘landed’ the locomotive on the (railroad) spur this morning. We don’t know how it got here but we do know it has to be flown out by sundown before the next blizzard rolls in tonight. The last weather report I’d read is that we’ve got up to 80 minutes of ‘clear’ skies so hopefully we’ll have the loco loaded on Major Morant’s Super Hercules transport & flown out within this time.”

“I now must to ask all of you (Meesons) to hand over your smartphones or other video recording equipment & media to me. I can assure you all that the only (computer digital) data files we want to ‘extract’ from them are of the locomotive, the (computer forensics) technology we have can do that without having to ‘snoop around’ in any others. After the files are extracted they will be returned before I and my Intelligence Officers leave here.”

“Meantime, my Officers will be conducting interviews of you all regarding the locomotive, they are not legal depositions, they’re vital to their intelligence mission however, they’re highly trained in their intelligence fields and absolutely will show all of you the upmost respect in carrying them out, that I can personally assure you of!”

Walking from back of the room towards her left side Marv Meeson holding three Android smartphones: his, Jay’s & Millie’s, in his right hand spoke first;

Laying them onto her right hand palm with military courtesy & respect Acheampong smiled back at him & the Meeson clan;

“Thank you Major. Before I go back (to Jay’s study) could you, Jay & Millie ‘be available’ in case ‘my Captains’ and I need you (for commentary on the video recordings)?”

Replying ‘of course’ to her Marv then saluted her, looking at Major Doctor Ranganathan & Captain Bullard she ordered them to “Carry On” with their psychiatric evaluations of the Meesons she forthwith circling around & retreating back into Jay’s study to upload "the locomotive videos" onto OPOM Pentagon & Site 29-A's Top Secret computers.

…To Be Continued…
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US Military Smartphone Sans Video Camera Similar To That Used By Air Force "Radtech" Sergeant Jackson Martin To Video Record Anomaly
Inside The 2-2-2T Locomotive Firebox His Having A Video Camera & Sound Recording Capability

Meantime to Colonel Acheampong & Major Morant’s Intelligence Officers “setting up shop” in Jay Meeson’s study, several yards away outside on Jay & Millie Meeson’s house parking lot in the Tent F-1 Radiological & Biological Medical Operations Command Center, Air Force Major Doctor Kim commanding radtechs & biotechs analyzing Geiger counter scans & bio-samples obtained from their teem peers off the 2-2-2T locomotive suddenly got word from three of them via radio communications of paranormal activity occurring within its firebox. Forthwith ordering all “his” personnel away from it per protocol they’d beelined it respectively to Tent F-3 (Radiological Contamination Hazmat Garments & Materials Disposal, Radtech Medical First Aid) & F-5 (Biological Contamination Hazmat Garments & Materials Disposal, Biotech Medical First Aid) for emergency decontamination.

Forthwith signaling the startling news to HARVEY Commander Major June Morant then supervising positioning of the 20-ton RTCC adjacent to the railroad spur several hundreds of feet north of the “China Tent” for moving it to her C-130J Command Ship over Landing Zone 1 she’d “grabbed” one of the Meeson’s Ford F-250 pickups motoring up road to POSOC Force Captain Maxwell’s C-130J on Landing Zone 3, got in, ordered the Air Force engineer driving it to u-turn & hustle back to the “tent farm” on the Meeson house parking lot. Rushing into Tent F-1 she immediately conferred with Doctor Kim regarding the paranormal activity;

“DID it appear to be ‘active’ meaning was there actual physical movement of anything inside the firebox? This IS important Doctor!”

Forthwith radio signaling radtech Sergeant Jackson Martin who’d actually witnessed it then undergoing radiation decontamination examinations in Tent F-3 Doctor Kim put him “on the line” with Major Morant;

“Sergeant! This IS important! Did you see ANY physical movement of anything inside the firebox?”

Replying that all he saw were light reflections then a sudden microburst of metallic deep purple-orange light emanated from a left of center vertical steam pipe mounting plate accompanied by electric static noise Morant then asked Martin whether the light “moved around” in any way;

“Ma’am, no movement at all, just the microburst & static sound, it's all on the (military smartphone) video recording I’d made of it.”

Thinking hard on what orders to give, Morant knew from November 13, 2022 California Highway Patrol witness reports from two Pakistani & Ecuadorian big rig truckers seeing bright blue & violet glowing lights emanating from The Mefford Twins: Boeing B-17G Preston’s Pride & F-4C Phantom II, faint light presumably blue-violet surrounding the Deutsches Luftwaffe Heinkel 177 A-5, latter claiming something ‘heavenly’ AND ‘scary’ was there, i.e. presumably ‘moving within’ the Twins his descriptions approximating those of Jay & Millie’s Android video recordings of the 2-2-2T locomotive’s materialization out of thin air as described in detail earlier above, surmising what Sergeant Martin likely had witnessed was “completion” of the locomotive’s paranormal materialization albeit many hours late relative to The Mefford Anachronisms theirs likely just in minutes. Mentally formulating her orders she’d got in radio contact with Colonel Acheampong then in Jay’s study;

“Ma’am, did ‘our’ Intelligence Officers receive & look at Sergeant Martin’s military smartphone video recording of the locomotive firebox anomaly sent over (via secured communications link) minute or two ago by Doctor Kim?”

Forthwith replying that she & they had and in HER judgement it was OK to resume radiological & biological examinations & tests on the locomotive she’d added this;

“Martin’s video is congruent with witness accounts of the Objects 1, 2 & 3’ (OPOM’s official designations of Preston’s Pride, Phantom II, Heinkel 177) materializations well as Jay & Millie Meeson’s, if ‘the whatever’s’ conducting them wanted to they easily could make life miserable for all of us but don’t think that’s the case with the loco. I want Martin’s phone for LUCERNE & WARREN pass-throughs (i.e. hardware & resident video file forensic examinations), am coming outside to get it now, have it ready for me!”

Hustling out of the SCIF (i.e. Jay Meeson’s house study) & ‘diving’ into Tent F-3 Acheampong standing in front of Morant, Doctor Kim & Martin lined up in that order retrieved the smartphone from the latter;

“We need to ‘keep it for a while’ Martin, thank you for taking the video.”

Looking sternly at Kim & Morant she’d ordered the latter to have Major Doctor Ranganathan, & Captain Norma Bullard psychologically evaluate him;

“We need ‘human intel’ (intelligence) on the anomaly, I want everyone with Martin at the time evaluated also. Confine them to Tent F-7 (General Medical First Aid Station, Latrine, Sanitation & Rest Area) after their assigned tasks are completed, Captains de la Torre & Dougan will interview them there. Proceed with the mission as planned Major!”

Abruptly turning around & departing the tent Acheampong stormed back into Jay & Millie’s house & the SCIF, handing it to LUCERNE operator Captain Joseph Langley Sr. she said this;

“Here’s another smartphone to “bug hunt” (forensically examine) Joe, really don’t think its compromised but can’t take chances ‘whomevers’ or ‘whatevers’ brought the loco here aren’t ‘playing games’ with us!”

…To Be Continued…

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Dr. Yee's Techs Done With Loco Dr. Whitman Done With Meesons, Loco "Certified"
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Immediately after receiving Colonel Acheampong’s order to proceed with the HARVEY mission as planned (i.e. sequence of steps involved) in flying out the 2-2-2T locomotive to Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A as planned Major Morant ordered Doctor Kim to send his radtechs & biotechs back to it, finish remaining radiological & biological examinations & tests. Doing so but with trepidation how’d they react to such an order he immediately quizzed all those who’d “worked” on the loco, still rattled over what he’d seen & heard in the firebox Sergeant Martin was hesitant to do so again but nonetheless obeying the order saying to Doctor Kim he’d (Geiger counter) “wand” the firebox again just to overcome fear of what he’d seen & heard in it earlier. Leading the group of seven “techs” back to the locomotive himself Doctor Kim supervised them whilst completing their work, all complete by 4:35 p.m. Central Time February 8, 2022 they’d returned to their respective “F-Tents” for decontamination examinations afterwards examined for both radiological & biological contamination he’d returned to the Tent F-1 Radiological & Biological Medical Operations Command Center to meet jointly with HARVEY Commander Major June Morant, ENDER detail Commander Army Corps Of Engineers Major Kevin McCarthy, Army Medical Corps First Lieutenant Doctor Marjorie (“Mae”) Whitman on certifying the locomotive “safe for handling” by Air Force & Army engineers.

Speaking first Lieutenant Whitman said all the Meesons had passed all examinations & tests for radiological & biological contamination, all results of them passed on to Doctor Kim he forthwith concurring with their findings;

“Mae’s team (of radtecs & biotecs) did explementary thorough work under less than ideal clinical conditions worthy of (rank) promotions for all Major McCarthy. I’d LOVE to have her work for me, DO hope you’ll pass on the promotions recommendation to her (Army) Medical Corps superiors, I’ll pass them on in writing (to them) by weeks end!”

Heartedly agreeing Major McCarthy said he’d also forward written recommendations for their promotions by weeks end as well, glancing at Doctor Whitman he’d added;

“Good job Lieutenant! You & ‘the team’ are dismissed, pack up & go home (to Camp Grafton)! Captain Carpenter’s (pilot of McCarthy’s CH-47F Chinook on helicopter Landing Zone 1) been ‘shivering’ in it for hours ready to fly (helicopter) y’all out, I’ll be flying back in (Army Lieutenant Guy) Brooks’ chopper later.”

Dismissed from duty at 4:51 p.m. Lieutenant Whitman group-saluted her superiors, forthwith replying “Thank You Sir” to McCarthy she’d returned to Dormitory Rooms 9 & 10 east side of & adjacent to Jay & Millie Meeson’s house for seasonal farm labor where medical examinations of Meeson family members were conducted, resumed helping her radtech & biotech Sergeant colleagues pack up their materials, equipment & tools for transport to Captain’s Brook’s Chinook. Immediately afterwards jointly conferring with Morant & McCarthy on protocols to be followed for electronically approving his certification of the locomotive being “safe for handling” at 4:53 p.m. Doctor Kim “signed” it first followed by Morant & McCarthy. With its signing Morant’s Air Force & McCarthy’s Army engineers could now move the locomotive out the ”China Tent” to the 20-ton RTCC hundreds of feet north & adjacent to the railroad spur, weather permitting it could be loaded aboard Morant’ C-130J Command Ship on Landing Zone 1 & flown out by sundown provided no unexpected new “snags” ala Sergeant Jackson Martin’s “spooky lights” discovery in the locomotive’s firebox earlier within the hour.

…To Be Continued…
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Ultra Instrument Incorporated RS-20 Integrated Rail State Inspection Vehicle Concept Approximating The Open Top Air Force Gas-Powered Railbed Inspection Car With Reversable Seats, Front-Mounted 15-Ton Winch & Magnetic Brakes

Up north some 1,100 feet from the “China Tent” watching Doppler Radar computer monitors inside the POSOC’s C-130J, Mountain Home AFB Air Force Meteorologist Lieutenant Hunter Jeramiah Lamont assigned to the HARVEY mission also was reading the latest North-Central USA weather forecasts. Noting that a deep trough of rapidly moving frigid “Canadian Air” pushing south over eastern Montana & Wyoming, the Dakotas down to northern Nebraska & straight-line back into Canada dumping up to 8-inches of snow over central South Dakota (Meeson Farms only got 4) had moved east opening up a 200 mile-wide x 400 mile vertical gap of clear skies lasting two hours past sundown, at 4:53 p.m. February 8, 2022 he’d secured channel radio signaled “the good news” to HARVEY Commander Major June Morant & ENDER detail Major Kevin McCarthy seconds after they’d electronically signed Air Force Doctor Kim’s “safe for handling” the 2-2-2T locomotive certifications well as OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong she forthwith signaling Morant cancelling plans to fly with her flotilla of C-130Js to Mountain Home AFB but instead helicoptering to Ellsworth jetting overnight back to Joint Base Andrews Maryland & The Pentagon.

Wanting to take advantage of the good weather McCarthy signaled Morant that his engineers would collect all the C-130J airfield materials, equipment & tools on the Meeson farms as originally planned, signaling back that her Air Force engineers “wanted” to help his out they’d compromised on jointly collecting them. Abruptly horning in on the conversation POSOC Captain Maxwell said he’d already polled all the “Super Herc” flight crews on whether they’d needed airfield markers for taking off;

“They’d told me field conditions here (on the Meeson farms) weren’t problematic even for nighttime takeoffs so long as their wasn’t strong crosswinds, no winds are forecasted for next couple of hours.”

Appreciating Maxwell’s initiative Morant & McCarthy agreed to jointly commence collecting them for Landing Zones 2 to 4 but not Zone 1 for her Command Ship;

“I don’t want to chance an ‘airfield accident’ because there weren’t airfield markers for it! God knows what would happen if that damn loco ‘broke loose’ (in it), thing’s friggin unpredictable! The collecting work may proceed whenever your engineers are not assigned immediate tasks, getting the loco into ‘my’ Command Ship is Absolute A-1 Top Priority!”

“Onto other subjects while I’ve got you both ‘on the air’; Major McCarthy, I’ll ask Marvin Meeson if he want us (i.e. Air Force and/or Army engineers) to take down the (“China”) tent over the loco after its pulled out well as gather-up the landing zone markers his family set up for your helos after you depart. Captain Maxwell, I’ll ask him if he wants ‘our’ engineers to ‘clean-up’ the John Deere’s (tractor-trailers) & park them back in the storage sheds (i.e. the “crib sheds” containing farm operations & maintenance materials, tools & equipment next to the grain silos) well as the F-250s, Meesons am told need them soon for farm work; let’s not forget we’re their guests here fellas!”

Forthwith signing off from the conversation Morant hurried out of the Tent F-1 Radiological & Biological Medical Operations Command Center over to the “China Tent” where materials, equipment & tools for towing it over rails adjacent to the 20-ton RTCC 70 feet due west of C-130J Landing Zone 3. Near half-hour earlier several Air Force & Army engineers laboriously retrieved from inside the C-130J that transported the RTCC it all the parts for assembling a four-wheel gas-powered open top reversable seating Railroad Inspection Car fitted with an electric 15-ton capacity winch for pull-towing the locomotive. Assisted by the C-130J aircrews the engineers carted & hand carried them across 80 feet of slippery cold slushy snow up to the railbed laying them down either side over rock-hard snow, under joint direction of Air Force Engineering Technical Sergeant Jose Márquez-Benito who’s MOS (Military Occupational Specialties) included Railway Maintenance Of Way technology & operations, including that for Inspection Cars, Army Corps Of Engineers Sergeant First Class Moses “Moshi” Levin (Moshi Levin hereon) who’s MOS included skillfully operating powered winches under difficult conditions, several of them (i.e. engineers) assembled it within 20 minutes.

Some ten minutes later south at the “China Tent”, HARVEY Commander Major Morant was supervising Air Force engineers “loop-hooking” (i.e. looping around & clip-locking) onto the locomotive’s front bogie wheelset crossbar two 12-foot, half-inch flexible braded steel towing cables. Fished behind the bogies either side of the cowcatcher & clip-locked around the crossbar the free cable ends then were clip-locked onto loop ends of a metal “towing triangle” the apex loop awaiting to be “clipped” by the Inspection Car’s winch cable’s clip hook. Assembling the rigging Air Force Engineering Corporals Jody Hartman & Edgar Yee out on their very first field assignments “stress tested” the hook connections by hand pulling the towing triangle hard as they could from the locomotive whilst watching for slippages, satisfied all was secure both then lowered the triangle forthwith scrambling to the left side of the rail bed facing west standing next to a 5-gallon open tub of biodegradable grease & brooms awaiting orders to “dress” the railheads for “sliding” the locomotive over its rails in event any of its wheels were locked-up.

Meantime up the railway spur, Sergeants Márquez-Benito & Levin had climbed on the Inspection Car, “gassed-up” & ready to roll, they’d powered it on. Testing the operating systems, including the electric winch & all-important magnetic railhead brakes (“magbrakes”) afterwards they’d signaled two three-man teams armed with brooms either side of the railbed to commence sweeping the railheads 100 feet south.  Proceeding at 5 mph Márquez-Benito “dropped” the magbrakes bringing the car to a sudden stop 75 feet out, most important considering they’d also be used for keeping the car stationary whilst winching the locomotive out of the “China Tent”, satisfied they’re sufficiently strong he’d hand signaled the engineers standing over the railbed 25 feet ahead to resume brooming the railheads at a quickened pace.

Feverishly brooming the engineers cleared off another 300 feet, Márquez-Benito yards behind motoring onwards at their brooming pace halting 40 feet from the “China Tent”. As Majors McCarty & Morant et. al. looked on Márquez-Benito hand signaled Corporals Hartman & Yee to come over & hand-tow the winch cable to the towing triangle, releasing the winch cable reel lock they’d pulled it to up the triangle Yee then hooking it on the apex loop, backing away from it Márquez-Benito then dropped the magbrakes automatically cutting power to the electric traction motor. Hand signaling Hartman & Yee Moshi Levin sitting right of Márquez-Benito commenced reeling in the cable, Márquez-Benito getting off the car checking the magbrakes for railhead slippage. Powering-up the gas engine for more electricity Levin reengaged the winch reel lock, setting the reel rotation control for cable retraction he'd slowly throttled-up the winch motor.

