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Profiles and Pixels / Re: Apophenia's Offerings
« Last post by taiidantomcat on Today at 09:55:55 PM »
Last go at a Vietnam-era air superiority fighter. My conclusion is that the only realistic option was to develop the F-5C 'Skoshi Tiger'. Those USAF experiments involved a handful of F-5A-15 and F-5A-20 'Freedom Fighters' withdrawn from MAP. But to truly succeed, the 'Skoshi Tiger' programme had to go further.

Two early-model 'Freedom Fighter' limitations needed to be tackled - the absence of a search radar and a limited range. With unfair use of a crystal ball, I've addressed both of these concerns with a time-warp belly CFT. Permanently attached, that conformal fuel tank also holds new landing gear stowage bays and the relocated gun armament.

A new, rearward-retracting nose gear (based on the F-100) and the relocated guns free-up nose space for the new search radar. For that new set, I am imagining an existing radar of the day fitted with a reduced scale dish to fit the F-5's smaller nose.

Bottom: Revised F-5CM 'Skoshi Tiger' on the ground with gun bays open in belly CFT. Equipped for mid-range aerial combat, this aircraft has inverted 'T' AIM-9D rail mounts on its wing pylons. Standard 'Freedom Fighter' wingtip tanks are also carried.

Top: Airborne F-5CM 'Skoshi Tiger' with missile rails on pylons and wingtips. For weight and speed considerations, normally only 4 x Sidewinders would be carried but this otherwise 'slick' fighter also has an inflight refuelling probe mounted.

Although in no way perfect, I suspect that this reorganized 'Freedom Fighter' would be the best that the USAF could have managed in a least-mod Urgent Operational Requirement of that time. The F-16 that they actually needed was still a long way off in time and technology.

I really like these and given the popularity of the F-5 over the years, it seems like there would be a real "market" for an improvement like this.

One idea I saw floated before was to take a two seat variant, and then just make the second seat area an additional fuel tank. I don't know how practical this would be in real life, but it would add some range without major changes.
Scifi and Fantasy / Re: Space fighter whatsit
« Last post by Dr. YoKai on Today at 09:36:30 PM »
 Pretty nifty! What did you use for the front of the engine pods?
Land / Re: Hobbyboss 1/35 Stridsvagn 122
« Last post by Ramba on Today at 08:52:26 PM »
Great job on that barrel shroud. Reminds me of the one on the SPz Puma.
Tips, Tools & Techniques / Re: The Ham Fisted Modellers Guide.
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 07:52:31 PM »
13 years old. ;)

Here is his current site;

Maybe you can find a new link?
10 years old. ;)

Here is a search, he seems to have Pinterest & Instagram sites;

Maybe you can find a new link?
A friend has offered me a Elegoo Mars 2 Pro and some resin for $150, will this do 1/35 kits such as an AFV with a decent resolution?

Also this one says it's for 3D printing but I can't tell if it is as it's an .obj file and there doesn't seem to be any data. A help page on .obj files said to use a slice program like Cura but I'm not sure if it's just selling the program
Land / Re: Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 Tanks
« Last post by M.A.D on Today at 06:45:02 PM »
OK, maybe I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but why are they putting the Skyranger 35 turrets on Leo 2 hulls, which are still effective front-line units, instead of on Leo 1 hulls, which are, if not obsolete, becoming more of a second tier vehicle, because they're surely capable of taking the turret (as it's a noted option)?

Unless their manufacture of hulls is out-pacing their manufacture of MBT turrets?

Or the Skyrangers are expected to be on the front line with the MBTs?

Because, although drones are a new obstacle for AFVs, MBTs are still essential in forcing a decisive action (either offensive or defensive) on the modern battlefield, as shown in Ukraine, & it would be stupid to limit production of your front-line MBTs to provide support vehicles.

Agree Old Wombat

Land / Re: Hobbyboss 1/35 Stridsvagn 122
« Last post by perttime on Today at 05:16:33 PM »
(Rivet counting mode)
The Swedish spelling is Stridsvagn 122
Fixed... laziness on my behalf :smiley:

Work has progressed, not getting too carried away, so far it is mainly about the gun.
Mods around the jacket and maybe a calibre increase to say 130mm
Ha! How is your Swedish, in general? Mine is a bit rusty, but not quite that rusty  ;D
I'm not usually into tanks but this could get interesting.
Scifi and Fantasy / Re: Space fighter whatsit
« Last post by smeds on Today at 05:09:36 PM »
Very cool!
I see P-38 parts but what is the cockpit from? The gun troughs on the side resemble the Pucara.

Good spot, indeed a Pucara nose.
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