Lifting the cables & towing triangle off the railbed Levin carefully watch for uneven cable alignments & tension, hand signaling to Yee & Levin he was about to commence cable retraction for pulling the 2-2-2T locomotive out of the “China Tent”. Standing inside either side of the locomotive six Air Force & Army engineers watched each wheel for signs of locking up, everyone now in position Yee & Levin standing either side of railbed gripping railhead greasing brooms simultaneously hand signaled Moshi Levin to commence reeling. Powering-up yet more Moshi Levin commenced throttling-up the winch in earnest, straining on the towing triangle hooks all the cables went plane-straight taught from winch to the locomotive’s front bogie crossbar tightening up the loop hooks around it, pulling the cables ever tighter the winch reel winding slowed just as all six locomotive wheels inched into a forward turn, all six engineers forthwith shouting “YEA!” in unison it was apparent all could turn but forward momentum of them now had to be established.

Adding more gas engine-generated electric power Moshi Levin throttled up the winch yet more whilst Márquez-Benito checked for magbrake slippages, none seen, he’d hand signaled Moshi Levin to “go for broke” for winching in, throttling up more all wheels began turning in unison, steam pistons within down-angled cylinders below the boiler on either side emitting apparently normal reciprocating movement sounds meantime. Setting the winch reel turn rate to one cable foot per 2 seconds the locomotive & six engineers still intently watching its wheels turn slowly made way to the “China Tent’s” north opening, looking on with amazement mixed with concern Majors McCarthy, Morant, all others in proximity to the locomotive as well, now could see how beautiful the machine truly was;

“It’s a friggin ‘choo choo freaks’ dream OR nightmare Kevin?!”

Morant quipped to McCarthy;

“Jay (Meeson) am told by Naomi (Acheampong) loved these small 19th Century locomotives as a boy. Is this ‘thing’ a “Gift from the Gods of Steam” (railroad locomotives) to him OR his over-active boyhood imagination that ‘brought’ it here today? Whatever, it’s moving AND we’ll fly it outta of here before sundown -  keep the fingers crossed Kevin!”

…To Be Continued…
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Marvin Meeson & June Morant Finally Meet, Share War Stories & Friendships
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2015 Shuttlelift CD5520 20-Ton Low Profile Carry Deck Crane Similar To The Rough Terrain Container Crane For Lifting & Transporting The 2-2-2T Locomotive

The 2-2-2T locomotive now “on the move” towards the 20-ton Rough Terrain Container Crane (RTCC) HARVEY Commander Major June Morant albeit briefly now could attend to other matters the first contacting Marv Meeson, ask if he’d wanted Air Force and/or Army engineers to take down the “China Tent”, gather-up landing zone markers his family set up for helicopters, “clean-up” the John Deere tractor-trailers & park them back in the crib sheds containing farm operations & maintenance materials, tools & equipment next to the grain silos well as the family’s Ford F-250s. Hustling from the railbed east to Jay & Millie’s house’s Reception Room front door & ringing the doorbell, inside the game room & den Air Force Medical Corps Psychiatrist Major Doctor Tanvir Ranganathan, Clinical Psychologist Captain Norma Bullard finishing up their psychological interviews of Meeson family members concerning the paranormal appearance of the locomotive Marv asked Jay & Mille to stay put while he’d answer it.

An attractive tall, blonde haired, blue eyed woman of Nordic-French ancestry, 43-year old Mountain View AFB Site 29-A Assistant Commander Major June Harriet Morant like OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong was a no nonsense hard driving Air Force Engineer. An US Air Force Academy honors graduate she’d gained the well-earned reputation as the service’s “Wonder Woman” field engineer, commanding airfield construction & management operations around the world several whilst under fire in 2006 she’d single-handedly set up helicopter landing zones whilst under fire from Taliban insurgents outside of Panjab, Afghanistan for extracting then US Army Infantry Major Marvin Meeson’s special forces earning her the moniker “June Gloom of Kandahar” both for her dour demeanor & engineering team stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan at the time. Also having worked closely with US Army Corps Of Engineers personnel in Iraq & Afghanistan Major Kevin McCarthy in particular admired Morant’s resourcefulness in “getting the job done” often extending into the questionable when came to “field procurement” (i.e. theft) of material, equipment & tools he too guilty of such transgressions. Marv & Kevin not having seen her in many years they like her & Colonel Acheampong had to wonder whether the 2-2-2T locomotive’s paranormal appearance brought them together by design also possibly explaining as well why weather conditions suddenly improved late afternoon February 8, 2022 for flying it out to Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A.

Walking out of the game room & den via the west hallway door through the window next to the right double door Marv saw Morant standing alone behind it, still mulling over how to greet her & what to say out of respect of her rank in proper military fashion he’d opened it up. Looking each other straight in the eyes “breaking the ice” she spoke first;

“Major Meeson, it's been a long time since Panjab, that was one harry night, glad to know your special ops team got back to Bagram (Air Base Afghanistan) intact! Panjab was my first airfield management operation under fire, couldn’t had done it without the suppressing fire they’d provided my engineers.”

Smiling at her Marv replied with gratitude;

“All these years Major I’d wanted to thank you for all alone marking out the helo landing zones while your engineers helped my wounded comrades aboard the ‘Jolly Green J’s’ (Sikorski MH-53J Pave Low III Special Operations helicopters), will do so now; ‘Thank You Ma’am’ for them AND me!”

Smiling back Morant thanked him for recommending her for the Silver Star her heroism making it possible for the MH-53Js to extract them;

“Panjab was my first ‘under fire’ (airfield management) operation Marv, Lieutenant ‘June Gloom’’ hid how truly scared shitless she was that night, that’s the unvarnished truth! Fortunately I’d not come so close to being killed since, once is plenty enough!  I’ll be retiring soon, Mountain Home’s (AFB) my last posting before doing so, oldest daughter’s getting married next month, wants a mémère for her kids, that’s my new ‘job’ getting the loco out of here is my last one for the military!”

Appreciative of her candor Marv replied he was just as scared;

“Nobody died in ‘my team’ that night but two were badly wounded: (Army) Corporal Johnnie Firth lost an eye, Sergeant James Patterson his left arm. They’d been with me ‘from the beginning’; 2005 Iraq, 2006 Afghanistan, they like me turned down promotions for just doing their jobs. I already was a Major in the Army Reserves before 9/11, turned Lieutenant Colonel down twice last meant stateside to 114th (Infantry) Regiment (headquarters) leaving them, fenagled (i.e. “pulled strings”) getting back to Afghanistan with them for Special Ops.”

“After Panjab I’d just wanted to go home & retire, still keep in contact with them though, both doing OK as civilians again. Army wanted me to say on, didn’t want to be on ORER (Officer Reserve Emergency Roster) either but Pentagon people (i.e. Army Intelligence) said ‘I knew too much’ (about terrorist operations intelligence in Afghanistan) so they’d put me on it along with Top Secret clearances as conditions for retiring never expecting you & Naomi (Acheampong) showing up here! Knowing her she’ll ‘lasso’ me into this ‘locomotive business’ & won’t let go if you follow me, just praying my commission won’t be reactivated, folks (Jay & Millie Meeson) need me now that they’re past 90 (years old).”

Listening sympathetically Morant replied she’d wanted to be with her family also;

“I’d not told anybody else this but Dad escaped capture after ‘punching out’ (ejecting) near Vinh (North Vietnam), his (Air Force F-4C) Phantom (II) was hit by a SAM (Surface To Air Missile) in ’68 (1968) his (crewmate) ‘partner’ didn’t eject, still don’t know where he & the plane crashed. It bothered him rest of his life no end he’d survived and his ‘partner’ didn’t. Dad didn’t want me to enter the (Air Force) Academy but did so anyway, he died before I’d graduated from cancer. Many times Dad told me the only thing that mattered was ‘family’, with my eldest (daughter) getting married next month I now know what he’d meant by that!”

Appreciating her candor Marv said he’d understood, during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir (November-December 1950)  his father Jay, then an Army Sergeant Reservist, saved his commanding officer for being killed in a Chinese Army “human wave” counterattack but his best friend was killed whilst doing so, after that he’d never forgot how important friends & family were;

“Dad didn’t want me to join the ‘regular’ Army but thought being in the reserves would ‘keep me out of harm’s way’ a bit longer, unfortunately didn’t work out that way either in Iraq or Afghanistan!”

Returning to “the business at hand” Morant related what she’d told ENDER detail Commander Major McCarthy & POSOC Captain Maxwell, i.e. asking Marv if he want Air Force and/or Army engineers to take down the “China Tent”, gather-up helicopter landing zone markers his family had set up, ‘clean-up’ the John Deere tractor-trailers, park them back in the “crib sheds” containing farm operations & maintenance materials, tools & equipment next to the grain silo) well as the Ford F-250s, heartedly agreeing Marv added he would help out cleaning off & parking the tractor-trailers well as the F-250s, happy with the response Morant begged his pardon for departing;

“I’ve got to get back over to the rail spur, by now the locomotive is half-way to the RTCC, the critical work lifting it off the tracks & over to my ‘Super Herc’ will get underway in about 15 minutes, must to supervise it to be sure it comes off OK. Colonel Acheampong wants to see me before ‘I’ fly it to Mountain Home, if she does so in here (Jay & Millie’s house) I’ll be seeing you again!”

Both then standing at attention Marv reminded her that he was her superior during the Panjab special forces extraction operation;

You’re dismissed Major. I wish you well; greetings to your eldest daughter, the Meesons wish all the best for her in marriage.”

Forthwith saluting him Morant replied: “Thank You Sir!”, turning around & walking off Marv closed the door behind her forthwith returning to the game room & den.

…To Be Continued…

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Boxes Of Passion Fruit Akin To Those "Eaten By Lights" On Salvadore Lorenzo Maroni’s Santa Paula, California Orchard July 8, 1957

Sitting atop a 2x3-foot military-issue portable field table adjacent to & facing northeast of the 3x6-foot rectangular table in the middle of Jay Meeson’s study cum SCIF between the REXALL & LUCERNE computers was a small & tall International Orange-colored rectangular plastic box for ensconcing Jay’s, Millie’s & Marv’s Samsung Android Galaxy S22 Ultras & Air Force Radtech Sergeant Jackson Martin’s military smartphones. Assigned responsibility for operationally employing it Air Force Electronic Intelligence Interpretation Specialist Captain Langley Sr. plugged USB (i.e. Universal Serial Bus Type-C) wire leads into each without turning them on, stacking them horizontally on four of five shelves electronically shielded from each other, closing & locking the box door behind them, five three-foot long top to bottom numbered shielded wire leads dangling in a straight line down from the door to the study's polished red oak floor. Plugging in Cable No.4 connected to Martin’s smartphone, his first to be examined, into the LUCERNE computer Langley Sr. commenced forensically examining everything electronically within it without having to power it on. As expected Martin’s digital video recording of the 2-2-2T locomotive firebox anomaly passed all examinations it then being “batoned” to WARREN & its operator Air Force Signals Intelligence Captain Maynard Jr. for spyware (i.e. surveillance programs) malware, adware etc. screenings, passing them all “with flying colors” it now was ready for in-depth intelligence analysis the entire LUCERNE-WARREN “digital sanitation” process taking all of 10 minutes.

Viewed earlier by Colonel Acheampong in file-copied form digitally telecommunicated to her via Captain Maynard Jr. directly off of Martin’s smartphone LUCERNE’s “processed” file of it was visually & auditory orders of magnitude more resolute than any known digital video & audio technology. Augmented by satellite communications linkage to a plethora of digitally stored visual & auditory databases of many kinds on Pentagon computers facilitating the intelligence analysis WARREN’s operator Captain Maynard Jr. could dynamically conduct in real time an almost limitless number of intelligence interpretations of the locomotive firebox anomaly presented in greater than human eye resolution (false color replicated) and in stereo sound. Right off the bat that limitless number was whittled down to just 21 data match possibilities, refined further & reduced to 7 the most promising statistically (i.e. percent confidence) was a July 8, 1957 unpublished newspaper account written by Los Angeles Examiner investigative news reporter Morton (Mort) Edmond Stanley stored in a musty old cardboard box full of other unpublished articles of his hidden in the attic of his Laguna Beach, California house by his 58 year old retired FBI Special Agent son Dean in 1993 of the middle-of-the-night miraculous appearances then disappearances of a half-ton of packed passion fruit boxes on a Santa Paula, California farm.

Hearing of the anomaly from a businessman friend in Ventura, California on Tuesday the 9th next day the 10th Mort motored to Italian-born Salvadore Lorenzo Maroni’s Santa Paula orchard for an arranged interview. Out-front claiming what he saw were “living things” he’d recited that;

“…the (passion) fruit boxes came out of thin air in a swirl of "buzzing' bright blue & orange lights they (the lights) 'eating' the fruit inside like a pack of starved coyotes…”

disappearing minutes later;

“…in a swirl of ’muted’ blues, oranges & reds accompanied by loud 'firecracker' noise…”

dull purplish light glowing from where they’d sat on the ground accompanied by great deal of heat sans odor of hot or burning passion fruit akin to what Jay & Millie saw of the 2-2-2T locomotive’s miraculous appearance out of thin air morning of February 8, 2022 & November 13, 2022 California Highway Patrol witness reports from two Pakistani & Ecuadorian big rig truckers seeing bright blue & violet glowing lights emanating from The Mefford Twins, faint light presumably blue-violet surrounding the Deutsches Luftwaffe Heinkel 177 A-5, latter claiming something ‘heavenly’ AND ‘scary’ was there, i.e. presumably ‘moving within’ the Twins.

Forthwith after reading it off of REXALL-LUCERNE-WARREN Team Leader Space Force Intelligence Captain Marcy Dougan’s computer monitor Colonel Acheampong sitting kitty corner to her right got on a second USB hub bar-connected QUERTY keyboard & mouse pad accessing the monitor signaling JCS Chair Marine Corps General James Harrissey requesting him to issue an emergency order to Pentagon Electronic Archives Section 318.11.1 Unexplained Publicly Reported Phenomena Prior to 1960 to immediately & indefinitely reclassify it from Secret to Top Secret, permanently move it to OPOM Pentagon Archives 11.1 Unexplained Publicly Reported Phenomena Prior To 1960 With Current Relevance (i.e. an active paranormal investigation) his overnight Washington DC time Watch Adjutant Captain David Larson Sevareid signaling back that General Harrissey would review the request soon as possible he meantime placing a electronic “Red Flag Hold” on anyone else in the US Military accessing it other than OPOM Pentagon personnel. With this startling 20th Century news account electronically in hand Acheampong was now ready to see Jay’s, Millie’s & Marv’s Android video recordings of the 2-2-2T locomotive.

…To Be Continued…
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Lt. Whitman & Team Helos To Camp Grafton, 2-2-2T Smoke Pipe Strange Smells
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20th Century British-Built Kenya Railways Steam Locomotive 2409's Fluted Smoke Pipe Forward Of The Boiler Tubes Mounting Plate
Similar In Layout To The Much Smaller Meeson Farms 19th Century 2-2-2T Locomotive's

Out of the “China Tent” now on the move over the Meeson farms south railroad spur the 2-2-2T locomotive pull-towed by a gas-powered Railroad Inspection Car operated by Air Force Engineering Technical Sergeant Jose Márquez-Benito, Army Corps Of Engineers Sergeant First Class Moshi Levin manning the 15-ton winch pulling it, six Air Force & Army engineers watching its wheels for signs of locking up, was smoothly rolling its way north to the 20-ton Rough Terrain Container Crane (RTCC) hundreds of feet away. At 5:01 p.m. Central Time February 8, 2022 the assemblage came parallel to the Army CH-47F Chinook on Landing Zone 2 north of Jay & Millie Meeson’s house, piloted by Army Lieutenant Guy Brooks it was warming up to transport First Lieutenant Doctor Marjorie Whitman’s ten radtechs & biotechs back to Camp Grafton South Dakota. Standing next to the open Cargo Ramp McCarthy looked on with satisfaction whilst Whitman’s medical corpsmen spirited aboard the last of their materials, equipment & tools, boarding last Whitman exchanged pleasantries with him he speaking first;

“You’re team did great work today Mae, everyone’s getting commendations. I want you promoted to Captain, will recommend doing so in writing to (Camp Grafton Commander) Colonel Nathan tomorrow. Weather’s good all the way am told; everybody keep warm, have a good flight home!”

Saluting him Doctor Whitman said she’d appreciated the ‘active situation’ field experience gained from serving with the ENDER detail;

“Mom’s proud of me serving as a ‘medic’ sir, she was a regular Army (Medical) Corpsman during (Operation) Desert Storm; thank you in behalf of ‘my’ team (of radtechs & biotechs) for us getting it today sir!”

Saluting back McCarthy looked on as she’d piled into the Chinook, Cargo Hatch Door closed behind her Pilot Lieutenant Brooks then powered-up. Lifting off at 5:05 p.m. forthwith turning in a wide arc north & heloing above a bank of low clouds vanishing into darkening eastern skies all those aboard the first military personnel to leave the Meeson farms. Meantime west of Landing Zone 2 on the railroad spur the Inspection Car pull-towing of the locomotive was making very good progress despite frigid weather transiting several hundred yards from the “China Tent” to where the RTCC was parked without incident all whist garnering incredulous OMGs (“Oh My God!”) stares & headshakes from onlooking military personnel who’d yet to see it in the round. Despite darkening skies to the east sunlit skies to the west allowed time for moving the locomotive from the spur to HARVEY Commander Major June Morant’s C-130J Command Ship, standing with other Air Force & Army engineers over the partially cleared frozen asphalt road parallel to the spur yards south of the RTCC she’d watched on whist the six Air Force & Army engineers walking in tandem with the locomotive from whence inside the “China Tent” approached perpendicular to it.

Hustling on foot from Helicopter Landing Zone 2 up to Morant Major McCarthy looked on in silence as the assemblage came to a halt at 5:18 p.m.,, Air Force Engineering Corporals Jody Hartman & Edgar Yee riding on the Inspection Car forthwith alighting from it. Working in a choreographed manner Hartman disconnected the Inspection Car tow cable from the towing triangle the whilst Yee lifted it up for Sergeant Moshi Levin to reel it back to the 15-ton winch mounted in front of the Inspection Car. Walking towards the winch whilst reeling, Moshi Levin leaving two feet of cable slack, Yee hand signaled him to stop reeling he forthwith “clipping” the cable end onto the winch’s stowing hook, hand signaling Air Force Sergeant Jose Márquez-Benito operating the Inspection Car to pull back & halt 15-feet from him he forthwith did so. Hustling back to Moshi Levin & the towing triangle together they’d “unclipped” it from the locomotive tow cables folding up & securing the latter well as the towing triangle with large nylon ties over the locomotive’s cow catcher for later use towing it into Morant’s Command Ship.

A major concern of Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A HARVEY mission planners was whether the 2-2-2T locomotive could be lifted off the Meeson railroad spur & into Morant’s C-130J Command Ship in one piece, working off available Internet photographs of the Baltimore, Maryland B&O Railroad Museum’s 1851 Wilmarth “Pioneer” well as handful of photographs take of it during the 19th Century it soon was very apparent that its spark-arresting chimney & brass whistle had to be removed to clear the “Super Herc’s” 9-foot rear cargo hatch. Researching similar period locomotive chimney & whistle attachment photographs the 2-2-2T’s chimney was held on by a of bolts underneath & around a flange mounting six inches up from the boiler, the whistle screwed on a vertical steam pipe, hand handles left & right sides of the chimney apparently it was light enough be lifted off by two men the whistle unscrewed by one or two depending on its weight & accessibility.

On & adjacent to the railbed ladders carried over from the RTCC’s C-130J transport on Landing Zone 2 ten minutes before the locomotive arrived of varying sizes were erected either side of the locomotive by a team of 4 Air Force engineers, assisted by the six Air Force & Army Engineers, Sergeants Moshi Levin & Márquez-Benito well as Corporals Hartman & Yee, the chimney & whistle were successfully unscrewed & lifted off. Peering into the boiler’s smoke pipe per Major Morant’s orders with a flashlight checking for soot Air Force Engineer Corporal Mason Letterman saw none, pushing his face in further he’d relayed what he’d seen AND smelled to his engineering team commander Air Force Lieutenant Oliver (“Ollie”) Sartre standing nearby;

“The steel inside is brand new sir, nothing out of the ordinary, only thing is the odor of hot steel akin to salty blood...”

Alarmed by the discovery Sartre forthwith got in radio contact with Morant still standing with Major McCarthy on the cleared-off asphalt road;

“Ma’am! Corporal Letterman says there’s no soot in the smoke pipe and the steel looks clean but said he’d smelled hot steel …”

Forthwith cutting him off Morant asked Ollie to put Sartre on his radio set, climbing down the ladder laying on the right side of the locomotive boiler & standing close to Letterman’s radio microphone Sartre came on;

“Corporal! DID you see ANY light glowing from inside (the pipe)? Did the steel appear to be normal coloration? Any heat pitting of it?”

Negatively replying to her questions Sartre said the only thing unusual was the smell;

“It might had been from its 'fabrication' ma’am, just stronger than the steels I’ve cut or grinded before.”

Carefully weighting his observations Morant asked him to “stay on line” whilst she’d contacted Colonel Acheampong then viewing Jay’s, Millie’s & Marv Meeson’s Android smartphone video recordings of the locomotive early that morning. Discussing possible risks associated with Sartre’s account of unusual smoke pipe smells Acheampong now having seen the Meeson’s videos surmised they like the lights in the locomotive’s firebox possibly were latent artifacts of its “miraculous” materialization probably posing no danger to military personnel working around it;

“The ‘Mefford airplanes’ (Boeing B-17G Preston’s Pride, F-4C Phantom II, Heinkel 177 A-5) emitted even stronger odors following their materializations so I’ve read, none presented dangers to those around & inside them, proceed with preparations for moving the (2-2-2T) locomotive into ‘your Super Herc’ as planned Major.”

Forthwith obeying her orders Morant ordered Lieutenant Sartre to carry on with railbed site preparations for lifting the locomotive off it with the RTCC the latter meantime having been positioned to do so within the next 10 minutes

…To Be Continued…
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Colonel Acheampong Et.Al. Sees The Meeson's Videos Of The 2-2-2T Locomotive
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“Oh my……Oh my Lord look……They’re ‘alive’ Marcy...The bloody damn ’things’ ARE alive…!”
(Edited "Light Show" Clip From Stanley Kubrick's "2001-A Space Odyssey" Conceptualizing What Jay & Millie Meeson Saw Of The 2-2-2T Locomotive Materialization On The South Railroad Spur)

By 4:40 p.m. Central Time February 8, 2022 OPOM Pentagon Commander Colonel Acheampong & REXALL-LUCERNE-WARREN Team Leader Space Force Intelligence Captain Marcy Dougan in Jay Meeson’s study cum Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) had jointly completed skimming though & “bookmarking” for further review WARREN’s 21 database match possibilities (“hits”) of Air Force Radtech Sergeant Jackson Martin’s video recording of inside the 2-2-2T locomotive’s firebox, having Mort Stanley’s 1957 unpublished Los Angeles Examiner newspaper account in hand of Salvadore Maroni’s miraculous appearance & disappearance of a half-tone of passion fruit boxes on his Santa Paula, California farm Jay Meeson’s Samsung Android Galaxy S22 Ultra video recording of the locomotive’s appearance was being readied for forensic examination.

Because the REXALL-LUCERNE-WARREN electronic digital intelligence evaluation system “hogged” a stupendous amount of US military satellite signals bandwidth at multi-terabit speeds for accessing Pentagon computer digital intelligence databases just one smartphone could be forensically evaluated & its stored data “processed” at a time, knowing that LUCERNE computer operator Air Force Electronic Intelligence Interpretation Specialist Captain Joseph Langley Sr. PhD grabbed from a small & tall International Orange-colored rectangular plastic box ensconcing Jay’s, Millie’s & Marv’s Androids USB Cable No.1 plugging it in LUCERNE forthwith accessing Jay’s Android.

Within minutes every electronic component inside the Android was forensically scanned for compromised ones, two microchips of Communist Chinese origin directly linked to the phone’s digital telecommunications systems were found they bypassed with software patches. Examining each P/N Junction Cluster of them for recent transmission activity, presumably to Chinese digital intelligence “listening posts” within the USA, none had occurred within the previous 36 hours, all smartphone operating hardware forensically examined LUCERN then scanned it for data mass storage microchips.

Typically a one terabyte Universal Flash Storage eUFS 2 series another extremely thin microchip was superimposed between it & the motherboard pin sets was discovered it also of Communist Chinese origin, third of its 200 gigabytes software for operating the telecommunications microchips, third programs for copying eUFS-stored user data, third programs for encrypting it for digital transmission via the telecommunications microchips. Not at all surprised such intelligence hardware & software would be uncovered Captain Langley Sr. messaged WARREN computer operator Air Force Signals Intelligence Captain Norman Maynard Jr. PhD that the compromised microchip type was “data extractive” (i.e. copying) rather than “data modifying” (i.e. modifying user data for nefarious purposes) latter the bane of government & corporate-issued smartphones to persons of importance (vis. US elected representatives & appointed officials, corporate officers, etc.) and that his forensic examinations of the eUFS 2 series microchip P/N Junction Clusters came up “clean” (i.e. no compromises) with that he’d “piped” Jay’s video recording to WARREN for digital forensic analysis & Pentagon computer intelligence database matching.

Taking several minutes of “processing” WARREN found 11,571 database matches greater than 10% probability, refined again 4,389 were greater than 30% vast majority paranormal occurrences since  A.D. 1501, refined yet again 832 greater than 50% were found most since A.D. 1941 though none greater than 60% vast majority written accounts less detail-specific than Mort Stanley’s unpublished newspaper article. Armed with this information Captain Dougan & Colonel Acheampong jointly commenced viewing Jay’s video recording on the former’s 30-inch computer monitor sitting on the west end of the study’s cum SCIF’s 3x6 table. Digital pad mouse clicking on the video program window they’d watched in stunned silence as hundreds of tiny dots of ultraviolet light appeared forward of the spur buffer stop accompanied by an irritating high-pitched hissing sound akin to an old fashioned cathode ray television tube reverberated from the monitor’s stereo speakers, accounts of heat radiating from the locomotive the lights growing in brightness & intensity rhythmically churning ala crazed Disco dancers. Now seconds into the video Acheampong couldn’t contain her disbelief any further, speaking in a soft voice a childlike sense of wonder now took over;

“Oh my……Oh my Lord look……They’re ‘alive’ Marcy...The bloody damn ’things’ ARE alive…!”

Shaking head side-to-side in disbelief she then spoke glowingly of Jay’s & Millie’s courage in recording the miraculous event;

“They had case-hardened steel ‘balls’ maintaining cool recording this ‘thing’ Marcy! I’d be half-freak’n out by now! Oh God how I envy their nerves! Jay’s given us an intelligence bonanza Marcy, can’t wait to see Millie’s video!”

Excitedly proceeding with the viewing Dougan & Acheampong working in great haste “boxed & clicked” groups of lights of particular interest on the monitor screen digitally saving them for detailed forensic analysis Millie’s Android meantime being queued for forensic examination by LUCERNE via USB Cable No.2 whilst Acheampong heard HARVEY Commander Major June Morant’s secured radio report of “salty blood” smells emanating from inside the locomotive’s smoke pipe reported by Air Force Engineer Corporal Mason Letterman.

Within minutes every electronic component inside was forensically scanned for compromised ones again two microchips of Communist Chinese origin directly linked to the phone’s digital telecommunications systems were found & bypassed with software patches. Examining each P/N Junction Cluster of them for recent transmission activity to Chinese digital intelligence “listening posts” none had occurred within the previous 26 hours, all smartphone operating hardware forensically examined LUCERN then scanned it for data mass storage microchips. Unlike the eUFS 2 series microchip in Jay’s Android that in Millie’s wasn’t physically compromised but “buried” within the hardware Operating System was software of Communist Chinese origin operating the telecommunications microchips, programs for copying eUFS-stored user data, programs for encrypting it for digital transmission via the telecommunications microchips they bypassed with software patches Millie’s video recording then “piped” to WARREN for digital forensic analysis & Pentagon computer intelligence database matching.

Taking several minutes of “processing” WARREN found 40,286 database matches greater than 10% probability, refined again 10,335 greater than 30% were found, vast majority paranormal occurrences since  A.D. 1851, refined yet again 2,253 greater than 50% were, most since A.D. 1955 but again still none greater than 60% vast majority written accounts less detail-specific than Mort Stanley’s unpublished newspaper account, armed with this information Captain Dougan & Colonel Acheampong jointly commenced viewing the video recording on the former’s monitor. Recorded from a different angle Millie’s video included zoomed-in detail of interesting light clusters well as better audio of discordant metallic buzzes, chirps, clicks, hums, pops, scrapings, screeches, etc. some akin to sped-up water harmonica music well as pure pitch tones, now clearly obvious to Dougan & Acheampong what they were seeing was intelligence life albeit incorporeal both frantically raced to “box, click, save” as much of the ongoing screen activity as possible for detailed forensic analysis

Queued last for forensic examination by LUCERNE via USB Cable No.3 Marv Meeson’s extended early morning Android video recording of the 2-2-2T locomotive was important in documenting its physical condition very soon after its miraculous appearance on the railroad spur despite Montana Senator Stanley Daniels’ admonishments to his dad Jay for nobody else to take anymore videos of it. Twice examined for compromised electronic components none were found on Marv’s Android, including the eUSF series data mass storage microchip, extracting Marv’s digital video recording of the locomotive from it & “piped” to WARREN for digital forensic analysis & Pentagon computer intelligence database matching.

Taking several minutes of “processing” WARREN unsurprisingly found few database matches though several with respect to the B&O Railroad Museum’s 1851 Wilmarth 2-2-2T “Pioneer” it a virtual carbon copy of that on the Meeson’s south railroad spur, viewing Marv’s video Dougan & Acheampong “boxed & clicked” parts of the locomotive of particular interest on the monitor screen digitally saving them for detailed forensic analysis with respect to Jay’s & Millie’s “materialization” videos. With their work done Captains LaVern de la Torre PhD, Joseph Langley Sr. PhD, Norman Maynard Jr. PhD operating the REXALL-LUCEREN-WARREN computer systems commenced logging them off of Pentagon computers, shutting down satellite links to them de la Torre & Langley Sr. afterwards exited the study to go outside of the Meeson’s house to disassemble & reel-in the satellite dishes & cabling packing them up for transport. Returning to the study they & Captain Maynard Jr. disconnected computer & power cabling from the REXALL & LUCERNE computers packing them up well as their monitors, keyboards, touch pad mice, portable batteries, associated paraphernalia laying them on & under the 3x6 table inside the study WARREN left running for Colonel Acheampong to finish up notetaking well as running videos they’d taken of the locomotive whilst holding intelligence interviews of Jay, Millie & Marv soon as Air Force Psychiatrist Major Doctor Tanvir Ranganathan & Psychologist Captain Norma Bullard & their assistants were done psychologically evaluating them & others of the Meeson clan.

…To Be Continued…
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OPOM's "Object 4" 2-2-2T Locomotive Now Is Aboard Major Morant's "Super Herc"
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The 1923 Kabul to Darulaman Railway Henschel & Sohn 19681 0-4-0 Plinthed Locomotive Being Moved From The Afghan Nation Museum By A Motorized Crane In 2006
Conceptualizing The February 8, 2023 Air Force Rough Terrain Container Crane Move Of The Meeson Farms 2-2-2T Locomotive Off The Railroad Spur

As mentioned earlier, at 5:18 p.m. February 8, 2022 the Railroad Inspection Car cable pull-towing the 2-2-2T locomotive on the Meeson’s south railroad spur halted adjacent to the 20-ton Rough Terrain Container Crane (RTCC) for transporting it to HARVEY Commander Major June Morant’s C-130J Command Ship. Untethered from towing several Air Force Engineers surrounding the locomotive amongst them Air Force Engineering Corporals Jodie Hartman & Edgar Yee who’d cable-rigged the locomotive for pull-towing at the “China Tent” commenced a set of choreographed actions for lifting it off the railbed. The first was “loop-hooking” a 3/4th-inch thick 22-foot long padded flexible braded steel cable in between the upper spokes of the locomotive’s two cast iron drive wheels followed by loop-hooking half-inch padded ones in between the two cast iron bogie wheel spokes underneath the boiler then the two bogie wheels underneath the tinderbox. Shorter in length than the half-inch ones the 3/4th inch cables were close to the locomotive’s center of gravity, bearing half its weight they & the others converged on an fabricated flat-sided A-shaped 3/4th inch thick welded steel harness, three hook rings welded on either side for “clipping” on the cables at its apex a free-rotating flange assembly topped by a lifting ring for the RTCC’s three-fold purchase tackle block & lifting hook to grapple. Laying out the cables perpendicular to the locomotive wheels each was pull-tested by the six Air Force & Army engineers who’d escorted it from the “China Tent” under of Corporals Hartman’s & Yee’s supervision, all passing each was pulled over the railbed forward of the locomotive for serial attachment on the “A-harness” commencing with the two front bogie wheels, Hartman & Yee attaching them all within a few minutes.

Firing up the RTCC its operator Air Force Engineering Technical Sergeant Louis Duvalier drove it closer to the railbed meantime standing next to the locomotive’s cowcatcher directing its lifting Air Force Engineer Technical Sergeant Trevor Mayfield Jr. was hand signaling his assistants Corporals Jamie McDowell & Xin Waon standing either end of it to attach plastic guiding ropes on the cowcatcher & tinderbox link & pin coupler. Standing next to the A-harness Corporal Hartman hand signaled Duvalier to extend the crane boom directly over the A-harness, signaling again for him to raise it up six feet whilst Corporal Yee visually checked whether the tackle block lifting hook was centered over the A-harness lifting ring, hand signaling Duvalier to move it one foot right relative to him Yee hand signaled “OK” on its positioning. With the tackle block lifting hook properly positioned Yee hand signaled Duvalier to inch it down till the hook touched the A-harness’ lifting ring, hand signaling HALT, Hartman & Yee forthwith crouching down & lifting up the heavy A-harness up a few inches “ringing” it on the tackle block hook. Forthwith standing up & stepping back some feet Hartman & Yee together hand signaled Sergeant Mayfield Jr. to “take over” he then hand signaling Sergeant Duvalier to commence lifting the A-harness cable assembly.

Slowing lifting the assembly up & over the locomotive HARVEY Commander Major June Morant & ENDER detail Commander Kevin McCarthy standing with other Air Force & Army engineers over the partially cleared frozen asphalt road parallel to the spur yards south of the RTCC anxiously watched on as sundown approached. Lifting the locomotive off the rails at 5:37 p.m. some seconds later Hartman & Yee with the plastic guiding ropes longitudinal to it commenced walking east towards Morant’s C-130J Command Ship’s Cargo Ramp Door whist Duvalier very slowly backed the two-axle all-wheel drive RTCC away from the railbed over slushy snow-covered ground towards the asphalt roadway 40 feet way.

Best part of a minute later at the roadway’s shoulder Duvalier hand signaled Hartman & Yee that he was about to drive on the roadway in so doing queuing them to rotate the locomotive 90 degrees to the east directly at the Cargo Ramp Door back-turning the RTCC onto it from the left. Leading the locomotive rotation from the cowcatcher Yee pulled it south, Hartman from the tinderbox link & pin coupler north whilst Duvalier backed-turned the RTCC onto the roadway towards the north. Halting the RTCC over the roadway facing south Duvalier then axle-selected the RTCC’s front & rear wheels to oppose each other (i.e. front wheels turned left, rear wheels turned right) rotating it left towards the C-130J’s Cargo Door Hatch Yee & Hartman meantime rope-pulling the locomotive in the same direction, led by their “boss” Sergeant Mayfield Jr. slowly they’d traversed some 35 feet of slushy snow-covered ground all whilst moving the locomotive to far t side of the Cargo Hatch Door halting 20 feet short of it.

Amongst the Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A HARVEY mission Air Force Engineers planning the 2-2-2T locomotive’s move from the Meeson railroad spur to inside HARVEY Commander Major June Morant’s C-130J Command Ship there was considerable debate whether to use railroad T-Rail or half-inch thick flat steel plates affixed to the Cargo Ramp Door & Cargo Floor to roll it in over. Winched-in by an 20-ton pulling capacity electric motor temporarily affixed to the far forward end Cargo Floor laying 25 lb/yd, 2-3/4th inch high T-rail (lightest & shortest in height capable of bearing its weight) was the best “lightweight” solution though the rails had to be precisely spaced 4 feet 8-1⁄2 inches apart (i.e. railroad standard gauge) from inside the railheads & affixed to the Cargo Ramp Door & Cargo Floor up to the winch, fabricated steel “rail bends” clamped on their leading & trailing edges to bridge the aircraft’s door-floor seam.

Before the locomotive could be “reeled” into the airplane a 20-foot section of ridged steel bar reenforced fabricated railroad track needed to be placed in front of the Cargo Door Hatch for placing the locomotive on, connected to the hatch by fabricated steel rail bends a 5-1/2 wide by 3 foot long half-inch thick steel plate placed underneath the tracks butting-up to the hatch door for stability. Prior to departing Mountain Home Site 29-A the rail bends, railroad track & steel plate was fabricated, lingering concerns whether the rail bends were strong & flexible enough to accommodate the locomotive’s weight resolved by torque-testing them up to 200% of design capacity.

An hour before the 2-2-2T locomotive was lifted off the railbed Air Force & Army engineers had cleared-off all snow 30 feet to the west of Morant’s C-130J Command Ship Cargo Door Hatch for laying the fabricated railroad track on albeit soggy ground. Laboriously lifting & spiriting the 5-1/2 by 3 foot steel plate out of the airplane & laying it on the ground in front of the hatch the engineers then laid the reenforced railroad tracks over it those skilled at metalworking affixing the rail bends on the ground tracks to T-rails on the hatch then those the hatch on the aircraft’s Cargo Floor in that order.

The locomotive now parallel to the left side of & 5 feet from the railroad tracks Sergeant Mayfield Jr. hand signaled Sergeant Duvalier to swing the RTCC crane boom & locomotive 5 feet to the right over the railroad tracks whilst Corporals Yee & Hartman with the plastic guiding ropes aligned its wheels over the T-rails. Inching the RTCC forward Duvalier obeyed Mayfield Jr.’s  hand signals directing him to move the boom a few inches farther to the right, forthwith doing so Mayfield Jr. thumb-up hand signaled that they were properly aligned, moving forward several feet more Mayfield Jr. hand signaled Duvalier to very slowly lower the locomotive onto the T-rails, gingerly doing so whilst Yee & Hartment pulling their ropes aligned it parallel the tracks all six wheels dropped simultaneously & squarely in place over them, the tracks forthwith sinking an inch into the bare soft & freezing cold ground from its weight.

As mentioned earlier, the Railroad Inspection Car fitted with an electric winch for pull-towing the locomotive was jointly operated by Air Force Engineering Technical Sergeant Márquez-Benito & Army Corps Of Engineers Sergeant Moshi Levin, untethered from it the car was quickly disassembled by Márquez-Benito, Air Force & Army engineers its parts hand carried across 80 feet of slippery cold slushy snow storing them aboard the C-130J transporting the RTCC afterwards rushing south to Jay & Millie Meeson’s house parking lot in the Meeson’s Ford F-250 pickups to assist Major Doctor Edward Sung Kim’s radtechs & biotechs with loading gear (i.e. materials, equipment & tools) & “F-Tents” onto the Meeson’s John Deere tractor-trailers for transport north to the C-130J for biological warfare personnel & their gear on Landing Zone 3. Staying with the locomotive Moshi Levin who’s MOS included skillfully operating powered winches under difficult conditions would now operate the winch inside Morant’s C-130J reeling in the locomotive, now on the tracks the process of winching the 2-2-2T locomotive aboard Major Morant’s C-130J Command Ship was about to commence.

Removing the plastic guiding ropes attached to the locomotive’s cowcatcher, tinderbox link & pin coupler, cutting off nylon ties securing the folded-up braded steel tow cables & towing triangle over the cow catcher, Corporals Hartman & Yee then unfolded & stretched the cables over the railroad tracks in front of the cowcatcher “clipping” them on the triangle end rings. Dragged out minutes earlier by Moshi Levin & his assistant Air Force Engineer Corporal Henry Morrison laying in front of the triangle apex tow ring on the railroad tracks was the tow hook at the end of a half-inch cable unreeled from the 20-ton pulling capacity electric winch affixed to the “Super Herc’s” Cargo Floor, hooked on & pull-tested by Moshi he then hustled back to the winch whilst Morrison stood on the far port side of the Cargo Floor aft of the aircraft’s door-floor seam as his spotter. Hand signaling Hartman & Yee to stand clear of the railroad tracks Morrison the hand signaled Moshi Levin to reel the cable, lifting the cables & tow triangle off the railbed Hartman, Yee & Morrison carefully watch for uneven cable alignments & tension, none seen Morrison hand signaled Moshi Levin to commence reeling in the winch cable.

Reeling in the cable at the rate of one foot per two seconds the locomotive rolled towards the Cargo Door Hatch, buckling under its weight the railroad tracks sank in another half-inch into the bare soft & freezing cold ground Hartman & Yee hand forthwith hand signaling Morrison for Moshi Levin to halt winching Moshi Levin forthwith doing so. Inspecting the tracks with LED flashlights Hartman & Yee jointly concluded the sinkage wasn’t enough to abort reeling in the locomotive Hartman then hand signaling Morrison for Moshi Levin to resume reeling in the cable Moshi Levin forthwith doing so. Coming up on the 5-1/2 wide by 3 foot long half-inch thick steel plate placed underneath the tracks butting up to the Cargo Door Hatch the locomotive’s front bogie wheels abruptly lifted up though not enough for the drive wheels to lift off the T-rails, coming up on the railroad track-Cargo Door Hatch fabricated steel rail bends Hartman hand signaled Morrison for Moshi Levin to halt winching Moshi Levin forthwith doing so. Standing either side of the railroad tracks looking at the rail bends Hartman hand signaled Morrison for Moshi Levin to resume reeling in at the rate of one foot per 3 seconds Moshi Levin forthwith doing so, rolling over the rail bends the front bogie wheels screeched whist passing over them, up on the Cargo Door Hatch they’d screeched more whilst the drive wheels lifted two inches above the T-rails, fully expecting that to happen Hartman, Yee & Morrison looked on as the front half of the locomotive rolled up the Cargo Door Hatch.

At this point Sergeant Morrison took over responsibility for supervising the locomotive tow cable reeling Hartman & Yee now observers watching for T-rail misalignments & wheel slippages he then hand signaling Moshi Levin to slow the reeling rate to one foot per 5 seconds whilst Hartman & Yee observed the tinderbox bogie wheels now bearing 2/3rds the locomotives weight roll over the railroad track-Cargo Door Hatch fabricated steel rail bends, doing so without incident the locomotive now was entirely on the Cargo Door Hatch T-rails. Up on the edge of the Cargo Door Floor affixed to it in between the T-rails was a 2-inch diameter by 4-foot 4-inch long piece of steel pipe spanning most of the track bed acting as a tow cable bumper loud screeching noises emanating from it whilst the locomotive was being towed up the Cargo Door Floor. Slowly coming up upon it Morrison hand signaled Moshi Levin to slow the reeling rate to one foot per 7 seconds Morrison & the C-130J’s Loadmaster Sergeant Mark Bowen heretofore standing on the far starboard side of the Cargo Floor 10 feet in from its edge watching for abnormal cable flexing quickly walking aft & across from Morrison both now checking the hatch-floor rail bends for over-stressing & overhead clearances of the locomotive being reeled into the aircraft’s fuselage.

Loudly screeching whilst being dragged over the steel buffer pipe on the Cargo Floor the winch cable & tow triangle now flexed straight from the winch reel to the front bogie wheels the latter’s howling whist transiting over the hatch-floor rail bends Morrison & Bowen meantime eyeing them closely for stress cracks, none seen Morrison hand signaled Moshi Levin to continue the cable reeling. Cresting the rail bends the bogie wheels then lifted two inches off the T-rails as the drive wheels followed, cresting the rail bends scant seconds later the drive wheels “dry pumping” the steam pistons in their chambers for a split second the only ones on the rails those of the tinderbox also lifting off the rails, the most dangerous moment of the entire locomotive cable pulling operation having passed they’d landed back on the rails in good order the front bogie wheels now having traction the tinderbox bogie wheels silently touching the rail bends seconds later whilst transiting over them.

With all the locomotive wheels now on the Cargo Floor T-rails Morrison hand signaled Moshi Levin to speed reeling in to one foot every 4-1/2 seconds, forthwith doing so the locomotive moved towards the aircraft’s center of gravity marked out by white chalk lines over the T-rail heads & either side of them & on the Cargo Floor adjacent to them. Standing either side Morrison & Bowen watched on as the drive wheels approached, hand signaling HALT to Moshi Levin at 5:57 p.m. just as the drive wheels passed over the chalk marks Morrison then verbally directed Bowen to hook on a two-hook quarter-inch braded steel hand puller from the tinderbox link & pin coupler to a hook ring affixed on the Cargo Floor three feet aft of the coupler, forthwith doing so Bowen “jacked” it just enough to equalized pull-pressure with the winch cable to keep the locomotive from rolling. Other cable stays would soon be “thrown” on it further securing it for flight but for now “Object 4”, its official OPOM Pentagon code name, was now US Government property never to be seen nor video recorded by the Meesons nor the general public ever again.

…To Be Continued…
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Jay, Millie, Marv See WARREN 2-2-2T Locomotive Videos, Naomi Debriefs Them
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“Yes ‘they’ ARE alive my very old friends, but ARE ‘they’ sentient?”

By 5:30 p.m. February 8, 2022 Air Force Psychiatrist Major Doctor Tanvir Ranganathan & Psychologist Captain Norma Bullard & their non-commissioned officer (i.e. Sergeant medical specialist) assistants were wrapping up their psychological evaluations of Meeson clan members in Jay & Millie’s house game room & den regarding the 2-2-2T locomotive’s miraculous appearance early that morning thanking them all for their cooperation afterwards. Finished with viewing Jay’s, Millie’s & Merv Meeson’s video recordings of the 2-2-2T locomotive some 20 minutes earlier OPOM Pentagon Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong & Mountain Home AFB Site 29-B Assistant Commander Major June Morant’s four Pentagon Intelligence Officers inside Jay’ study, a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, were packing up their equipment in briefcases, bags & hard plastic containers of various shapes except for the WARREN computer & associated hardware it left operating though not connected to Pentagon computers via satellite link at Acheampong’s orders for a private intelligence debriefing with Jay, Millie & Marv. Secure radio signaled by Doctor Ranganathan that he, Captain Bullard & their assistants had completed their medical tasks and were departing Acheampong, Space Force Captains Marcy Dougan & LaVern de la Torre who’s MOS’ included conducting human intelligence gathering & analysis left the study for the game room & den just as Doctor Ranganathan was approaching the house Reception Room front door. Briefly exchanging pleasantries Acheampong thanked him for efficiently conducting their tasks Doctor Ranganathan forthwith leaving the house for Tent F-1 Radiological & Biological Medical Operations Command Center on the parking lot next to it to confer with Air Force Medical Service Major Doctor Edward Sung Kim on the examination results.

Walking into the game room Acheampong introduced & de la Torre & Dougan to Meeson clan members stating that their jobs were to interview them as a group for military intelligence gathering purposes their experiences “working around” the locomotive earlier that morning then asking Jay, Millie & Merv to come with her into Jay’s study. Walking together south though the house & entering Jay & Millie’s bedroom Acheampong stopped them at Jay’s study closed door, looking at them sternly she’d spoke;

“Your study Jay is a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility and as such is under US military jurisdiction until ‘we’ leave it. As retired military still holding Top Secret clearances Marv understands the protocols associated with the management of such facilities, given that you Jay & Millie don’t I’ll explain that to enter them you must have appropriate security clearances to do so. Since neither of you have them but extraordinarily know everything concerning the locomotive’s paranormal appearance you both along with Merv have been granted Top Secret clearance to view your video recordings again on the monitor of a Top Secret military computer behind this door to facilitate your intelligence debriefings. As part of the clearance conditions all of you are legally bound to confidentially  not to discuss with anyone what you’ve recorded under penalty of civil and/or military law and as such are required to sign clearance agreements before we leave.”

Appreciating the gravity of her statement as a military veteran Jay asked where the agreement documents were, replying they’d be reading & signing in his study before running the video recordings, hearing no other questions Acheampong opened the door letting them inside. Facing them on the near end of the 3x6 foot table at the center of the study was the 30-inch computer monitor, QUERTY keyboard & mouse formerly operated by Captain Dougan (duplicate ones for Acheampong having been packed up) to its left the WARREN computer. Shrouded by a black drop cloth hiding it behind & perpendicular to it the WARREN computer its 34-inch monitor, keyboard, mouse & associated hardware, including the 30-inch monitor, keyboard & mouse were interconnected by heavily shielded electric cables & powered by portable battery banks underneath the table, operating it sitting to its right was  Captain Norman Joseph Maynard Jr. Because the REXALL-LUCERNE-WARREN electronic digital intelligence evaluation system was Top Secret it & all associated hardware had to be guarded by Morant’s Intelligence Officers, laying about the study floor & on the table packed for transport Captains Langley Sr. & Maynard Jr. standing at the far east end of the study did so whilst Acheampong was conducting Jay’s, Millie’s & Marv Meeson’s intelligence debriefings.

Single line filing into the study Acheampong followed by Jay & Millie, Marv behind them closing & locking the door, sat down in front of the now turned off 30-inch monitor, Jay, Millie & Marv in that order moving up to & standing semi-circular behind her. Forthwith pulling form behind the monitor a stack of clipboards with the security clearance documents Acheampong told them to “take their time” reading it before signing them, doing as she’d recommended within 5 minutes all had read & signed them without comment. Retrieving & placing them behind the monitor she then glanced at Captain Maynard Jr. to turn on the computer monitor it displaying a single three-sectioned window with static “thumbnail” images of Jay’s, Millie’s & Marv’s video recordings Acheampong then “pulling up” a separate smaller “notepad” window to its right for typing down their intelligence debriefing comments.

Speaking first Acheampong  said that all three video recordings would be running concurrently to save time on debriefings and that Jay’s & Millie’s videos were going to be run at 60% of recording speed to facilitate freeze-framing of frenetic light movements;

“You’ll also see ‘false colorations’ of light wavelengths the Android’s cameras detected outside the range of human vision, sometimes referred to as ‘digital noise’ it’s been ‘computer processed’ into meaningful visual information directly associated with the moving lights in the videos, how that’s done is highly classified so all of you must never reveal to anyone what you’re about the see!”

Also mentioning the monitor will display technical readouts of many kinds associated with video recordings she again admonished them to never reveal to anyone what they’d seen, with that Acheampong glanced at Captain Maynard Jr. to commence WARREN computer playbacks of their video recordings.

All eyes riveted on the monitor screen seconds into the run Millie gasped at the vivid false light colorations of the hundreds of tiny dots of ultraviolet light forward of the railroad spur buffer stop of Jay’s video.  Intently listening to his recorded comments of them quickly changing size & shape, the now clearly seen gradual appearances of orange-white globe-things ‘crawling up’ from bottom of the light mass sculpting the mass from inside out he exclaiming that the “…Damn buggers are alive!” Silently agreeing amongst themselves that indeed they were alive Jay, Millie & Marv held back from saying so out loud in front of Colonel Acheampong knowing from her childhood she was a “born skeptic of everything”, a born “mind reader” as well she’d spared them the words;

“Yes ‘they’ ARE alive my very old friends, but ARE ‘they’ sentient?”

they forthwith looking at each other with astonishment Acheampong at this point commencing a joint intelligence debriefing of them whilst watching the video recording. Moving though Jay’s video at points she’d halted it to ask Jay knowing of his love of 19th Century steam locomotives what he thought the “lights” were doing “constructing the 2-2-2T locomotive;

“My guess is they’re ‘assembling’ it from inside-out starting from the bottom of the boiler up then down, the ‘orange globes’ seem to be ‘anchor points’ where ‘construction work’ radiates out from…”

Draw-selecting a rectangular boxed-off section of three large bright blue-orange-white light disks formed either side of the irregular horizontal light line demarking where the “construction work” radiated up & down from Acheampong digitally enlarged it, boxing-off the center disk & enlarging it she’d pointed out to the Meesons a starfish-shaped cluster of intense pulsating blue-orange lights in the center dividing & branching out into yet more light clusters, heavily pixilated it clearly was apparent they were “forming” the locomotive’s drive wheels. Some seconds earlier Millie’s video recording of the lights came on the monitor screen window’s middle section, running in synchrony with Jay’s video Millie’s focused on particularly interesting light clusters notably those “forming” the firebox, boiler steam pipes, steam piston & its cylindrical chamber; remembering Jay’s recorded comments about heat radiating from the lights Acheampong paused the videos asking what he’d meant by that;

“Jay! Did you mean the heat radiated from the lights or from the air around them, this is important!”

Replying that he thought it was radiating from the lights he’d added that the heat intensified every time new lights appeared and that the heat beamed out from rather than randomly radiating from the lights;

“The heat felt like it was being directed like a heat lamp, no snow melted underneath the lights. There wasn’t any heat sheen on the snow, you’d expect it to be glassy were heat passed over it say like from a blow torch, it also pulsated like a Vibromassage, darn lights weren’t so scarry they’d be great for arthritis (treating)!”

Agreeing with his commentary Millie added that the lights “moved purposely but not mechanically” in her mind suggesting communication was occurring between them, holding a Master’s degree in Farm Medicine Millie knew animal communication takes place in many forms & levels not always in synchrony suggesting that the lights could be colonies of “living things” albeit incorporeal cooperating with each other but squabbling amongst themselves at times;

“They don’t behave like machines Naomi, looks more like ‘construction workers’ working off design plans ‘arguing’ with their supervisors over plan details!”

Running another 25 seconds Millie spontaneously pointed to a monitor screen window close up she’d recorded of the steam boiler pipes being formed, asking Acheampong if she could draw-select it & the steam piston cylinder & enlarge them Acheampong using the touchpad mouse draw-selected it dragging the widow above the steam boiler pipes window whilst slowing playing speed for both down to a microsecond with a mouse slider control on the window’s right side;

“See these five ‘light colonies’ Naomi? Look how they’d subdivided forming other (discontinuous) blobs of (blue-violet light) dots, they’re forming & dissolving & reforming whilst changing colors! Notice the lines of white lights ‘laying’ into the blobs; can you slow down the video more to see what they’re doing?”

Acheampong forthwith slowing video play a nanosecond ten thousands of microscopic frenetically moving scythes of white light now could be seen, asking her to slow down playing speed for the steam piston cylinder window pointing to a small cluster composed of a few hundred white scythes at the lower right window separate from the larger mass of scythes Millie noticed something remarkable;

“Look there Naomi! See the white things (scythes) touching the (blue-violet light) dots then pull back they (the dots) changing colors (i.e. from blue-violet to blue-orange light)? dots, that’s communication in my book! I’ll take a bet they’re ‘arguing with the bosses’ (i.e. ‘construction foremen’) over ‘the blueprints’ (plans) for making a locomotive part, Jay would know which one.”

Looking at the u-shaped steam slider valve forming above the right side steam piston cylinder Millie had pointed out Jay asked Acheampong to zoom in on it & rewind the video, forthwith doing so with the mouse touchpad Acheampong reset it 10 seconds earlier via a mouse slider control on the window’s right side, single-clicking the control I-beam to resume play. Intently watching the monitor screen Jay zeroed-in on a portion of the u-shaped steam valve where to him it appeared misshaped & misaligned over a steam inlet canal into the piston chamber remarking that the slider was too short;

“I’d read that was an issue with early steam locomotives like the 2-2-2T, too short or too long either way it meant the piston wasn’t getting maximum ‘head pressure’ during each stroke. Me thinks it’s a fabrication mistake ‘these things’ made then corrected ‘on the fly’ somehow knowing about how the valve was meant to efficiently operate, engineering knowledge ‘they’ somehow learned from us humans perhaps. Regardless how ‘they’ did to me it proves they’re not ‘perfect beings’ and that’s both reassuring AND frightening if you know what I mean!”

Frantically typing down Jay’s & Millie comments on the monitor screen “notepad” window of their intelligence debriefing comments up till now Acheampong hadn’t asked Marv to comment on his folks’ video recordings, silently analyzing what he’d seen so far he then spoke up reminding those present what they’re “seeing” were photons and not living things;

“I don’t think they’re ‘living lights,’ maybe manifestations of Superstring Theory? Without getting technical is about ‘elemental’ subatomic particles such as photons, electrons & quarks, latter making up protons & neutrons, made up of unimaginatively tiny supersymmetric strings (i.e. at Planck-scale 10 to the minus 33rd centimeter long) vibrating at varying resonate frequencies. I’m not ‘playing’ sub-atomic physicist but maybe animal psychologist if you’d pardon me Mom; we’re looking at a form of sub-atomic life possibly down to the superstring level!”

“What Mom saw suggesting communication was occurring between the lights if it’s down to superstring level its everywhere, bit distressing knowing the atoms making me up & possibly my very thoughts are made up of the same things as these ‘super-intelligent worms’ squabbling with each other over ‘manufacturing’ a steam engine sliding valve!”

Flabbergasted at his statement Millie gasped at the notion of sub-atomic life whilst looking left sideways at Marv, Jay also turning his head looking left, Colonel Acheampong turning around on her chair to the left all looking at him well as Captains Langley Sr. & Maynard Jr., not yet fully grasping the import of his postulation though understating it now was impossible to “manage” paranormal artifacts as National Security Threats ala OPOM Objects 1 to 4 (i.e. the three Mefford airplanes & 2-2-2T locomotive) through conventional means (i.e. physically sequestering & hiding them away from public view) knowing that such sub-atomic life could do anything they’d wanted to against or for the security of United States Of America not replying to Marv’s postulation Acheampong disturbed but not facially showing it turned around to the computer monitor forthwith resuming Jay’s & Millie’s video recordings for completing the intelligence debriefings

As Jay’s & Millie’s video recordings progressed Acheampong asked them additional questions about the lights, i.e. spotting other ‘organized activity’ suggesting ‘things’ other than white scythes, mentioning Millie saw green-yellow “spidery things” many times larger than the scythes “controlling’ groups of the latter she’d mentioned that they’d go away soon as parts of the locomotive formed into recognized shapes, e.g. the brass locomotive whistle;

“The whistle was ‘formed’ branching up from a forming steam pipe, if I had to guess the lights were assembling it from the inside out. It’s the same as looking at time-lapse photography of an animal baby embryo developing from inside out but maybe atom-by-atom here. It's truly beautiful to witness but frighting to think that ‘these things’ can create inanimate objects like a brass train whistle that itself possibly is made out of living things. What Marv said a minute ago greatly disturbed me, how does one reconcile possibly knowing that everything at its deepest level possibly is ‘living’, maybe even intelligent? I can’t see any more of our (i.e. hers & Jay’s) videos Naomi, can I sit down away from the monitor?”

Forthwith allowing her to sit down in a chair to her right Acheampong resumed the intelligence briefings with Jay & Marv of Jay’s & Millie’s video recordings, finishing the briefings start to end taking 15 minutes Acheampong then ran Marv’s daytime video recording of the 2-2-2T locomotive. Focusing in on the heat radiating from it well as steam out of the chimney funnel Acheampong asked Merv whether he thought the heat was being ‘directed’ and what caused the steam;

“Yes it was thinking back, felt no heat from it over my feet, no melted snow either, heat sheen all around it however. I did notice that the (south) spur buffer stop had heat scorching but didn’t ‘film’ it, if directed heat went anywhere it was perpendicular to the locomotive possibly explaining why Mom & Dad’s bedroom & window panes got so hot but it doesn’t explain why their wasn’t massive heat scorching of house paint, maybe ‘those living things’ wanted them to ‘stay warm’ this morning! The steam I only can guess is heat venting out the boiler & smoke box hitting the cold air unless ‘the things’ wanted to make ‘dramatic conclusion’ to the locomotive’s materialization.”

Specifically asking Marv about the firebox door being closed whilst filming the cab & boiler backhead Acheampong brought up Jay’s audio comments 3 minutes into the anomaly, i.e. lights changing from bright violets, blues, oranges & white to yellows & reds accompanied by lower heat, less irritating noises, cooler light colorations punctuated by rapid flashes of blue-orange light emanating from the steam boiler firebox accompanied by crackling noises akin to fireworks;

“They were vivid Colonel, we’d gone over them few minutes ago (during the debriefing). I couldn’t guess why so much ‘firebox activity’ other than maybe the firebox metal is high temperature-resistant, ‘those things’ may had problems fabricating it. Why ‘they’d’ closed the firebox door I’d guess was to keep the metal from ‘cooling’ too quickly; if the metal’s atoms really are made out of ‘living things’ they’d have be ‘adapted’ to being really hot then cold later after the fire has gone out!”

Raising her right eyebrow to his commentary ala a crime detective discovering an important clue whilst typing it down on the monitor screen notepad Acheampong then spoke to the Meesons regarding their commentary as a whole;

“You three today have laid the foundations for the most challenging scientifically investigative effort in human history in proving the hypothesis that there indeed is sub-atomic life. These ‘things’ revealed themselves this morning to you Jay & Millie in a way that borders on the religious if not so, ‘they’ didn’t have to but they did for whatever reasons. Those big rig truckers who’d saw the Mefford airplane materializations last November came on scene late in the process, you’d videorecorded the locomotive’s beginning to end & afterwards in the case of Marv’s video, really am glad you’d disregarded Senator Daniel’s admonishment not to take any more videos Marv!”

“Theirs decades if not centuries of research material here (in the video recordings) for ‘eggheads’ (scientists) to ‘chew over’, time’s running short so I’ll end the intelligence debriefings now unless any of you have anything else to add.”

Forthwith looking at each other Jay, Millie & Marv shook their heads no, done with the briefings Acheampong hand signaled Captain Maynard Jr. to switch off the WARREN computer, monitors & associated hardware, turning around to her right facing Jay, Millie & Marv she’d gave them “the bad news” about their Android smartphones;

“We have to keep them unfortunately, for now they’re classified Top Secret. I can’t say whether you’ll ever get them back, including the digital data on them, am so sorry about that, truly! You all will be receiving new Androids of the same model by week’s end by a US Military courier, I’ll personally make sure you will!”

“Captains Dougan & de la Torre & likely have finished their intelligence debriefings of your (other) family members by now; I don’t have time to visit them before departing but I want to thank all of you for your cooperation today. Major McCarthy’s & Morant’s personnel should be well along with their ‘packing up’, she’ll be taking off soon with ‘her’ the Captains, I’ll be heloing (helicoptering) out also soon. With that all of you are dismissed & released to go about your lives. I’ll tell you honestly what I’d seen today (on the video recordings) has changed mine in ways that can’t be articulated other than to say like June Morant I’d want to retire & leave it to younger others in the military the business of ‘chasing down’ paranormal objects!”

Standing up & facing Jay & Millie Acheampong gave them a hug both in gratitude for having put up with the heavy military presence on their farmlands and for being lifelong friends, turning to Marv she'd shook his hand for having made it possible via Senator Daniels & other Meesons family members helping out in ‘loaning’ their Ford F-250 pickups & John Deere tractor-trailers for military use. Asking them to leave the study whilst packing up the WARREN computer & associated hardware for transport they'd returned to the game room & den just as Dougan & de la Torre were finishing up their interviews. Forthwith expressing gratitude & thanks to them well as to the Meeson clan Dougan & de la Torre then headed to the study to assist Langley Sr. & Maynard Jr. cart & hand carry the REXALL-LUCERNE-WARREN electronic digital intelligence evaluation system & associated hardware outside Jay & Millie’s house to an awaiting Meeson F-250 on the parking lot for transport to Major June Morant’s C-130J Command Ship.

…To Be Continued…
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Ender Detail & HARVEY Personnel Depart The Meeson Farms - Missions Completed
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" hell if another ‘whatever’ showed up on the folk’s property tomorrow morning, far as I’m concerned the damn loco was more than one too many!"

Walking in line out of Jay Meeson’s study at 6:03 p.m. February 8, 2023 HARVEY Commander Major June Morant’s Pentagon Intelligence Captains Space Force Intelligence Captain Marcy Dougan PhD, Space Force Satellite Communications Specialist Captain LaVern de la Torre PhD, Air Force Electronic Intelligence Interpretation Specialist Captain Joseph Langley Sr. PhD, Air Force Signals Intelligence Captain Norman Joseph Maynard Jr. PhD lead by OPOM Pentagon Commander Colonel Naomi Deladem Acheampong entered Jay & Millie’s house Reception Room. Greeted for the last time & sent off by Jay, Millie, Marv, Evans, their wives Kay Louise & Julie Deanne, Ev’s youngest daughter 9-year old Mildred Jean by the double door front entrance well as rest of the Meeson clan in the room, spontaneously breaking out a great big smile of thanks to her dear old friends Acheampong said;

“Thank you all and good bye, DO hope I’ll be seeing you all again soon!”

whilst Kay & Julie opened both doors for them to go out. Now past sunset and very cold outside Acheampong & company rushed out to an awaiting Meeson family Ford F-250 pickup driven by Air Force Engineer Corporal Margaret Lazar bound for Major June Morant’s C-130J Command Ship Colonel Acheampong rode along with them to her awaiting Air Force Sikorski MH-60G Pave Hawk over Helicopter Landing Zone 3 set up that morning by Marv, Ev, wives Kay & Julie for heloing (helicoptering) back to Ellsworth AFB and from there to Joint Base Andrews Maryland flying overnight on board a Northrop Grumman T-38C Talon.

Out on Jay & Millie’s house parking lot Air Force & Army engineers were busy loading up the last Paranormal Object Radiological & Biological Warfare Operations Facilities (PORBOFs, i.e. “Facilities” a.k.a. “F-Tents”) & associated gear (i.e. materials equipment & tools) onto Meesons’ John Deere tractors-trailers & F-250s for transport & loading aboard the Lockheed C-130J Super Hercules over Landing Zone 4 1,100 feet north. Standing beside the F-250 assigned to transport Acheampong & the Intelligence Captains Corporal Lazar assisted them loading onto its flatbed the Top Secret REXALL-LUCERNE-WARREN electronic digital intelligence evaluation system & associated hardware items,  piling aboard afterwards Lazar with Acheampong sitting to her right drove off into the dark onto the slushy snow covered asphalt service road paralleling east side of the railroad spur. Halting several seconds later in front of the MH-60G helicopter Acheampong bolted out & hustled over snowy ground to it & climbed aboard, forthwith donning her T-38 Talon fight helmet & strapping in she then radio signaled Major Morant aboard “her” C-130J on Landing Zone 1 that she was taking off. Wishing her “good flying” to Ellsworth AFB Morant added that she’d be in contact with her from Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A the next day, wishing Morant “good flying” to Mountain Home Acheampong then signaled Pilot Captain Roger Zillis IV to power up blowing up clouds of snow whilst doing so, lifting off at 6:12 p.m. Zillis looped right 180 degrees whilst gaining altitude heading due west into the twilight hers the second aircraft to depart the Meeson farms.

Driving on several yards more Lazar came upon parked John Deere tractor-trailers & F-250s hauling PORBOFs & associated gear, Air Force Medical Service Major Doctor Edward Sung Kim, his 13 radtechs & biotechs, Psychiatrist Major Doctor Tanvir Ranganathan, Psychologist Captain Norma Bullard & their non-commissioned officer (i.e. Sergeant medical specialist) assistants making their way north to C-130J Landing Zones 3 & 4, hung up waiting for the 20-ton Rough Terrain Container Crane (RTCC) that lifted & moved the 2-2-2T locomotive off the railroad spur into Major June Morant’s C-130J Command Ship on Landing Zone 1 to be loaded aboard the C-130J on Landing Zone 2 Lazar also had to wait for ENDER detail Commander Major Kevin McCarthy’s Army engineers making their way north in other F-250s to retrieve landing field markers Landing Fields 3 & 4 determined earlier not to be necessary for C-130Js to safely take off in the dark over snow-covered farmland to pass them on the left.

Waiting some minutes for the RTCC to be moved off the roadway traffic Lazar resumed motoring north with the John Deere’s & other F-250s, coming up on Landing Zone 1 Major Morant & “her” four Air Policemen commanded by Master Sergeant Doris LaMonica stood on the C-130J’s Cargo Door Hatch waiting for her behind Morant the locomotive, its arresting exhaust chimney funnel & brass whistle carried by hand from the railbed over slushy snow covered ground & the asphalt road near hour earlier now securely tied down on the aircraft’s Cargo Floor, reenforced railroad tracks, steel plate, rail bends hardware associated with getting it on board stowed aboard ‘her” ship as well. Turning right off the asphalt roadway onto slushy snow covered ground Lazar halted the pickup yards short of it, forthwith piling out “her Captains” assisted by “her ship’s” Loadmaster Sergeant Mark Bowen & crewmen quickly unloaded & hauled onboard all the REXALL-LUCERNE-WARREN electronic digital intelligence evaluation system & associated hardware items securely tying it down on the Cargo Floor.

Everyone now onboard the C-130J & strapped in for flight Morant signaled Bowen to raise the Cargo Door Hatch & Pilot Captain John Louderman to fire-up the ship’s four 4,637 shaft horsepower Rolls-Royce AE 2100D3 turboprop engines. Meantime over on Landing Zone 2 the C-130J containing the RTCC POSOC already was powered up for flight, commanded by Captain Henry Touji Abe who’s great-grandfather was Imperial Japanese Naval Admiral Mitsumasa Yonai on his mother’s side Morant radio signaled him to hold off from taking off first, powered up for flight minutes later Louderman radio signaled Abe that he was taking out. Releasing the wheel brakes & roaring downfield throwing up clouds of snow Louderman’s C-130J “Super Herc’s” landing lights lit up airfield markers placed earlier in the day by Army Major Kevin McCarthy’s engineers with Evans, wife Julie & oldest son Dale Meeson assistance, lifting off at 6:21 p.m. twenty-one minutes past sunset Captain Abe’s aircraft closely followed lifting off at 6:23 p.m., arcing south & executing sweeping right 180 degree turns whilst forming up they’d headed southwest towards Mountain Home AFB all those aboard flying in the third & fourth aircraft to depart the Meeson farms settling in for the uncomfortably cold 2 hour 15 minute trip there much of it in foul nighttime winter weather.

Assigned command of Meeson farms military operations of upon departure of HARVEY Commander Major Morant Paranormal Object Site Operations Commander Air Force Captain Rodney Maxwell’s task was to supervise the flyouts of Air Force Medical Service Major Doctor Edward Sung Kim, his 13 radtechs & biotechs, Psychiatrist Major Doctor Tanvir Ranganathan, Psychologist Captain Norma Bullard & their non-commissioned officer (i.e. Sergeant medical specialist) assistants, the Air Force Engineers & all their materials, equipment & tools well as making sure per Morant’s orders that the Meeson clan’s six each John Deere tractor-trailers & Ford F-250 pickups, including Jay & Millie’s two pickups on their house parking lot, were cleaned off & returned to them in good order well as assisting them in storing away the disassembled “China Tent” & John Deere vehicles in southmost of three prefabricated metal crib sheds containing farm operations & maintenance materials, tools & equipment on the south farm (Jay & Millie’s farm south of US Route 14 east of 355th Avenue) next to four grain silos. Just as importantly Maxwell’s personnel also were to assist ENDER detail Army Corps Of Engineers Major Kevin McCarthy’s Military Policemen (MPs) commanded by Master Sergeant Doris LaMonica well as the now very tired & cold Army engineers retrieve airfield markers associated hardware so they could “helo home” to Camp Grafton ASAP they having been on the Meeson farms since before 12:40 p.m.

Crawling over slushy snow covered asphalt in dark freezing cold air past the C-130J over Landing Zone 2 transporting the Rough Terrain Container Crane followed by Captain Maxwell’s aircraft over Landing Zone 3 shortly after 6:10 p.m. the caravan of four John Deere tractor-trailers & six F-250s transporting HARVEY mission medical personnel & their gear (i.e. materials, tools & equipment) well as the disassembled “China Tent” arrived next to the C-130J on Landing Zone 4. Forthwith alighting the vehicles the medical personnel assisted by Air Force & Army engineers carried their gear aboard the “Super Herc” & stowing it afterwards taking their assigned flight stations whilst the tractor-trailers & F-250s were being moved to the now lighted-up storage crib sheds for cleaning & fueling the “China Tent” stowed away as well by Air Force & Army engineers per Jay’s, Marv’s & Evans’ instructions radio relayed to Captain Maxwell via Major Morant earlier in the day the now cleaned & fueled F-250s driven by other Air Force engineers then transporting the Army ones to Major McCarthy’s CH-47F on Helicopter Landing Zone 1 on the way collecting material Marv used to mark out Helicopter Landing Zones 2 & 3 before arriving on Jay & Millie Meeson’s house parking lot.

Meantime out on the very cold & very dark uneven snow covered C-130J Landing Fields 1 & 2, Major McCarthy’s Army engineers assisted by Captain Maxwell’s Air Force counterparts were with considerable difficulty collecting all the airfield markers & associated equipment three of the Meeson’s John Deere tractor-trailers well as material Marv used to mark out Helicopter Landing Zone 1, stowing theirs aboard the CH-57 on the zone. With the ENDER mission complete McCarthy ordered his five MPs & twenty-two engineers aboard the Chinook for heloing back to Camp Grafton whilst their Air Force counterparts drove the John Deeres back to their storage crip sheds for cleaning & fueling. Whilst watching from inside Jay & Millie’s warm house as Air Force engineers neatly parked six cleaned up & fueled Ford F-250 pickups on Jay & Millie’s house parking lot next to their two pickups Meeson clan members meantime were bundling up for returning to their homes. Hurrying outside to relive the six Air Force engineers from driving the Meesons piled onboard the pickups & strapped in the engineers needing a lift back to the C-130Js on Landing Zones 3 & 4 1,100 feet north climbing on & sitting down on the uncomfortably cold flatbed of the lead pickup driven by Evans Meeson.

Standing on the Reception Room’s front door porch well bundled up for the cold Jay, Millie, Marv & his wife Kay Louise latter’s staying overnight with Jay & Millie out of concern for their health given there advanced age plus enormous mental stress of having to endure a near half-day military occupation inside their house well as lands adjacent to it looked on & waved goodbye whilst Ev’s F-250 in front of them wheeled left & drove off north off closely followed by the other pickups. Coming up in the dark on Army Corps Of Engineers Major McCarthy’s C-47F Chinook on Helicopter Landing Zone 1 piled yards from it next to the well-traveled but still slushy snow covered asphalt roadway service road connecting Jay’s & Millie’s house to the John Deere tractor-trailer crib sheds 1,300 feet north were the materials Marv used to mark out the three helicopter landing zones, standing next to them was Major McCarthy he flash lighting Ev to halt short of it. Forthwith getting out & walking over to McCarthy the latter asked which F-250s the Air Force engineers needed to load it on;

“They can put it on Dale’s (his eldest son’s) pickup behind me well as the one my daughter Missie (Melissa Meeson, Evans’ eldest daughter) is driving behind him Major. I’m sorry Marv couldn’t see you off as he’s staying with the folks (i.e. Jay & Millie) tonight, they’d had a hard day. Marv said it was good seeing you again and that you & the engineers have a safe flight back to Camp Grafton tonight.”

Whilst the Air Force engineers were loading on the material used to mark out the helicopter landing zones onto Dale’s & Missie’s F-250s’ flatbeds McCarthy thanked Ev, Marv & rest of the  Meeson clan on behalf of his ENDER detail team members for setting up the helicopter landing zones well as for their hospitality;

“The food, coffee & drinks you’d given us today was incredibly good, can tell you how much ‘my guys’ appreciated it well as letting them warm up in the Reception Room. I don’t know when I’ll be talking again with Marv but do tell him my Chinook pilots appreciated his batoning them in this morning (on Helicopter Landing Zones 1 & 2), did ‘make life easier’ for them doing so!”

Appreciating his comments Ev said his folks were pleased with the respect McCarthy’s personnel showed them & other Meeson family members;

“We’re a ‘military family’ going back generations so always appreciate those serving the flag (of the United States Of America); God Speed on your flight back to Camp Grafton Major!”

Shaking Ev’s hand McCarthy turned around & retreated to his Chinook then powering it up for takeoff Ev meantime climbing back onboard his pickup & driving off for Captain Maxwell’s C-130J’s hundreds of yards north. Walking onboard the CH-47F via the aft Cargo Ramp, sitting down & strapping in whilst signaling its loadmaster Sergeant Jason Williams to close it & Pilot Army Captain Kenneth Carpenter to takeoff, McCarthy then radio signaled Maxwell that the ENDER detail Command Helicopter was departing the Meeson farms. Acknowledging the notification Maxwell wished him & his personnel a safe flight back to Camp Grafton, powering up yet more at 7:13 p.m. Carpenter lifted the Chinook off forthwith turning left & north whilst rapidly gaining altitude minutes later disappearing into a beautifully cloudless nighttime sky in so doing becoming the fifth aircraft to depart the Meesons farms.

Meanwhile slowing motoring north in cold dark skies over the now well-travelled but still slushy snow covered asphalt roadway towards POSOC Captain Maxwell’s C-130J lights from it well as from inside the John Deere tractor & trailer storage cribs farther on pointing the way, the Meeson clan’s caravan of F-250 pickups in four-wheel drive mode since leaving Jay & Millie’s house hit several pockets of slippery asphalt forcing them to reduce speed, coming up on Maxwell’s “Super Herc” Ev flipped the pickup’s headlights to high beams signaling him that the caravan were approaching, halting the caravan across from his aircraft Ev got out of it to greet Maxwell he making his way on foot to him from the Cargo Door Hatch.  A short stocky man in his mid-50s Air Force Captain Rodney Maxwell, a decorated Afghan War combat veteran flying Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthogs”, was Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A’s POSOC on his first and possibly only operational deployment as he’d put in for retirement later in the year, hand signaling “his” Air Force engineers to get off Ev’s F-250 flatbed & line up behind him they forthwith doing so Maxwell told Ev that all the Meeson’s John Deere tractors & trailers have been cleaned up & fueled for his inspection by “his” engineers in the storage cribs they minutes ago having hoofed it from there back to “his” aircraft, thanking him for doing so Ev wished him the best in his retirement well as having a safe flight back to Mountain Home whilst shaking his hand. Returning & getting in his F-250 whilst Maxwell & “his” Air Force engineers retreated into “his” “Super Herc” via the Cargo Door Hatch Ev powered it up & drove off followed by the Meeson clan’s pickups to the storage cribs several yards up the roadway.

Arriving at the sheds Ev, his wife Julie Deanne & oldest son Dale carefully looked over the John Deere tractors & trailers whilst chatting amongst themselves in freezing cold air how thorough Maxwell’s engineers were in cleaning them off, switching off the shed lights they then drew the doors closed & locked them afterwards retreating into their warm F-250s just as Maxwell’s & the “Super Herc” transporting “his” medical personnel & gear (i.e. materials, equipment & tools) were powering up for takeoff, not wanting to hang around seeing them off well as anxious to get home Ev leading the Meeson clan caravan of F-250s one-by-one u-turned in front of the sheds south to a snowed-covered asphalt access road at their south ends perpendicular to 355th Avenue. Crossing the railroad spur parallel to it at 7:31 p.m. just as Maxwell’s C-130J piloted by Air Force Captain Robert Toland was lifting off from Landing Zone 3 in pitch black darkness, traveling some yards further west Ev turned right onto the just as snow covered 355th Avenue closely followed by the Meeson clan’s pickups the C-130J transporting Maxwell’s medical personnel piloted by Air Force Captain Jonatan Orbach lifting off at 7:33 p.m.

Motoring north up snow covered 355th Avenue the caravan of F-250s slowed to avoid snow drifts, coming up on US Highway 14 those Meesons sitting on right sides of the pickups looked southeast at the “Super Hercs” blinking white navigation lights they having formed up soon after takeoff arching southwest & gaining altitude for the cold 2 hour 15 minute trip to Mountain View AFB much of it in foul nighttime winter weather. Sitting next to Ev In the lead pickup his wife Julie speaking with a concerned voice wished them well on their journey back;

“It's going to be really nasty night for them flying to Idaho! Major Morant was lucky to get off when she did. Naomi (Acheampong) also has a rough ride back to Washington DC tonight, hope she can get some rest in whatever airplane she’s flying in!”

Agreeing with her Ev added that there also was bad weather coming in over Camp Grafton he as well hoping Major McCarthy’s personnel would have a safe flight back there;

“There’s nothing worse than traveling in bad weather, fortunately we’re going home early enough to avoid tonight’s blizzard, be hell if another ‘whatever’ (paranormal object) showed up on the folk’s property tomorrow morning, far as I’m concerned the damn loco was more than one too many!”
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Re: The Year 2023 Anachronisms
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Helicoptering back to Camp Grafton North Dakota evening of February 8, 2023 in clear but freezing cold nighttime air ENDER detail Commander Army Corps Of Engineers Major Kevin McCarthy’s two Boeing CH-47F Chinooks ‘heloing” two hours & eight minutes apart encountered no inflight issues other than those on board being very cold & very tired particularly McCarthy’s twenty-two engineers who’d “worked their tails off” more than any other military personnel whilst on the Meeson farms at times in subzero air. Both Chinooks arriving safely all aboard happily returned to their barracks forthwith shedding their bulky hooded disposable hazmat jumpsuits & winter clothing & shoes for hot showers, clean fatigues, warm shoes & specially prepared chow for them at the camp’s mess before turning in for the night.

The same “friendly skies” flying couldn’t be said for HARVEY Command Major June Harriet Morant’s Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules transports on way to Air & Ground Paranormal Objects Management Center code named Site 29-A slamming into two fast moving “Artic Mini-Bomb” low front cyclones sprint-spinning directly due east across northern & mid-Idaho, Montana & Wyoming at Mountain Home AFB Idaho. Flying at 25,000-plus feet in violently turbulent freezing cold air, landing 45 minutes later than planned Morant’s two “Super Hercs” beelined it to Site 29-A Hangar 1 at the far southwest of the airbase, the only one then fully equipped & staffed to accommodate the 2-2-2T locomotive, to off load it, doing so by 9:35 p.m. Mountain Time she & HARVEY personnel, including her four Pentagon Intelligence Officers, retreated to the airbase officer’s quarters & barracks for well-deserved hot showers, clean fatigues, warm shoes & specially prepared chow before sacking-in.

Not at all able to dodge the Artic Mini-Bombs the Meeson Farms Paranormal Object Site Operations Commander Air Force Captain Rodney Maxwell’s “Super Hercs” diverted to Hill Air Force Base Utah laying there overnight & returning to Site 29-A late afternoon the February 9th after the mini-bombs had passed. Barely making it in time by helicopter to Ellsworth AFB Western South Dakota before they’d hit after showing, changing fatigues & dining at the base’s office quarters Pentagon Office Of Paranormal Management Commander Colonel Naomi Deladem Acheampong flew back overnight to Joint Base Andrews Maryland aboard an C-37A Gulfstream V sleeping peacefully & undisturbed by the aircraft’s crew.  Soon after Colonel Acheampong departed for the Meeson farms by helicopter earlier in the day Captain Marie Alvarez-Masto piloting the Northrop Grumman T-38C Talon flying her in from Joint Base Andrews flew it to Luke Air Force Base Arizona for pilot training purposes she able to avoid the Artic Mini-Bomb altogether but not before experiencing port engine trouble 150 miles out, flying on & landing safety landing minutes later she then retreated to officer’s quarters for an overnight layover till flying another VIP aircraft to Travis AFB California the next day.

Returning to their homes & farm chores early evening February 8th Evans Meeson, his family well as his brother Marvin’s got them done in time before the Meeson farms were hit with another six inches of blowing snow from the Artic Mini-Bombs atop the four laid on overnight the 7th & 8th. Covering all trace of the previous day’s military occupation adjacent & north of Jason (“Jay) Ludwig Meeson & his wife Mildred (“Millie”) didn’t venture outside till after it passed later in the afternoon. Staying with his parents overnight Marvin & his wife Kay Louise kept close watch over Jay & Millie deeply concerned the quadruple stresses of the sudden paranormal appearance of the 2-2-2T locomotive outside their bedroom & video recording it, hours-long military occupation on their farm to remove it, Top Secret debriefing about it taking place within their house, being sworn to lifetime secrecy by the US Government about everything concerning it, was way beyond too much for them to handle physically never mind emotionally but had to they must at least for the foreseeable future.

The Meeson Farms Anachronism’s low-key documented appearance as opposed to the epic & very much pubic Mefford Anachronisms’ undocumented appearances was Mankind’s first evaluable paranormal object appearance based on very well recorded digital videos from two angles which included numerous close-ups of visual & audio activity. Far more valuable than the object itself (i.e. locomotive) the videos facilitated scientific inquiry as to how it was created but not why well as to what ends all this completely cloaked in US Government Top Secrecy despite months of insanely intense accusations by US Senate & Congressional members that the President Of The United States & members of his administration were engaged in the greatest military intelligence coverup in human history putting him at severe risk of an House Of Representatives Impeachment & Senate Trial he’d likely not survive despite his political party having a numerical advantage of the latter body to thwart his removal of office.

Facing an absolute “no win situation” by continuing to not confirm or deny the “not of this earth” nature of the paranormal objects at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time Saturday, February 12, 2023 the President issued a written Proclamation Of Fact Confirming The Existence Of Four Paranormally Appearing Objects itemizing them as the three Mefford airplanes and 2-2-2T locomotive, the latter retrieved from an “undisclosed location”, followed by legal verbiage placing them under indefinite US Government custody per the November 13, 2022 Presidential Incident-Specific National Emergency & “technical amendments” it minutes later forwarded to the Office Of The Federal Register for publication. For whatever reasons the President only authorized a written press statement of the full proclamation through The White House Office Of The Press Secretary she in so doing causing an heretofore unprecedented world-wide traditional press & social media backlash of the President’s alleged lack of transparency calculated or otherwise regarding the paranormal object’s origins well as where they physically were generating overnight renewed calls for his immediate impeachment & trial by several members of his own political party.

Meantime to this presidential political transparency disaster of epic proportions there also were tremendous security problems the US military had in keeping the paranormal objects out of anybody’s view. Well known to those having Internet access caring to look them up The Medford Anachronisms still at Lemoore NAS Site 29-B had long since become cult objects of far greater interest than any alleged extraterrestrial objects in hiding at Homey Airport, Nevada (Area 51) & Wright-Patterson AFB. Of intense interest by governments around the world as well the People’s Republic Of China in particular sparing no expense gathering as much “intel” possible on the Mefford airplanes though they totally unaware of the 2-2-2T locomotive it now at Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A under the strictest possible security. How long it could be kept out of view partially depended on the Meeson clan’s earnest commitments to the US Government through OPOM Pentagon Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong not to discuss anything about it outside of the clan their efforts in doing so well as the severe psychological tolls placed upon them whilst doing so well outside the scope of this novel.
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The Grapevine & Ridge Route Anachronisms
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2015 Map Of The Grapevine & Ridge Route

The Grapevine & Ridge Route Anachronisms

Pedro Fages (1734–1794) was a Spanish soldier, explorer, first Lieutenant Governor of the Californias under Gaspar de Portolá y Rovira (January 1, 1716 – October 10, 1786) well as its fifth Governor. Departing  San Diego, California in July 1769 Portolá, Fages, Franciscan missionary Juan Crespí (March 1, 1721 – January 1, 1782) explored the California coast up to present day Pacifica, California. In November 1770 Fages departed newly founded Monterey, California to explore the southern San Francisco Bay Area in so doing becoming the first European expeditionary leader to see the Golden Gate bay passage from the east. Returning to San Diego in 1772 Fages & Father Crespí set out for newly founded San Luis Obispo, California tracing the route of modern day Interstate 15 through Cajón Pass into the Mojave Desert & Antelope Valley, passing Lake Hughes tracing a line canyons along modern day Pine Canyon, Lancaster & Gorman Post Roads, through Tejón Pass & winding canyons making up modern day Interstate 5 to Lebec, California & Fort Tejon, latter established in 1854 by the US Army, into the Cañada de los Uvas (lit. Canyon Of The Grapes), the Grapevine, at the southernmost base of the Tehachapi Mountains.

Renowned for spectacular clear weather views of the lower San Joaquin Valley from mountain slopes either side of Interstate 5 well as from the northbound freeway lanes the Grapevine often is mistaken for the long abandoned steep two-lane serpentine roadway up the Tehachapi Mountains from the present day Pacific Pipeline System pumping station off Grapevine Road East making up part of the 1915-1933 Castaic-Tejon Route - The Ridge Route - through traverse mountain ranges connecting the San Joaquin Valley with the Santa Clarita & San Fernando Valleys well as Los Angeles. Opened as an two-lane oil-gravel road in October 1915 it was California’s first trans-mountain road suitable for motorized vehicular traffic united Southern California with the San Joaquin Valley ending the real possibility of California being split into two states, closed in parts for 20-foot concrete paving between 1917 & 1920 it was among the first fully-paved California mountain roads capable of year-round travel though dangerous to drive on any time of the year particularly during winter months when closed by snow drifts.

Sandberg’s Summit Hotel; Late 1920s Postcard, 1960 Largely Intact & 2022 Remnant Photographs

Original Hotel Lebec (c.1916-1921), Hotel Durant Postcard 1922, Lebec Lodge c.1955

Dotted by a number of motor inns at 4,170 feet the most famous on the Ridge Route’s northern end south of the 4,250-foot Liebre Summit (highest point on the road) was Sandberg's Summit Hotel (1914 – March 29, 1961) south of present day California State Route 138, tad more modest south of The Grapevine in Lebec, California was the original Hotel Lebec. Built sometime before 1916 by Bakersfield saloonkeeper Thomas O'Brien on May 21, 1921 the latter was replaced by the Y-shaped 80-room Hotel Durant jointly financed by automobile heir Russell Durant & O'Brien. In October 1922, Foster Curry, former manager of Camp Curry in Yosemite Valley, California, purchased it from Durant he later purchasing the adjacent general store & auto garage from O'Brien, the newly renamed Curry's Lebec Lodge run by Curry & Wallace Curtis, latter formerly running the Curtis Publishing Company who’s published The Saturday Evening Post.

Changing ownership throughout the 1920s & 1930s the hotel hosted lavish parties for the Hollywood rich & famous circumventing Prohibition in laxly policed Kern County, California, renamed Hotel Lebec in December 1924 it also was a center of prostitution & illegal gambling. In decline since WWII especially after construction of the nearby US 99 expressway in 1947 the following year it was sold to Harry Burk Jr., Frank C. & Barbara J. Cotter leasing the hotel from him in in 1953. During Burk’s ownership the hotel was a major venue of illegal casino gambling operations within Kern County allegedly run by him, Howard Mooney & Max Travis of Long Beach, California, latter two engaged in illegal Los Angeles County gambling operations. On October 2, 1953 five California Department Of Justice (Cal DOJ) undercover agents raided the casino upstairs of the main building but were unable to establish the casino equipment was being used by those present, returning with search warrants all of it had mysteriously disappeared, no arrests being made of anyone who’d been present.

In July 1956 the Cotters sued Los Angeles County for $53,400 in damages claiming the hotel had decreased in value due to Burk's gambling operation further claiming he’d told then California Attorney General Edmund G. “Pat” Brown & Kern County Sheriff Tom Kelly had sanctioned gambling in the hotel well as receiving a portion of the revenue, flatly denying their allegations Brown pointed to the 1953 raid as evidence the state had not sanctioned it. Incriminating for Burk was that the raid led by Cal DOJ Deputy Director Harold G. Robinson In response to the Cotter’s suit stated that five days before they’d signed their lease with Burk Cal DOJ had sent him a letter stating they’d heard presumably from confidential sources he was proposing “…to violate the (California) penal code…” at the hotel and based on it was convicted in court of passing Kelly’s undersheriff a $600 bribe for “looking the other way” in 1954.

Following Burk’s 1953 gambling debacle Hotel Lebec was renamed Lebec Lodge presumably to erase public memory of its checkered past went into a decline selling it in 1955 to Al Pearlman of Columbus, Ohio for $300,000. Attempts to revive it by bringing in big name bands in the 1950s failed completion of Interstate 5 on the 1947 expressway right of way between 1963 & 1966 further contributing to its demise its then current owners the Tejon Ranch Company closing its doors in March 1969, condemned by the Kern County Health Department it was burned to the ground by ranch company employees on April 27, 1971.

Grapevine, California Looking Northwest Early-Mid 1920s On The 2023 Grapevine East Road

Grapevine, California Looking South Late 1920s & 2020s Razed Landscape On The 2023 Grapevine East Road

Grapevine Ridge Service Station & Restaurant Looking North Downhill Adjacent To Present Day Interstate 5 South During 1940s

Grapevine, California 2023, Grapevine East Road - The Original Ridge Route - Is Shown At Bottom

Famous as the Ridge Route itself is the 6-1/2 mile Grapevine Canyon from Fort Tejon south of Lebec to present day Grapevine, California, latter hugging both sides of Interstate 5 as shown in the Google Maps aerial immediately above. Constructed in stages during the latter 1960s it direct roadside business predecessor also called Grapevine was 4,752 feet farther south on today’s Grapevine East Road - the original 1915-1933 roadway - hidden amongst trees & other structures as seen in the early-mid 1920s panorama photograph shown at top. Clearly seen in the late 1920s & accompanying 2020s razed landscape photographs below it c.1934 it was abandoned & gradually razed, succeeded by the Grapevine Ridge Service Station & Restaurant shown above the Google Maps aerial the author remembered it when operational in the early 1950s, closed c.1964 it was razed sans the Union 76 sign, enduring into the 1970s albeit in decrepit condition sometime in the early 1980s the pylon sans the sign was dismantled.

With locations & historical backgrounds established the spatially grandest & most numerous of the paranormal object appearances since the Mefford Field Anachronisms were set to take place on the Grapevine & Ridge Route ending centuries of speculation of there not only being sentient extraterrestrial life but that existing at the subatomic level, attempts by the US Government to spirit them away from public view pointless, long understood laws of physics called into question, fundamental spiritual & ethical beliefs & practices severely challenged. Mass paranoia & insanity easily could self-destruct humanity knowing of it, ASAP staving it off was paramount, HOW to do so left to a fearlessly brave & imaginative handful amongst them 51 year old US Pentagon Office Of Paranormal Object Management Commander Colonel Naomi Deladem Acheampong willing to risk her military career - and life - in doing so.

...To Be Continued...

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AGPOM Commander Brigadier General Lothar Aelbehrt Knochenmus PhD
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As mentioned in The Meeson Farms Anachronism, during US Government FY 2022-2023 no later than Friday, September 1, 2023 was the Air & Ground Paranormal Objects Management Center ("AGPOM") at Mountain Home AFB in Idaho code named Site 29-A under Space, Air Force & Army joint command to be ready to receive The Mefford Field Anachronisms well as accommodate other paranormally appearing aircraft, terrestrial vehicular objects & structures. Months would pass till any then undergoing exhaustive forensic examinations & analysis at Lemoore Naval Air Station (NAS) Site 29-B in California would be relocated the 2-2-2T locomotive appearing on the Meeson farms on February 8, 2023 hurriedly transported there & ensconced in a recently erected compound for forensic examinations & analysis.

Commanding Site 29-A was 57 year old Long Beach, California-born Air Force Brigadier General Lothar Aelbehrt Knochenmus PhD, nicknamed “Eddie” by his US Air Force Academy classmates passing for Eddie Munster of the US 1964-66 The Munsters TV comedy series played by actor Butch Patrick (Patrick Alan Lilley b.1953) he’d looked like a werewolf but graduated 5th in his class excelling at mathematics, physics, management & operational research. A natural born manager he quickly rose in rank & responsibility within the Air Force Material Command where his father Major Edmond Aelbehrt Knochenmus had served in the Air Material Command during the Vietnam War, gaining US Pentagon command attention in the early 2000s as a brilliant though very low key California Institute Of Technology (Caltec) Masters & PhD graduate in Experimental Elementary Particle Physics, Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Condensed-Matter Physics, Quantum Optics & Information the Air Force had paid for his schooling there. Constantly having to be on guard not letting his fellow students & professors know he’d held Top Secret military security clearances in 2010 Caltec had offered him an professorship in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics but declined it in favor of pursuing his military career hoping to take it up later.

A devout Catholic General Knochenmus was deep into Christian mysticism spurring him into the physical sciences, secretly believing “Heaven” wasn’t cosmological, transcendent nor supernatural but physically real perhaps at the sub-atomic level he’d despaired over never being able to prove it so but thanks to the Mefford Field Anachronisms he’d leaped at the chance of commanding AGPOM willing to take an immediate demotion to Colonel to do so hoping they’d play a part of proving it so. Hardball lobbing “The Pentagon Brass” for it he was about to be passed over by 54 year old Army Corps Of Engineers Colonel Mason Souta Eguchi PhD Mechanical Engineering Carnegie Mellon University. Close friends for decades “Souta” instinctively knew Eddie was better qualified he forthwith requesting not to be appointed to the command, agreeing with his logic that Eddie better than in the US Military understood sub-atomic physics on assumption the Mefford Field Anachronisms had sub-atomic origins “The Pentagon Brass” (i.e. Joint Chiefs Of Staff with Whitehouse approval) on Wednesday December 14, 2022 appointed temporary but senior in command rank Colonel Knochenmus AGPOM Commander Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A his assistant Air Force Engineer Major June Harriet Morant & hers Air Force Captain Rodney Maxwell. Together with Colonel Acheampong Knochenmus would form the core of an investigative team to unravel the anachronism’s origins over time others joining in as well, theirs to become the most consequential sleuthing enterprise in human history but not without personal cost to all those involved.

...To Be Continued...
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“Left Over Business” Dwelt With Before The Next Anachronisms Torrent
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Ensconced within Site 29-B for months undergoing every conceivable forensic examination analysis of the “Mefford airplanes” came up with nothing other than being perfectly accoutremented factory specimens or in the case of the WWII German Luftwaffe Heinkel 177 A-5 bomber a war-damaged wreck. Not allowed forensic examinations were the bomber’s deceased crewmen Unterfeldwebel Joachim Klaus-Martin who’d died in the Adventist Health Tulare California Hospital on November 13, 2022, Unterfedwebel Tabbart Moritz Imdieke dead on the airfield ground yards from Klaus-Martin,  Stabsfeldwebel Reamonn Tahbert Ottinger dead behind the bombsight inside the aircraft’s nose crew cabin “greenhouse” necessitating an extraordinarily discreet humanitarian joint cooperation effort between US & Bundesrepublik scrupulously following established joint NATO-US Armed Forces- Bundeswehr deceased military corpse identification & repatriation protocols for repatriating their bodies.

By November 13, 2022 week’s end their bodies had been repatriated to Germany where under great secrecy they were autopsied by select Bundeswehr & civilian doctors, clothing & artifacts examined by Militärischer Abschirmdienst VI (Protection Of Secrets, Personnel & Material) & V (Technology), Bundesarchiv archivists, not allowed examination were non-personal crewmen artifacts & documents found inside the Heinkel’s nose crew cabin the US military keeping them under lock & key in the Site 29-B Hangar B Forensics Annex between Hangars A (McDonnell Phantom II) & B, digital photographs & videos of them furnished to Militärischer Abschirmdienst (Military Counterintelligence Service) Bundeswehr personnel instead. All positively identified though their Erkennungsmarken (“Dog Tags”), autopsies & surviving Bundesarchiv documentation they along with two missing presumed dead crewmen: Pilot Hauptmann Lütold Moritz Trinkenschuh, Tail Gunner Unterfeldwebel Detlef Aadne Cronister, were part of a highly secret & historically undocumented overnight January 20, 1944 Kampfgeschwader 200 “special ops” bombing mission by three Heinkel 177s hours prior to Unternehmen Steinbock (Operation Steinblock January 21 – May 20, 1944) to take out the UK Cabinet War Rooms underneath the Treasury Building off King Charles Street, London.

Only recently confirmed by Wehrmacht Abwehr I-K (Foreign Intelligence-Computer/Cryptanalysis Operations) that UK Prime Minister Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was scheduled to be in all aircraft were “confirmed” shot down over the English Channel by two hurriedly flown out of Yorkshire RAF No.85 Squadron de Havilland 98 Mosquito NF.Mk XVIII night fighters fitted with AI.X (US Army SCR-720) 3.3 GHz S-band radar sets though their remains never were found. Not reported in No.85’s pilot log books nor official history were extremely bright & colorful lights radiating from one of them whilst in a steep dive by one of the Mosquito pilots, presumably the moment when it “dematerialized”, too busy tracking the other Griefs (Griffons, the Heinkels 177’s official nickname) he’d forgot mentioning the anomaly in his flight log.

Even before the airmen’s bodies were repatriated the German public through Internet social media & conventional news reporting were well aware of a Heinkel 177 being amongst the Mefford airplanes, knowing this German government could not deny the possibility of their being airmen bodies the question was how to “prepare the public” over any such discoveries without generating national security threatening conspiracy theories or worse, mass hysteria. In November 2022 the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic was in full force, effective treatments & vaccines latter still in the future were garnering lots of news reporting then, seeking to “bury the news” of the airmen’s existence the Presse und Informationsamt des Bundesministeriums der Verteidigung (Federal Ministry of Defense Press & Information Office a.k.a. BMVg) under direct orders from the Bundeskanzler der Bundesrepublik Deutschland - the German Chancellor - initially was to ignore all inquiries regarding the Mefford Field Heinkel aircraft, needless to say the strategy didn’t work.

Very soon after the airmen’s bodies were secretly repatriated word leaked out first via social media then conventional news reporting amongst the latter Bild-Zeitung they November 27, 2022 onwards railing against the Chancellor for suppressing public discourse regarding their repatriations. After Deutsche Presse-Agentur (German Press Agency) ran a six-part series of revealing articles in December regarding the “secret mechanics” of the repatriations from “…knowledgeable Militärischer Abschirmdienst sources & others…” did “the German Government” and not the Chancellor quietly announce on Christmas Eve 2022 “…that airmen bodies were discovered and repatriated to Germany for forensic examination & return to their families soon as possible”. With this meek acknowledgement howling calls came from opposition Deutsches Bundestag political parties for the Chancellor to resign, point blank refusing to do so he instead “passed the hot potato” to the US President then facing calls of impeachment regarding “hiding” The Mefford Field Anachronisms Germany being an “innocent second party” in this regard, already unpopular with the German public after months of stonewalling over not addressing the matter on March 1, 2023 he’d quietly resigned still not having done so.

Meantime the cremated remains of the airmen were quietly returned to surviving relatives in Germany, the scenes of extremely painful reunions the most gut wrenching was that of Unterfeldwebel Joachim Klaus-Martin of Bamberg Upper Franconia. Surviving WWII were his half-sisters Emilia & Eleanor, 5 & 3 years old in 1944, still living in Bamberg they only had vague memories of him, tearfully receiving his ashes from a Luftwaffe Hauptman they’d wisely not asked questions how’d the German government had come across his body nor in what condition for fear of being hounded by “media people” despite knowing he’d been bodily repatriated months earlier. Told that the government had no intentions of bothering them further the Hauptman said the government would bury them wherever they’d wished with or without a tombstone, forthwith replying they’d wanted his ashes buried in the family plot at the city cemetery with a tombstone inscribed with his January 20, 1944 disappearance date seventy-nine years to the day later on January 20, 2023 they were.

...To Be Continued...

“Waldo”; Sleuthing For Sub-Atomic Life & “Communications” With It
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A Complicated “Find Waldo” Story Graphic

Sleuthing for sub-atomic life sentient or no depends on evidence, prior to The Mefford Field & Meeson Farms Anachronisms none was in human the hands for critical scientific forensic evaluation, thanks to Jason & Millie Meeson smartphone video recordings of the 2-2-2T locomotive’s materialization on their South Dakota farm such evaluation could now be systematically conducted, first to do so Colonel Naomi Acheampong whilst viewing highly processed & enhanced digital replays of them through the REXALL-LUCERNE-WARREN electronic intelligence hardware & software forensics technology system. Able to sift & meaningfully organize trillions of digital data units through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in microseconds it presented users human-like institutive interpretations of it facilitating in-depth forensic analysis, capable of dynamic real time processing of electromagnetic visual & audio sensory inputs, chemical, sub-atomic from a wide range of detection devices it eerily was akin to Star Trek AI computer systems capable of performing complex keyed-in & voice-directed information queries.

Decades ahead of anything mankind has created to date in the way of information technology, dangerous in the wrong hands as well, for all intents the REXALL-LUCERNE-WARREN system was treated as a nuclear weapon in that it could not to be operated by anyone alone, always kept under lock & key when not. Not assigned an umbrella designation following the Messon Farms 2-2-2T locomotive appearance users called it “Waldo” after the Where’s Waldo/Wally? UK series of children's puzzle books of him hidden amongst crowds of people & things keying in queries, “Wally” when voice-directed followed by AI interpreted query instructions. Absolutely central to sleuthing for sub-atomic life Waldo would be the sole means of “communications” with it as well, wasn’t long till “he’d” be sorely needed to stave off mass hysteria & potential civil war in the U. S. of A.!

...To Be Continued...
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P.O. Storage Pointless; Sub-Atomic Life A Diplomatic Communications Enterprise
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Undated Niday Picture Library Print Of The 19th Century US Military Diplomatic Mission To Japan

Returning to her in her office in Pentagon Building Section BH1355 morning of February 10, 2023 two days after airlifting the Meeson Farms 2-2-2T locomotive to Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A, OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong her mind still reeling from the blazingly fast-paced intensity of the operation associated with airlifting it on February 8th and in particular after viewing the Meeson’s video recordings came away from the “organized chaos” of the day firmly believing it was utterly impossible for the US Government, all others on Earth for that matter, to “defend” against any potential threat to humanity posed by sub-atomic life. The question she had sitting alone in her businesslike & austere by choice Pentagon office reviewing a good sized stack of after-action reports forwarded to her overnight by long-time friend & Air Force Academy academic colleague Site 29-A Commander Colonel Lothar Knochenmus was whether sub-atomic life was “hostile” to the atomic in materializing The Mefford Field & Meeson Farms Anachronisms or benign albeit spectacular & highly disturbing demonstrations of their ability to bring forth atomic material living or no anywhere, anytime.

Whilst viewing the Meeson’s smartphone video recordings of the locomotive’s materialization in Jason Meeson’s South Dakota farmhouse study Colonel Acheampong had already accepted it wasn’t miraculous but wondering out loud to the Jason, Mildred & Marvin Meeson, REXALL-LUCERNE-WARREN a.k.a. Waldo Team Leader Space Force Intelligence Captain Marcy Dougan military personnel present whether the sub-atomic life “assembling” it was sentient. Slogging through the “after-actions” morning of the 10th she became convinced “warehousing” paranormal appearing objects was pointless, forensic examination & analysis of them yes, keeping them forever away from public view fearing they’d become “cult objects of worship” or far, far worse, physical examples of the US Government being totally helpless in protecting its citizens from “foreign invasion” no & emphatically so. For the first time ever in her military career she’d questioned whether the Oath Of Allegiance she’d taken at the US Air Force Academy:

“I, Naomi Deladem Acheampong having been appointed an officer in the Air Force of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of Second Lieutenant do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God."

also meant defending against potentially hostile sub-atomic life knowing it was absolutely impossible to do so, logically she had to defend the United States Of America but extension to it as a commissioned military officer she also had diplomatic responsibility to interact & negotiate truces with hostile parties in so defending. Plenty of historical examples in US Military History abound of commissioned officers brokering truces & peace deals amongst the famous or nigh notorious US Naval Captain James Glynn & Commodore Matthew C. Perry forcing the Tokugawa Shogunate to end Japan’s 250 year-old self-imposed national seclusion in 1848-54 the USA in this case “asking” sub-atomic life to cease effectuating any more paranormal object appearances out of humanitarian concern not only for US citizens but for all mankind to stave off global mass hysteria, societal chaos & civil wars. The only way to establish diplomatic communications with such life she’d correctly reasoned were the Meeson’s video recordings, minute-analyzing them could yield clues how to, who she’d needed now were allies & analysists to do so starting with Colonel Knochenmus who already was primed to join her in the enterprise.

...To Be Continued...
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Long Branch 2-2-2Ts Gone, Acheampong Wants OPOM To Investigate Sub-Atomic Life
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Underwater Right Side Forward View From Firebox & Steam Tower Of A Long Branch, NJ Planet Class 2-2-2T Locomotive

In tandem with “fine tooth combing” the Meeson’s video recordings for clues in establishing diplomatic communications with sentient sub-atomic life was answering why it or they’d selected The Mefford Field & Meeson Farms Anachronisms. Whilst flying back overnight in a C-37 Gulfstream V February 8th & 9th from Ellsworth AFB South Dakota to Joint Base Andrews Maryland Colonel Acheampong ruminated over the November 13, 2022 WWII Luftwaffe Heinkel 177’s teleportation; was it a “power demonstration” of sentient sub-atomic life’s ability to more atomic material though spacetime at will or something else? After reviewing the aforementioned after-action reports on the 10th she forthwith commenced research into 2-2-2T locomotives on a hunch the Meeson Farms loco had also been teleported from elsewhere in spacetime possibly explaining intent in so doing.

Amongst the WARREN database matches of Jayson & Mildred Meeson’s video recordings were pre-2023 Internet posts & videos of two Planet Class 2-2-2T locomotives similar to the Pioneer discovered in 1985 by scuba diver Paul Hepler at the bottom of 90 feet of water off Long Branch, New Jersey during the 1850s. Little is known of their origins other than they were being transported on a barge from Boston to the Mid-Atlantic encountering a storm five miles off Long Branch, falling or deliberately pushed off to prevent the ship from sinking in rough seas the locomotives settled upright on the seafloor. Visited since 1985 by other divers recovery attempts recent as 2016 considered by the New Jersey Museum of Transportation have yet to been acted upon, Acheampong on the other hand wanted Navy divers to check on whether they still were there ASAP, question was how to do so without garnering public attention.

In the aforementioned November 14, 2022 Presidential Executive Order creating Waterborne Paranormal Objects Management Centers (WPOMCs) OPOM had authority to manage paranormal object retrievals including those at sea, the latter over the objections of JCS Admiral Henry Oswell Lasker who’d wanted them under Navy management, persuasively arguing OPOM was created to centralize their management the President agreed with Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chair Marine Corps General James Mitchel Harrissey III’s reasoning though assigning Navy responsibility for marine paranormal object retrievals & storage under OPOM supervision, employing this legal loophole to OPOM’s advantage morning of February 11, 2023 Colonel Acheampong requested Admiral Lasker in writing to dispatch naval divers to the underwater site of the Planet Class 2-2-2T locomotives off Long Branch, New Jersey, check on whether they were still there.

Aware as were all JCS members of the Meeson farms’ loco Lasker grudgingly approved Acheampong’s request provided the operation was conducted secretly with OPOM taking full responsibility in handling all public relations in deflecting complaints from civilian governments, marine wildlife organizations & irate citizens knowing it was utterly ridiculous for OPOM to do so given its a secret Pentagon department, countering Lasker whom she’d had bureaucratic run-ins for years Acheampong “pulled Whitehouse strings” via JCS Chair Harrissey for the Office Of The Under Secretary Of Defense For Intelligence & Security Public Communications & Affairs to handle them. Infuriated but powerless to launch counter-moves as was a Whitehouse directive Lasker afterwards wrote a “memo to file” documenting his bureaucratic head-butting with Acheampong over the matter as ammo for removing her as OPOM commander in going outside the Pentagon Chain Of Command by personally lobbying the President & administration members in keeping The Mefford Field Anachronisms and now the Meeson farms’ loco out of public view even though the President personally had ordered them to be so. Disregarding his service branch “turf issues” Acheampong had authority to order Navy divers to search for the “Long Branch Locos” and in so doing by day’s end February 11th an east US coast Navy Special Operations Diver Team had been assembled for commence diving the next day.

Munson 26-50 Dive Boat Operated By Washing State Department Of Transportation Bridge Inspections

Working undercover as a commercial scuba diver training operation d.b.a. “Bando Marine Enterprises” of Barmegat Beach, New Jersey, early morning the 12th one Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1), two Petty Officer 2nd Class (PO2s) commanded by a Lieutenant all dressed as civilian divers lugging a plethora of diving gear, underwater digital video recorders & still cameras, Geiger counters equipment aboard a rented 2020 Munson 26-50 Aluminum Mono Hull Dive Boat, forthwith heading out in freezing cold choppy seas to where the Planet Class 2-2-2T locomotives were supposedly located five miles out & 90 feet down on the seafloor. Previously receiving a secret & secure telecommunications briefing from an OPOM Pentagon Naval Intelligence officer their mission was confirm whether either or both were still on the seafloor, semi-circularly video record & map their exact locations regardless whether either or both were missing and if radiation was detected from either not to scuba within 15 feet of them. If no radiation was detected they were not to touch them nor encrusted wildlife on them, including that swimming or crawling out of them well as the seafloor underneath & around within a yard of them. Cryptically they all were told to carry water temperature meters, be alert to sudden water temperature increases whilst approaching them if there or missing, immediately back off if it does, be alert to “strange colored lights & sounds emanating from the locomotives” but continue video recording them regardless, keep their underwater wireless communications sets going whilst conducting video recording, provide running audio commentary of what they’d “filmed” particularly with respect to evidence of seafloor heat scorching & wildlife “cooking”.

Sonar locating the locomotives at 7:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time twelve minutes later the PO2s dove in 60 feet from the south. Scubaing in turbulent murky water, Geiger counters & water temperature meters set to go off were radiation levels & ambient water temperature rose to where the locos were supposed to be under the PO1’s supervision the PO2s saw nothing, radiation levels & water temperature normal they’d scubaed closer, seafloor heat scorching akin to blackened tar sand then was discovered, shape-sculped shells of wildlife sitting atop; both locos were gone, apparently “dematerialized” from outside in without injuring so much as a cockle!

Whilst the PO2s were video recording & still photographing the blackened seafloor where the 2-2-2T locomotives had sat undisturbed for 160-plus years the dive team’s commanding Lieutenant via secure satellite telecommunications transmitted to OPOM Pentagon Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong the prearranged codeword “ARGENT TWO” that both were missing (“ARGENT ONE” = one was, “ARGENT ZERO” = both still on the seafloor), receiving the codeword at 8:16 a.m. she immediately informed JCS Chair General Harrissey who’d been apprised of the scuba search mission he within the hour via secure telephony informing the President Of The United States who been told of the scuba search mission by him earlier they were missing. With their not deemed to be miraculous disappearances in Acheampong’s mind at least the Long Branch locomotive absences did make it easier for her making the case to the Joint Chiefs Of Staff and by extension the President to append OPOM’s mission from paranormal artifact management to active scientific investigation of & establishing communications with sub-atomic life, before doing so she first had to confer with AGPOM Commander Colonel Lothar Knochenmus who’d be at the Pentagon on Valentine’s Day February 14th to present with Lemoore NAS Commander Captain John Masterson status reports of moving The Mefford Anachronisms from Site 29-B to Mountain Home AFB Site 29-A on whether he’d be willing to partner with her in doing so.

...To Be Continued...
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Within Top Secret Pentagon Office  Building Section BH1355 The Pentagon Office Of Paranormal Objects Management had its own Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) for evaluating paranormal object intelligence media of all kinds, including the Meeson farms 2-2-2T locomotive video recordings. To date seen in full only by Waldo Team Commander Space Force Intelligence Captain Marcy Dougan, Waldo WARREN operator Air Force Signals Intelligence Captain Norman Joseph Maynard Jr. PhD, OPOM Commander Colonel Naomi Acheampong, Jayson, Mildred & Marvin Meeson, late afternoon Monday, February 13, 2023 Acheampong would have the same Waldo team & equipment present in Jayson’s farmhouse late afternoon the 8th assemble in the SCIF to reprocess Jayson’s & Mildred smartphone video recordings with updated Pentagon intelligence database information employing signals Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming to look for “messaging patterns”. Sitting in with them were several of the US military’s foremost experts in signals intelligence; Army Major Peter Nichols, Navy Lieutenant Commander Christopher John Meeks, Air Force Captain Eshika (“Patty”) Paramar, latter at age 28 the youngest well as most perceptive, each equipped with their own wide screen computer monitors, keyboards & mice independently or together as a team they were able to dynamically analyze the reprocessed videos in looking for such patterns.

Given he’d be responsible for “warehousing” the Meeson farms 2-2-2T locomotive for forensic examinations & intelligence evaluations at Site 29-A prior to presenting his Valentine’s Day JCS status reporting on transferring the Mefford Field Anachoronisms from Site 29-B to there AGPOM Commander Colonel Lothar Knochenmus who’d arrived in Washington DC morning of the 13th at Acheampong’s invitation was to be present. Hearing that morning as well from JCS Chair General Harrissey of the afternoon SCIF evaluation of the Meeson’s videos JCS Admiral Lasker ordered Lemoore NAS Site 29-B Commander Captain Masterson who’d arrived in “DC” late evening the 12th to be in the SCIF as well.

Understanding the trials & tribulations of “managing” paranormal objects better than anybody else in the US military Lasker persuasively argued with Harrissey that Masterson had the right to know who brought forth the “Mefford airplanes” on November 13, 2022, agitated hearing that he was going to be present Acheampong who had run-ins over Site 29-B security matters before claimed he was too “Navy parochial” in appreciating the profound gravity of sub-atomic life existing. Replying in earnest conviction Harrissey who’d worked with Masterson on a plethora of naval operations said in a very private personal conversation in her BH1355 office early that morning he be more willing than not in appreciating it being so;

“’Captain John’s’ a two-fisted ‘John Wayne’ naval aviator when comes to commanding Naomi but he’s ‘Captain Kirk’ (of Star Trek) when comes to dealing with unknowns. More times that I can count he’d saved dozens of Marines in combat air strikes, mine included ‘once upon a war’ decades ago. He isn’t going to ‘bark’ at you or anybody else in the SCIF, you might be surprised what he’s intellectually capable of, just hear him out!”

Grudgingly listening to Harrissey’s entreaty Acheampong promised patience dealing with him but said she didn’t trust Lasker’s motives in letting him sit in;

“The Admiral’s ‘laying’ for me Jim, you know that, so is the rest of JCS, they like others in this building (Pentagon) never liked my having ‘presidential access’! What concerns me no end is whether Masterson is doing his bidding! Confirming the existence of sub-atomic life has no place for petty jealously over my having such assess! It’s too important not only for me but for humanity that the ‘work’ be done in doing so ASAP, If anybody on JCS believes I’m an impediment in getting it done I’ll resign my commission right now, ‘go home’ to Colorado & take care of my ailing father, he’s not been the same since mom died last year you know.”

Smiling back at her with assurance Harrissey said he’d “deal” with Lasker if he’d tried politicizing the confirmation of the existence of sub-atomic life;

“Lasker’s been on ‘thin ice’ with the President for months over the Navy’s inability to counter Chicom (Chinese Communist) growing naval strength around the Philippines, their president wants a carrier group permanently stationed there, ain’t happening, not with threat of Taiwan being invaded by year’s end according to latest intel. Best Lasker could do is post couple of attack subs, he’s not willing to do that; guy’s a ‘Broderick’ (i.e. unduly cautious ala Admiral Broderick played by Dana Andrews in the 1965 movie “In Harm’s Way”), he’ll be gone early as month’s end. Don’t be concerned about him Naomi, DO be concerned about getting answers whether there is sub-atomic life ASAP! The President is facing impeachment any day now, he doesn’t have the Senate votes from his own party to stave off removal! You and I don’t like his politics one bit but he’s got to stay in office long enough to sign executive orders in continuing with the confirmation work at least!”

Agreeing with his concerns Acheampong replied she’d give Masterson benefit of doubt on being Lasker’s OPOM SCIF spy, forthwith ending the meeting Harrissey returned to his JCS Pentagon office, Acheampong to the OPOM SCIF in preparing for the afternoon’s Waldo system reprocessing of the Meeson’s 2-2-2T locomotive video recordings.

...To Be Continued...

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